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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Republicans Have Lost The Lead, Now Polls Show Democrats Will Hold Senate Majority

Here's the Nonsense:  Republicans clearly will sweep the midterm elections in less than 50 days.  They have nothing to worry about.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Republicans have squandered their lead in the polls and without an immediate and significant change in the way they handle things, they will lose again and keep this out of control government in Obama's hands.

Should any of us be surprised to learn that even though polls a few months ago showed Republicans having an 80% chance of taking control of the Senate, they have now successfully shot themselves in the foot again and are now looking to remain in the minority?  Of course not.  Why?  Because the Republicans are in desperate need of a spine and leadership (both of which, by the way, go hand in hand).  New polls, as reported by the Washington Post, now show the Democrats have a 51% chance of retaining control of the Senate.  Something no one should be surprised about.  

Even though the Republicans are now behind in the polls after having been so far ahead, the fact is that they still have enough time to turn it around.  The real questions are how can they do it and will they do it.  The answer to how they do it is quite simple.  They need to take a stand regardless of what their consultants tell them.  Here are some things they need to do:

  • They need to stand up to the left and tell Americans that they have been wrong for not holding this administration accountable and they will change their ways and start doing so.  
  • They need to tell Americans that the only hope for America is a strong America where our military is seen as the most powerful force on earth and no one dares to challenge us.  
  • They need to tell Americans that even though it may not be popular, that they stand for going after threats like ISIS with everything we've got and put an end to the risk that the terrorists will come to America.  
  • They need to stand up against the nonsense of political correctness and demand that America focus on the real threats against our nation.
  • They need to stand up and tell Americans that they will see to it that the border is sealed and our nation is protected.
  • They need to tell Americans that they will stand strong with our allies and stand just as strong against those who do not stand with us.
  • They need to tell Americans that they stand for good jobs and low unemployment with a strong economy so they will push to open oil and gas drilling throughout our nation without the restrictions put on by the EPA.
  • They need to tell Americans that they will do the peoples will and use their power to defund Obamacare and other laws that the American people are clearly against.
  • They need to tell Americans they will stand with them and support the Constitution and Americans rights to free speech and religion as given in the First Amendment (and all other rights guaranteed by the other amendments, too).
  • They need to tell Americans that they will no longer put up with the racial division in our country that is manufactured by radical leftists and supported by this administration.  They will work with anyone who wants to better America and bring us all together, but stand against those who are determined to divide us.

Those are some of the things that would quickly turn Americans to the Republican party in the upcoming election and turn the tables on the Democrats.  

Americans are searching for leadership, and we certainly have none in this administration and very little in the Republicans party.  Taking a stand to defund such things as Obamacare is not only what the American people want, controlling the purse strings in Washington is exactly what the Constitution requires of the House of Representatives.  

If Republicans want to win, they have to be willing to be strong in spite of what anyone says about them.  That kind of strength is what's needed to win Americans over to the Republican party.  The wishy washy way they act now does nothing but cause them to lose.

American voters are attracted to strength.  When someone finally stands up and is strong, they will win elections easily over the worthless people controlling Washington today.  It's that simple.

But will the Republicans do it?  Probably not.  Most likely they will continue to live in fear of their own shadows and what little power they do have will dwindle away.  The only hope for getting them to stand up is for the voters to let them know that they will settle for nothing less than strong leadership.  For politicians, the thought of losing their positions of power is their greatest fear.  That must be used against the Republicans or there is no way they will ever stand up and no way we will retain our freedoms.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Using Facebook Goes Against What Conservatives Stand For

Here's the Nonsense:  Facebook is fun to use and doesn't hurt anybody.  People who are against it are overreacting to what it's all about.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Even something that seems small, like using Facebook, has major implications for the future of our nation.  People need to examine their commitment to conservatism if they continue to use it.

Many conservatives use Facebook.  I don't and won't.  I've felt for a long time that Facebook is doing no good for America or society worldwide.  In fact, I see Mark Zuckerberg's company doing much damage and would like to think that conservatives would be both smart enough and care about their country enough to walk away from the Facebook addiction and delete their accounts.  After all, continuing to use Facebook does nothing other than support a company that is hurting America.  But I suspect that most people will blow off my message.  They would rather continue using the site and be entertained by it than take a stand and live without it.

I'm sure by now at least half of those reading this have already clicked off the page and gone somewhere else.  People don't like to hear anything that challenges their desires.  And people desire to be entertained by the likes of Facebook.  But at what cost?

A lot of conservatives use Facebook and think it's okay.  They think that it can be used as a positive tool.  But if it was really that beneficial, wouldn't it have been better for conservatives to start their own conservative version of Facebook instead of supporting a company that's hurting America?  Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's co-founder and CEO, is busy doing things like promoting amnesty for illegal invaders while America's safety and economic survival is at stake.  

Our open borders are an easy pathway for criminals and terrorists to enter our country.  About ⅓ of our populace is unemployed, so we don't need to add more people looking for jobs to our population.  These things and others are evidence of the dire consequences of generations of bad decisions by our politicians that we face.  But to think that a business is supporting those very things that are damaging and threatening our nation should be immediate cause for us to say we want nothing to do with it.  That's not the case with Zuckerberg's Facebook, though.  Few will give it up, regardless of the cost to our nation's future.

