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“…I shall speak forth my sentiments freely and without reserve.… It is only in this way that we can hope to arrive at truth, and fulfill the great responsibility which we hold to God and our country. Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the Majesty of Heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.” - Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Herman Cain Is The Only Adult In The Room

Here’s the Nonsense:  Actor Morgan Freeman has expressed that members of the Tea Party are racist for disagreeing with the President.  He feels they simply want him out of office because of race and not because of his policies, ideology, job performance, or plans for the country.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Presidential candidate Herman Cain, when asked about Morgan Freeman’s claim, simply said that it was sad.  Mr. Cain isn’t offended.  He isn’t angry.  He isn’t anything other than sad, which is how we should all feel when people stoop this low to keep others from disagreeing with them.  It is a sad point our society has come to when there are so few adults in the room.  After all, adults can agree to disagree and not make it personal.  But those who are immature, childish, and without fact-based arguments turn to personal attacks, rumor and innuendo to defend their positions.  They are not able to have an intellectual discussion that allows for disagreement with their position.  It leaves us asking what positions we are allowed to disagree with without being called racist.  Mr. Cain is right.  It is very sad.