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Monday, August 22, 2011

Politicians: Proof That Population Density Doesn’t Refer To How Many People Live Here

In a current article in the Washington Post a sentence started with, “More than two years after the end of the recession….” 

Question:  What kind of person writes something like that? 
Answer:  Someone who is either grossly misinformed, politically motivated, or is simply a fool.

The article stated, “Normally, recovery from a recession is at least as rapid as the decline that led to the downturn.”  That may or may not be true. The article is questioning why it is different this time. I would challenge that and say that maybe it is not different.  Maybe we’re measuring the beginning incorrectly.  Maybe to measure a downturn you should go back to when the entire problem started. 

Based on that, we have been building to this recession (I think it is actually more of a depression) for a long, long time.  When the government decided to live beyond its means and spend, spend, spend our way into oblivion is when everything started.  And, like a person who overspends beyond their means, in the beginning all you are feeling are the benefits of spending. As you go further and further into debt you’re just feeling the up side while enjoying the things that that debt has purchased for you.  But over time as you get in deeper and deeper and the debt builds, eventually you find that you can no longer live this way.  Eventually you find that you have to stop and cut back (something our politicians have not learned to date).  If you get in too deep you will have to pay a dear price to get back on track.  That means cutting spending to very uncomfortable levels.  That means giving up things that seem very basic.  But you’ve dug a hole so deep you have no choice.  You have to pay off that debt.  You have to cut spending to well below your income.  Then when you do you will start the process of recovering.  However, you will feel the pain of your own personal Depression for a long time before you are able to be free of your obligations that brought you so low.

The federal government began spending worse than a bunch of drunken sailors a long, long time ago.  Some would take it all the way back to the Great Depression when FDR tried to spend our way out of that.  Others would take it to after World War II and the Marshall Plan and the huge amounts of money we spent rebuilding other nations.  And as we move forward in history different people will each pick some major event in time when they believe all this overspending started.  Frankly it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that we have been doing it far longer than the few years this journalist suggests should be a normal recovery.

This is not a normal recovery because it is not a normal recession. This is truly a depression and we will either stop overspending, which the politicians have not done yet and the voters have not stopped them from doing yet, and begin a slow and long recovery.  Or we will continue to allow them to spend too much and we will not just have a slower recovery, but we will not recover.  We will not survive.  It is not possible.  The math doesn’t work.

The foolishness of the media buying into the idiocy of the politicians’ logic about all this is earth shattering in its implications.  Instead of warning the public, a job they are supposed to be doing, they are parroting the line of the politicians on both sides of the aisle who are destroying our nation.  Don’t they see that the politicians spend to maintain power?  Don’t they see that the politicians spend because they know that when they give things to people and their communities that those people will think of them like Santa Claus and vote to re-elect them?  After all, who would vote Santa out of office?

It’s time America wake up.  We have one last chance to save this nation and we can decide whether we will or whether we’ll let an addiction to spending take us down.  Once we lose it we won’t be able to get it back.