The actions of Zuckerberg promoting such things show either a terrible disregard for America, or just plain selfish and poor judgment.  His selfishness can be seen in his record of business relationships.  He's cut people out left and right to build his empire.  His disregard for others is becoming legendary. There appears to be nothing in him to be respected or admired.  

Larry Klayman, founder of both Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch, has had enough of Zuckerberg's actions.  Klayman has filed a lawsuit and describes it in his column at WND.  It's an interesting column I'd recommend people read.  Klayman tells of Zuckerberg's past actions and also how Facebook has become a place where terrorism is promoted.  The dangers it opens our nation to are enormous.  

The idea that a company could be so irresponsible that it would allow terrorists to promote themselves using the company's services is mind-boggling.  Whether it's terrorism, open borders and amnesty, or the harm to American workers caused by Zuckerberg's actions, any of these should be enough to cause any thinking American to quit using Facebook.  

People don't count the cost of their actions.  And supporting what is clearly an anti-American company shows, once again, that the chances of turning this country around are very slim.  We won't give up things that are so bad for our country because we put our enjoyment above the future of our nation. We truly are the most narcissistic nation in history.

For those of you that insist on supporting organizations like that, do me a favor and tell me what you are going to say to your children and grandchildren.  How will you explain what it was like to have more freedom than any nation in history, but using things like Facebook was worth more than that freedom?  If we can't even take a stand on something this small, is there really any hope for our country's future?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Conservative's Diatribes On TV & Radio Leading The Downfall Of America?

Here's the Nonsense:  Conservatives on TV and radio are doing a lot to save America as they get their listeners involved in diatribes about what's wrong with America's politicians and government.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Conservatives who report the news are doing a good job,  but those who are only commenting on the news and getting their listeners/viewers agitated may be taking the focus off of where it needs to be if we're to save America from collapse.

Most of us have thought that the only hope in the media are the few conservatives who are reporting or commenting on the news of the day.  But after thinking about this I am not so sure this is fully the case.  In fact, while conservative journalists who are reporting the news are doing an excellent job of informing us what's happening, conservative commentators may be doing more damage than good.  Whether it's on TV or radio. those conservatives who have shows that simply report the news, such as Fox's Bret Baier, and those who work reporting news stories, such as Fox's Catherine Herridge, do an excellent job ferreting out the details and truth often covered up, ignored, or missed by others.  But most conservative commentators on talk radio and TV are a different story and may be doing more damage than good.

Whether you listen to national, regional, or local talk radio or watch conservative TV commentary it's almost always the same.  Have you noticed that the vast majority of these shows simply complain, grumble, get angry, do some fist-shaking while rattling off some diatribe, and overall get people riled up over what's happening in the news?  And to add to their riling of the masses, the hosts get guests on who just pump up the anger even more by only talking about what's wrong and rarely offer solid solutions that can save our nation from collapse.

A good example is the current mess on our southern border.  Illegal invaders keep coming over the border in wave after wave and nothing is being done on a federal level to stop it.  The shows I'm talking about rant and rave about it.  Their guests do the same.  They keep asking why Obama won't do anything, which is a ridiculous question on this type of issue, as I pointed out in my last post.  The hosts and their guests rant that we should put troops on the border, build fences, use technology, and on and on.  Their listeners get riled up, many of them calling in to shows where they rant along with the hosts and guests.

But this serves no purpose if we really want to save America.  All it does is get people riled up, but it doesn't solve problems.  The reason it's successful in the ratings is that people would rather complain than solve our problems.  And that will be the downfall in the efforts to save our country.  We don't deal with the problems, but we'll complain loud and long.  And when we can get together with others and do it together we are even more satisfied with ourselves.  In the meantime, the country continues down the tubes because we've done nothing to fix the problem except grumble and say we won't let this happen.

Do we wonder why most Americans aren't involved in their government?  Do we wonder how to reach them?  A recent survey by Rasmussen shows that 37% of voters don't even know which party controls the House or the Senate.  Congress has a terribly low approval rating (CNN reports it at 14%, and that's high compared to some other surveys.  I've heard it reported as low as 7%.) and yet most incumbents won their primaries for the upcoming midterm elections.  If America was informed and involved they would have all been thrown out in the primaries.  Let's face it, most Republican incumbents have proven themselves worthless at holding this administration accountable or standing up for the Constitution.  Now the only choice we're left with in the midterms is whether to reelect the incumbent worthless Republican or give up entirely and elect the Democrat running against them.

Americans are not involved and the ranting and raving going on by conservatives fixes nothing.  Those who have the platform to reach an audience, such as the TV and radio hosts I've been talking about, should be offering solutions.  But few do, whether they have national, regional, or local audiences.  

On a national level, Mark Levin is a rare exception who not only offers solutions, but uses his expertise and does research to produce books to show America what is happening AND how to solve it.  His book, The Liberty Amendments, gives the clear constitutional solution for fixing our problems that our founders designed into our system of government.  But that solution takes a lot of work in every individual state and that can only happen if people are involved making that happen.

Every host that truly cares about the future of our country should be promoting Levin's book and leading meetings for their listeners to get together and pursue the actions he recommends.  They can lead the meetings and/or coordinate meetings with Tea Party and other liberty groups.  This is most important for local and regional hosts.  For it's the local and regional shows that can get those local audience members involved to move things forward in their states.  And that is what is needed to win this fight to save our nation.

