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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Drought-Maker

Most people know what a rainmaker is.  The dictionary says that a definition of a rainmaker is an executive with exceptional ability to attract clients and increase profits.  We need a rainmaker leading our government.  In fact, we need a government full of rainmakers if we’re going to get out of this Recession/Depression we’re in. 

Unfortunately we don’t have a rainmaker, as badly as we need one.  We only have a drought-maker.  In fact, we’ve got a whole government full of them.  These are the people who not only don’t know how to turn this mess around and get us out of it, they continue to do things to make it worse.  They continue to do things that are causing more businesses to stagnate, dry up and die. 

They are either too worried about maintaining their political agenda and put it above the good of the country and intentionally do things that are hurting businesses or they are too foolish to know what they are doing.  Either way these are not people who should be running our country. 

Our entire society lives or dies based on the economy.  And the engine, the thing that runs our economy, is the success of businesses in this country.  Mostly small businesses. 

Whether the politicians are maliciously putting their own control of power over what is best for the country or they are too ignorant to know that what they are doing is killing us doesn’t matter.  These people are drought-makers.  And the media that buy into the foolish economic policies that they advocate are nothing more than their pawns doing their bidding. 

Both groups, the media and politicians, pride themselves on their ivy league educations and great wisdom from their academic leaders.  Clearly it’s time to question the education these people prize so highly.  Any person with the simplest understanding of basic household economics knows that what they are doing won’t work.  To buy into this scam as a solid option to save our country is nothing short of foolish.  The media is guilty of either supporting this foolishness because they are determined to maintain their favored politicians in positions of power or they are just plain stupid and actually believe that these economic policies can work.

It doesn’t matter if someone has some fancy degree from a “prestigious” university, a Nobel prize, or anything else if what they believe is wrong.  And the economic policies that have been foisted on our nation are absolutely wrong.  They have not worked.  They do not work.  They will not work. 

It is time for American citizens to demand that these failed policies be abandoned and sound policies be implemented that will turn things around. 

Presidents Coolidge, Kennedy, and Reagan all proved that cutting taxes and getting out of the way of business would increase revenues to the government.  All three did just that and saw revenues increase and businesses thrive.  The arguments against it are nothing but twisted ideology that refuses to admit the truth.

Not surprisingly there was an article in the New York Times this past week after the president spoke about jobs.  The article said that the president’s jobs bill idea isn’t going to cause employers to start hiring. The reason it won’t cause employers to start hiring is that the future is uncertain.  Employers see nothing from the government that is solid enough that they can actually believe they can bank on it as they plan for the future.  Pouring money into the economy again, which hasn’t worked to date, that will give us more debt only causes the businesses to be more nervous about the future of the country.  Contrary to what the administration claims, saying there are going to be cuts to future spending does nothing to build confidence.  Spending still goes up and there is no guarantee that a future Congress will honor the promises made by this administration.  They have no obligation to do so.

In fact, in the past when these types of deals have been done the promises are never kept.  Why should businesses believe it will be different this time?  Why should businesses trust that this time is the exception?  Why should businesses trust an administration that has gone back on virtually every promise they have made?

It’s time to stop believing the drought-makers and start looking to rainmakers to turn this country around.