That's just one idea of what hosts should do.  If they don't know what to do, they should be having meetings with their listeners to brainstorm solutions.  Few do these kinds of things.  The public needs leadership to do these things and only these hosts have the platform to quickly and effectively bring people together to take action.

The diatribes must stop.  This past week I was on numerous shows discussing my last post about the foolishness of calling Obama incompetent instead of recognizing that we're fighting an ideology.  On each show I was on the hosts agreed I was right.  However, these shows like to spend some time talking with me about issues in the news and after we discussed my last post and moved on to other issues, it was sad to see that a number of those hosts, after having just agreed with me, go right back to attacking Obama as incompetent.  Yes, listeners should be educated about what's happening in the news, but to follow that up with rantings either as monologues or as back-and-forth discussions with guests and listeners who call in just takes things down a path that focuses on grumbling and not on solutions.

It's a hard habit to break.  We like to complain.  We find it easy to attack Obama and the progressives as though they have the same goals as we do for our nation, but they don't and calling them incompetent serves no purpose and makes no sense.

In business it's been proven through study after study that when a customer is dissatisfied they will spread their unhappy message to an average of 300 people.  When they are happy they only let an average of 13 people know.  Why?  Because we like to complain.  But when it comes to saving our nation, complaining won't do.  We must seek solutions and be proactive in making those solutions happen.

I've said it before, and it wasn't received very well but needs to be said again.  Our nation is in grave danger and there is no time for rest, relaxation, vacations, hobbies, or even family events.  Turn off the TV, get off of Facebook (actually, you'd be best to close your Facebook account altogether, but that's a different topic for a different day), and understand that it's time for sacrifice of our personal interests if we are to have any chance at turning this nation around.

We don't win wars by fighting part time.  We are a society addicted to leisure and that is killing us.  We must choose if we're willing to pay the price to save our nation or give up and fall into the 1000 years of darkness Ronald Reagan warned us about.  Of course most won't notice until it's too late.  They're either too busy ranting and raving instead of finding solutions or still too focused on their leisure activities.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Foolishness Of Thinking Obama's Incompetent In Dealing With ISIS (Or Anything Else For That Matter)

Here's the Nonsense:  Barack Obama is incompetent dealing with ISIS and other problems.  Our problem is his inability to lead and be decisive.

Here's the Horse Sense:  This is not about Obama's incompetence.  It's about a fight for our future against an ideology.  Those who hold that ideology are anything but inept.  It's time to fight for our lives.

There's a foolishness or ignorance going around that doesn't seem to let up.  From Republican leadership to political commentators (including everyone from talk show hosts to journalists and columnists) to average citizens everywhere, it seems that they all keep saying that Barack Obama is inept and incompetent.  This is nothing but foolishness and increases the chances of the Democrats continuing to hold the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections in the next 60 days.  Either people aren't learning or are too feebleminded to really understand what is going on in America.  And in either case, that bodes badly for conservatism in America's future.

It doesn't matter where you turn, it seems that most people who are in disagreement or alarm over how things are being handled by the Obama administration continually say that the president is incompetent and inept.  I hear it so often that I want to scream.  And that's because that mindset is either very uneducated or very unwilling to accept what is happening in America.  (And if they do understand what's happening and call the president incompetent anyway, then they are doing nothing less than helping Obama's agenda.)

Most Americans, regardless of what political party they claim, or don't claim, have similar values.  We want our neighborhoods to be safe, we want a good education for our children, we want our nation safe from foreign threats, we want a good economy, we want a bright future for our families, etc.  And as a result, even if they disagree on which political party to support, most Americans have similar expectations of their president.  They expect the president to make sure our nation is safe.  They expect the president to work for what they deem as a better future for our nation.  They expect our president to represent all Americans and take pride in America as the exceptional nation that history has shown it to be.  

But with Barack Obama they make a huge mistake.  When he doesn't work to achieve those kinds of goals for America they think he isn't capable or he's inept at his duties.  What they are not recognizing is that he doesn't see America the way most Americans see it.  And saying he's inept or incompetent or unable to do his job not only misses the fact that he has an entirely different view of America but he has entirely different goals for our nation.  

If they do understand that he has different views about America and different goals for our country, but they still call him incompetent, they are causing people to just be disappointed and maybe even irritated about it.  But they are not causing people to feel outrage that they made the biggest mistake in American history by electing politicians with progressive ideology.  

When that ideology was embraced by the Democrats and foisted upon America it was an effort to change this nation from a prosperous, strong, great nation into a much weaker, average nation no different than any other.  If Americans don't understand that and realize that that is what our fight is about, not about the incompetence of elected leadership, then they aren't even fighting the war we must win to save this country.

By calling Obama an inept leader they are making people feel that he isn't capable.  But the fact is that he is extremely capable at accomplishing the goals he has for America.  It's just that his goals are different than the goals most Americans have for their nations.  

If voters didn't understand that before, then they need to now.  And if people do understand it, then by telling people he's incompetent they keep people from waking up to the fact that America has elected people into power (not just Obama, but all progressives) who are trying to destroy our nation and we have little time left to turn that around and get our country back.  

If people just think the president is incompetent, then they think that things will be fine by electing someone else in 2016.  They miss the point that the problem is so much bigger than one man.  They miss the point that we are fighting an ideology, not a just a political party.  

The worst thing we can do is spread the word that this is about an incompetent president.  It's about the ideology that underlies this president and the Democrat party (which is not the Democrat party of the past, that party is long gone), and causes them to do the things they do.

Yes, right now we are seeing politicians on both sides of the aisle move to the right because an election is coming up in two months.  They do it every election.  They know that most Americans are conservative by nature so the politicians move to the right a couple months before the election knowing that Americans don't pay enough attention to what's going on to know that politicians don't live the rest of their time in office embracing those same values embraced by most Americans.  

Why do you think politicians on both sides of the aisle right now are pushing to stop ISIS?  Why do you think they have backed off of immigration reform and executive amnesty until after the election?  It's because they know that the American voters don't want them doing what they plan to do after the election.  

Sadly, Americans buy it.

When President Obama has no plan for dealing with ISIS, for example, it's not because he's incompetent.  He wants America out of the Middle East and for Iran to control that region of the world, even allowing them to develop nuclear weapons (if they don't have them already).  

He curries favor with the members of the Muslim Brotherhood that have infiltrated our government on the highest levels and wants the Muslim Brotherhood in northern Africa to control that part of the world (Egypt, Libya, etc.).  He wants America to pull back and be a regional power and remove our influence throughout the world.  

That's why he doesn't have a plan for ISIS, not because he's incompetent.  He puts the idea of not being at war anywhere above security because he doesn't believe that our security is in danger.  Progressives believe that if you just back away and leave people alone they won't bother you (tell that to the grade school bullies who chase after and harass their victims - and bullies of any age are no different).  

So yes, in the sense that that answer doesn't work in the real world, progressives are incompetent.  But in the big picture, that has nothing to do with the situation because they have different goals than the rest of us.  They believe that it is better to get out of involvement in other parts of the world and think that that will cause America to be left alone.  They don't accept the proven concept that bullies don't mess with those who are strong, therefore peace through strength is the only solution to security in an evil world.

We must abandon the talk of incompetence on the part of this president.  Those words shouldn't even be on our lips.  We must embrace efforts at educating other citizens to understand that we are fighting an ideology and if we don't win we will have no chance to turn this country around.  They have made major steps in accomplishing their goals.  In fact, right now an honest analysis of the situation puts us about where America was in the fight in World War II in 1942.  We were losing on most fronts and things looked very bad for America and our allies.  Right now conservatives are losing on most fronts and if we are honest, there is little hope.  

It is now time to rally around the truth and educate people to the mistakes that have been made, admit and accept them, and then get busy to save this country.  We have little time left to turn it around, maybe only the elections in two months and the 2016 elections.  If we don't make significant inroads by then, any prepping people have done for doomsday won't matter because there will be nowhere to run to.  America is the last hill to stand on.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Obama Uses U. S. Tax Dollars To Pay For Attack On Israel

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama has shown great support for Israel living up to America's history of being their great supporter.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Obama's only support has been lip service.  Israel has been on its own without the American support it deserves ever since this president took office.  And it looks like there's now a lawsuit that may prove it.

Every time you think you couldn't hear anything new when it comes to this president, something else shatters your consciousness bringing you back to the reality that corruption, when left unchecked, is never-ending.  The latest is from a lawsuit filed by Larry Klayman at Freedom Watch (Klayman is also founder of Judicial Watch and was the first attorney to ever get a court ruling that an American president had committed a crime.) has filed a suit alleging that the president and others laundered U. S. taxpayer money that was spent on Hamas tunnels and rockets fired against Israel.  Reported by WND, Klayman said, "This money has been foreseeably used to buy rockets and construct tunnels to attack Israel and terrorize and kill American and dual American-Israeli citizens who reside or are located in Israel."  

The suit is a civil lawsuit under the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) and alleges criminal acts by President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and U. N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.  The suit lays out a detailed list of Obama's history favoring Islamic interests over Judeo-Christian interests.  

It alleges the President and other defendants conspired to send money (hundreds of millions of dollars) to Hamas under the guise of humanitarian aid.  The suit seeks damages "for violating plaintiffs' and decedents' rights, for engaging in racketeering and other prohibited activities, for engaging in international terrorism, for harboring and concealing terrorist, for providing material support to terrorists and terrorist groups, for directly and proximately causing the deaths of plaintiffs' decedents, and for directly and proximately causing mental anguish, severe emotional distress, emotional pain and suffering, and the loss of society, earnings, companionship, comfort, protection, care, attention, advice, counsel or guidance, plaintiffs, on behalf of themselves and their sons, plaintiffs' decedents, have experienced and will experience in the future."  The suit alleges fraud, money-laundering, mail fraud, wire fraud, conversion and corruption.

Since Hamas is an officially designated Foreign Terrorist Organization by the State Department and the funds were provided to Gaza, which is under the rule of Hamas, it provides an interesting argument against those named as defendants in the suit.  How could they get money sent to Gaza without it being support of terrorists since Gaza is ruled by Hamas?

Klayman has been known to hold people's feet to the fire, and do it very successfully.  He may be striking a blow against this administration that won't just be felt, but that will do serious damage to the actions of this lawless group.

Our Congress doesn't want to do its job of holding this administration accountable.  Kudos to Klayman for his efforts to do so.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ten More Years Of Eric Holder As Attorney General?

Here's the Nonsense:  Hillary would be a great president. Between her experience, past accomplishments, and the new faces she'd bring in with her administration it would be a fresh start for America.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Setting aside the nonsense about Hillary's past accomplishments, because she has none, we have no guarantee that she'd bring in new faces. In fact, one of the faces she may choose for her administration could be Eric Holder to remain as Attorney General.  That should be enough to give anyone pause.

Many people think Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee for president in 2016 (I'm not convinced that will happen, by the way).  With that assumption comes the belief that she could very likely become president.  That in itself is enough to bring pause to any thinking American.  But assuming that Hillary did become president, what nobody's talking about is who her cabinet would be.  Her husband's administration included Eric Holder as Deputy Attorney General.  Doesn't anyone see the possibility that this out-of-control justice department under the leadership of Eric Holder could be kept intact if Hillary becomes president?  That would mean not just 2 more years under Obama, but up to another 8 years under Hillary which amounts to another 10 years of Eric Holder as Attorney General.  If that's not enough to cause Americans to think twice about a Hillary presidency, then nobody is paying attention.

There are many things Americans loathe about the Obama presidency.  Few could say that one part of his administration stands out as worse than all the others. But a contender for that spot would have to be Eric Holder as Attorney General.  As recently as this past week we've seen him take sides on a legal issue before all the facts were known.  Holder traveled to Ferguson, MO and met with community members showing he sided with the outside protestors who'd come into that community to cause trouble by demanding a trial, conviction, and in some cases even death for the police officer who shot a young black man.  His position should have been that we need to find the truth, not that we know what the truth is without an investigation being completed.  While the information that's become public so far seems to exonerate the police officer, until it is thoroughly completed we are wrong to pass judgment of any kind.  Anyone who takes sides in this situation is wrong, regardless of the side they take.  Americans should take the side of justice and wait for the facts, but many have rushed to judgment and Holder has given the appearance that he, as the nation's top law enforcement officer, has done the same.

But this isn't the first time we've seen Holder do questionable things.  We should be very concerned that he was part of the Clinton administration and could be chosen to remain where he is if Hillary is elected.  Let's look at just 10 (there are plenty more) of the things we know about his background that are cause for great concern, many of which are from before he was appointed by Obama and approved by the Senate (which should also give Americans reason to want to replace our Senators with people who will do their job of scrutinizing appointees instead of giving rubber stamp approval to nominees).

1.) reported that members of the New Black Panther Party intimidated white voters with threats at a Philadelphia polling location.  Bartle Bull, former civil rights attorney, described the actions as "The most blatant form of voter intimidation" he'd ever seen.  The Bush Justice Department filed a civil-rights lawsuit and the Obama administration inherited the lawsuit.  The defendants didn't answer the lawsuit and a federal court entered a default judgment against them.  By then Eric Holder had been appointed the new Attorney General and his Justice Department responded to the judgment of the court by dropping the charges.

2.)  PJ Media reported that the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division had been engaging in politicized hiring practices.  Holder has admitted that his department has specifically looked for people who shared their values.
3.)  Fox News reported that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had signed into law a bill that authorized police to check with the feds about the immigration status of individuals that had been stopped for legitimate reasons (they couldn't just stop them to question immigration status, they had to have other legitimate reason to stop them).  Holder spoke out against the law and challenged it because he felt the law could lead to racial profiling.  The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Arizona.  (It should be mentioned that ultimately the Supreme Court overturned the law.)
4.)  The Heritage Foundation has published an article about Fast and Furious, a scandal where a U. S. government investigation of gun-trafficking resulted in a U. S. border patrol agent being killed, at least 1500 firearms ended up in the hands of criminals, and hundreds of Mexican citizens were killed.  Additionally, the LA Times has reported that 57 of the weapons have been connected to 11 violent crimes.
5.)  National Review published an article about how radical Muslim groups had many meetings with Obama administration officials to voice concern regarding the term "radical Islam" in FBI materials used to train personnel.  Holder, along with FBI Director Robert Mueller issued an order removing such language from FBI training materials.  The Gloria Center reported that more than 1000 items were removed including defining jihad as holy war and mentions of the Muslim Brotherhood's desire to have Islam dominate the entire world.
6.)  The Daily Caller reported Holders ongoing opposition to voter ID laws designed to minimize voter fraud.  Rawstory reported Holder said to the Congressional Black Caucus in 2012 that his Justice Department had challenged "two dozen state laws and executive orders from more than a dozen states that could make it significantly harder for many eligible voters to cast ballots in 2012."
7.) National Review published an article about Holder's policy to treat terrorists as criminal defendants instead of enemy combatants.  Holder believes that Islamic terrorists have a right to be treated as criminal defendants instead of enemy combatants except when they are captured on a traditional battlefield.
8.)  Huffington Post reported that Holder's Justice Department secretly obtained phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors that AP President & CEO Gary Pruitt commented about saying, "there can be no possible justification for such an over-broad collection of the telephone communications of the Associated Press and it's reporters.  These records potentially reveal communications with confidential sources across all of newsgathering activities undertaken by the AP during a two month period, provide a roadmap to AP's newsgathering operations, and disclose information about AP's activities and operations that the government has no conceivable right to know."
9.)  In an article at Newsmax it was reported that Eric Holder recommended the pardon of Marc Rich.  Rich had purchased oil illegally from Iran during a U. S. trade embargo, then tried to hide over $100 million in profits.  Then he renounced his U. S. citizenship and went to Switzerland to avoid prosecution for 51 counts of racketeering, tax fraud, wire fraud, tax evasion and the oil transactions with Iran.  Bill Clinton signed the pardon and credited Holder's recommendation as a factor that convinced him to issue the pardon.  
10.) The Newsmax article also tells of Holder approving the pardon of those FALN terrorist group (the armed forces of Puerto Rican National Liberation radicals) who bombed the Fraunces Tavern in New York City that killed 4 people and injured 50 others.  This was nothing but help for Hillary Clinton and her run for Senate by showing sympathy to the Puerto Rican population. It also shows the direct connection between Holder and Hillary.
If you even consider Hillary being worthy of the presidency, then be aware that you are also approving of possibly extending Eric Holder's reign as head of the Justice Department up to a possible date of 2024.  And by the way, if you think Hillary is worthy of the presidency, do yourself a favor and get your head examined.

Friday, August 22, 2014

In Dealing With ISIS (or IS or ISIL) Left Is Wrong & Right Is Right

Here's the Nonsense:  ISIS should be allowed to run their course.  We don't need to be involved in this.  They can be contained to the Middle East and they won't be America's problem.

Here's the Horse Sense:  ISIS is evil.  Evil cannot be stopped with any other effort than annihilation.    

The horrific death of James Foley at the hands of ISIS (or IS or ISIL) jihadis has caused outrage throughout the world.  But how we deal is IS is divided between left and right. In fact, in this case left is wrong and right is right.  The left wants appeasement, or at best containment.  The right wants total destruction of jihadis.  Only one answer is right, and it's the one from the right.

Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister who tried to deal with Hitler using appeasement, thought he'd succeeded.  When he returned from his meeting with the Nazis he boldly proclaimed success by saying, "I believe it is peace for our time... Go home and get a nice quiet sleep."  But that sleep was soon interrupted as Germany violated the agreement and England was in as much danger as the rest of Europe.  When Winston Churchill followed Chamberlain as Prime Minister, England had new leadership that understood the harsh reality that the only way to deal with evil was to destroy it.  And with America's and the Allies help, they were successful at wiping the evil known as Nazi Germany from power.  That is the same prescription that those of us on the right have for dealing with ISIS.

James Foley's death was written about by Judson Phillips in the Washington Times.  In his article he tells us that Mr. Foley hated America, hated Israel, and hated Republicans.  Even though he supported the Islamist cause, he still ended up being killed.  And Phillips makes the point that that's what happens when you try to appease evil.  

Evil won't be appeased.  Evil will do whatever it has to, including pretending to be your friend, but will ultimately destroy you.  

The only remedy for evil is to destroy it.  You cannot contain it.  You cannot appease it.  You must destroy it or it will destroy you.  That is what America must do if we want to survive and keep them from bringing attacks to our shores.  And it must be America because no nation has the ability we do to take that action.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Pot (Boehner) Calls The Kettle (Obama) Black

Here's the Nonsense:  John Boehner really said it right when he talked about the incompetence of Obama.  The GOP will really fix this president with their lawsuit.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Boehner is afraid of his own shadow, at least that's what his actions seem to show.  He's all talk and no action.  The only way to save America is if the citizens do it.

In an interview this weekend on a North Dakota radio station, Speaker of the House John Boehner said that Obama wasn't prepared for the job of president.  Newsmax reports Boehner saying, "When you look at this White House you see incompetence at many levels."    He then went on to say that part of the problem with Obama is that he won't admit that his policies are not working.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!  Someone get this guy a mirror so he can see what hypocrisy looks like.  No wonder the GOP is in such a mess. We can't rely on them to save America.

Now, I realize that using the old idiom that what someone said is like the pot calling the kettle black risks me being called a racist, especially when one of those people is black themselves.  After all, using the word "black" in such a way is considered by the politically correct as a heinous act worthy of being labeled a racist statement.  But I'll risk it.  If people are too stupid to understand something this simple, then their criticism isn't worth consideration.

America is in crisis.  Our future is questionable at best.  On one hand we have one party, the Democrats, running rampantly over Americans' rights with their lawless president leading them down a path of destruction tearing down every vestige of constitutional authority left in the country.  

On the other hand, we have another party, the Republicans, doing everything they can to ignore the very powers and responsibility given to them by the Constitution so that they don't have to stand for anything.  (I think they were the inspiration for the saying that if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.)  This is a party that has seen that conservative principles work, yet they refuse to employ them.

Boehner used his time in this interview trying to justify the lawsuit he's bringing against the president.  I'm not an attorney and I am not going to try to determine the legal ramifications of such a suit.  But the fact is that solid constitutional lawyers have already raised issues as to whether there is standing for the suit.  Regardless, though, the real issue is that Boehner isn't willing to use the power of his office to reign in control of an out-of-control president.  The Constitution gives the House the power of the purse.  That means that the House can withhold funding to stop a president from acting like Obama does.   

But they don't do it.  They won't do it.   They avoid doing it to stop things like Obamacare, which has been rejected wholesale by the American public both before and since it was forced down our throats as it became law.  The House could defund it and stop it dead in its tracks.  But they won't.  

I can only think of two reasons why Boehner won't use this kind of power.  Either he is afraid of the confrontation with Obama and the Democrats (he'd be called a racist for that... but then the left already refers to Republicans as racists, but if it isn't true why should you worry about it), or he fears that if the Republican-controlled House uses that power, then later when the Democrats regain power in the House (and they inevitably will at some point because a pendulum swings both ways), that they will retaliate using that same power against a Republican president.  Or maybe it's actually a combination of both.

Regardless, we need leadership in Washington and neither party is providing any.  The Democrats are so far from acting morally that they cannot even be considered reasonable anymore.  The Republicans, who are controlled by the establishment GOP, are so unwilling to take a stand and use their power that they turn to the third branch of government, the Judicial Branch, to try to bring suit against the president.  That is essentially expecting the courts to do their job.  I won't be surprised if the courts throw it back at them and tell them they won't touch it.  You can't expect someone else to do your job, but that's exactly what the establishment Republicans want.

We have evil people on the left trying to destroy our government so they can replace our system with a progressive one.  At the same moment we have spineless people in control of the other party.  And we're supposed to get hope from where?

Actually there is an answer.  We get hope from God and our efforts.  We cannot rely on corrupt and weak politicians to stand up and do anything.  We must turn to God for guidance and then work harder than ever before.  We are in a war and it demands everything.  

As a friend of mine said in a speech to a conservative group recently, there is no time for rest, relaxation, vacation, hobbies, or even family events.  We are at war and we must sacrifice for the next few years if there is to be a chance to save this nation.  If we don't, the nation won't be left to fight for.  Our freedoms will be gone.  

It's time to turn off Facebook, quit thinking about vacations and other leisure activities, and get busy to win this war.  Some say we only have two election cycles left before this country is so far gone that it won't be salvageable.  Personally I'm not sure we have that many.  Our time is very limited and if we're not willing to give up everything, we don't deserve anything.  It really is true that people get the government they deserve.   After all, wars are not won by fighting part time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yet Another Obama Administration Scandal Surfaces

Here's the Nonsense:  Those who are pointing fingers again at the Obama administration for a few things in an Inspector General's report are just haters who want to make a big deal out of anything they can just to give this administration more troubles.  They should let them alone so they can do their job.

Here's the Horse Sense Out of control.  That's what this administration is.  This corruption is no surprise, it's just another example in a long list of issues we see come up again and again.  And it won't get better unless the American people decide to make changes.  

Not that any of us who pay attention should be surprised, but it's still stunning each time another scandal of this administration shows up.  Sharyl Attkisson, former CBS journalist who had the smarts to get out when she felt her reporting was being compromised by working where she did, is reporting on that a newly released Inspector General's report shows that Obama's Department of Homeland Security released thousands of illegal immigrants in advance of the 2013 budget cuts required by sequestration and more than 600 of them were convicted criminals.  The report shows that it was obvious these types of decisions were political.  Yet another scandal for this administration.  Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, Verterans Administration, and on and on the list goes.

If it was only one scandal it might be that we would think that it's just political.  After all, whether we want to accept it or not, the fact is that both parties have been known to push issues against the opposing side to try to make a point. But when the list becomes this long and there are constant fights for basic information, the old adage that where there's smoke there's fire seems to apply.

The Washington Times reports that the actions of the DHS were illegal.   This is nothing new for this administration.  Breitbart reported about Senator Ted Cruz's recent report that showed 76 times President Obama has violated the law, and that doesn't count the number of times we've learned of agencies and officials throughout the administration who have also done so.

Lawless president.  Lawless administration. Lawless government.  When will it end?  Only when the American people decide to quit ignoring what's happening in our country and change their lives to live at the standards set by Judeo-Christian values and then hold our elected officials accountable to those standards.  

That is America's only hope.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hillary Changes Foreign Policy Trying To Prove Leadership Ability

Here's the Nonsense:  Hillary Clinton is making it clear that the foreign policy she pursued as secretary of state was Obama's policy, not hers.  That should make it clear that she isn't responsible for what happened on her watch and therefore prove she's qualified to be president.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Hillary is saying she represented Obama's foreign policy and not her own so that she can distance herself from Obama's failures.  But if she had integrity and really didn't embrace his policies then she should have resigned in protest instead of promoting terrible strategy. 

Just think of it.  Virtually anyone else that might have been Secretary of State wouldn't get away with it.  But Hillary Clinton is almost as slippery as her husband when it comes to keeping a negative past from sticking to her reputation.  And this latest effort to move away from the foreign policies that she was in charge of promoting as secretary of state is nothing more than a political ploy.  She wants her record to be acceptable to the American people should she decide to run for president.  And even if she doesn't, she, like her husband, wants her legacy to appear positive instead of what it really is.

America has a terrible vacuum of leadership.  And, with limited exception, the people that are being seen as potential future leaders aren't any better.  With the American people crying out for change from the failed policies of the Obama administration, any potential candidate for national office has to scramble to get away from them to have a chance at success in their bid for office.  And now, as Hillary Clinton is considering a possible run, she must move to the right and away from her heartfelt far left ideals if she is to be seriously considered by the American electorate.  Hillary, just like her husband Bill and virtually every Democrat and establishment Republican, knows that to win elections in America you have to make the public think you're more conservative than you are or they won't consider you as a viable choice.  This is part of Hillary and Bill's efforts to make her appealing to voters should she decide to run.

While Politico reports that Hillary has taken a position of disagreement with Obama's foreign policy, the Weekly Standard is reporting the White House says that she was on board with their positions.

Let's face it.  If Hillary were truly a leader she'd have resigned in protest from the Obama administration and taken a stand that what was being done with foreign policy was the wrong thing to do.  The buck may ultimately stop at Obama's desk, but the fact is that as the head of the department, Hillary has to take responsibility for promoting the policies that Obama wanted her to pursue.  

A true leader would walk away from something with which they disagree.  A true leader does what is right regardless of the cost to themselves.  They are more interested in doing what's right than they are in the consequences to their own career.  But we will never see that from this administration, anyone in it, or that has ever been affiliated with it.  And that applies to Bill Clinton and his administration, too.  

If this is the best that America has to offer for leadership, then there is no hope for America.  

The Best America has to offer for Leadership?
(Former President and First Lady or Future President and First Man?)
Picture from U. K. Telegraph article telling of Clinton's vacation on Martha's Vineyard 2014. 

Recently people have been asking if Mitt Romney will save the GOP by running again in 2016.  As recently as this past weekend the U. K Telegraph reported such a story.  And while Mitt Romney has shown himself to be a good man, with far more integrity than any Democrat we've seen in national politics in decades, he is still not the answer for America.  Yes, he could run and have a good chance at getting elected.  But while he loves America and has some skills that could help our nation, he's still too oriented to establishment GOP politics and big government.  And that would not solve America's problems.  It would slow down the impending disaster, but it wouldn't fix the core problems.

What America needs is someone who will bring both integrity and the types of policies embraced by Ronald Reagan to save America.  However, don't think that even Reagan could easily fix America.  Things today are far worse than they were when Reagan took office in 1980.  If he were to take office today the job would be far more difficult and possibly not even achievable, unless the American people are willing to pay the price required to turn our nation around.

Last week I was on a radio talk show and the host asked me if there was hope to turn America around.  I responded saying that as a businessman looking at the situation America is in I don't believe that it is possible.  But then I went on to say that as an American looking at our history I do still think there's hope.  The reason for that, I said, is that American's have always been known to rise to the occasion when pushed into a corner.  My hope is that that will happen again.  But it must happen soon or it will be too late.

Sadly the host laughed when I said that.  I don't really know why he laughed.  It is a serious subject and we are in very dire straits as a nation.  There is nothing to laugh about.  But he might be like a commenter to an article I read this morning who said he couldn't wait until Obama was out of office in 2 years and then the country could return to normal.  I have news for people who think that's all it will take to fix things:  Obama is not the problem.  The problem is much deeper in America.  

As I wrote in my book No Tomorrows, America has 3 core problems:

1.)  Debt - Our debt drives our economy and without stopping the outrageous spending in Washington and paying off our debt it is impossible to create a long-term successful economy with jobs and security for Americans.  Our national debt is over $17.6 trillion and our unfunded liabilities, which are nothing more than more debt, are over $118 trillion as can be seen here.  They are at a point where it would be virtually impossible to ever pay them off. (Our total national assets are just over $112 trillion.  That means that if you sold the entire country and everything in it we still wouldn't get enough money to pay our debts.)  Only significant changes will give us a chance to overcome this obstacle.

2.)  Leadership - We don't know how to pick true leaders.  We choose people for all the wrong reasons.  For example, as good a man as Dr. Ben Carson seems to be, what qualifications has he shown for leadership?  He gave a good speech at the national prayer breakfast and offended President Obama with it.  He even refused to apologize when the White House called him later that day and asked him to apologize.  That made him a man many on the right liked, but it didn't show qualifications for leadership.  That's why I outlined the traits of a true leader in my book The Leadership Secret.  It gives 16 clear traits that are required for a person to truly be a leader.  (By the way, Dr. Carson might have great qualifications and ability, but we just don't know enough about him to be able to make a good decision at this point.)
3.)  Morality - We must abandon being an immoral nation and return to the religious and moral foundations upon which our nation was founded.  Contrary to President Obama's recent claim that Islam formed the fabric upon which America was built, the fact is that America was built on the foundation of Judeo-Christian values.  

John Adams, our second president, said:

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." 

He fully understood that a nation without a moral compass could not survive as a free nation.  And America has fallen from morality to depravity.  By doing something as simple as turning on a television you can see blatant immorality these days.  From disgusting humor to promoting sex outside of marriage, living together outside of marriage, greed being promoted as good, the use of "little white lies" as a way to get away with things or avoid hurt feelings, to a list that if I tried to write it would be so long that I'd run out of space.  America is a cesspool and until we are willing to abandon those practices and face God to seek forgiveness, we have no chance at survival as a nation.  

Of the 3 core problems I listed above, the third one will determine our future more than anything else. It's that simple.  The choice is up to the American people.