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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Hampshire’s And Other Early Primaries Steal Choice Of Candidate From Voters

Here’s the Nonsense:  Early primaries are needed so the GOP can quickly choose a candidate to stop destructive infighting. 
 Here’s the Horse Sense:  Aside from the fact that there really has been no destructive infighting to speak of, the real goal of the process should be to choose the best candidate.  New Hampshire and other states pushing their primaries to earlier and earlier dates increases the odds of Democrat success in the presidential election.  By having their primaries at earlier dates the chances of picking the best candidate decreases.
 In 2008 America made the terrible mistake of electing a man to the presidency who was not proven, not vetted, and without experience running or leading anything.  The result has been the biggest disaster of a presidency since that of Jimmy Carter.  (President Carter can be thankful that the current Oval Office resident has replaced him as the worst president in history.)  We should have learned our lesson about rushing to a decision without doing the proper homework.  Instead, we are watching the GOP push forward at breakneck speed to find a candidate to run to replace President Obama. 
 We have over 12 months until the election.  We really don’t have a direct campaign process between the two parties until a few months before the election.  Instead of carefully examining the choices we have for candidates.  Instead of painstakingly studying what each one of them has to offer.  Instead of making sure that the person they choose is the best person to turn the country around (and thereby also assure the GOP of many election cycles of success), they are rushing to bring their choice forward at a speed that defies any sense of logic. 
 The GOP is currently divided in a struggle to see which side of the party, the moderates (pronounced “liberal Republicans”) or the conservatives will determine the future of the party.  Rather than carefully studying what has truly worked in the past, they are determined to field a moderate candidate that is nothing more than Democrat-lite. 
 The first warning that this is the case should be that the Democrats and the media (also Democrats) are pushing hard for the GOP to run a moderate candidate.  That didn’t work so well when they listened to them and ran Senator John McCain in 2008.  The reason the Democrats want the GOP to run a moderate is because they know that eliminates any real choice for voters.  Right now they want the GOP to run Governor Mitt Romney.  Governor Romney is not a conservative.  He will make it very hard for the GOP to win and much easier for President Obama to get elected again.  Does the moderate wing of the GOP really want that to happen?  Do they want that to happen more than to have a conservative candidate win?  The answer appears to be yes.
 With a truly conservative candidate the GOP gives voters a clear choice of someone who stands for the opposite of those very policies that have gotten this nation into so much trouble.  With Governor Romney they give the voters a man who has shown himself to be moderate.  He has expressed belief in man-caused global warming.  His Romneycare program in Massachusetts which became the model for Obamacare (and three of his advisers helped senior Obama officials with by meeting with them multiple times).  And other areas that show his lack of commitment to conservative principles.   It is no surprise, when you see what Governor Romney stands for, that he says government run healthcare is for the states to do, but not the federal government.  Government run healthcare is a bad idea on any level.  The difference between doing it at the state level versus the federal level is you end up with 50 disasters instead of one disaster.
 The media and Democrats scream that the conservatives in the GOP and the Tea Party have pushed politics way too far to the right in this country and that we need to return to a more moderate political scene.  That is all a smokescreen.  They know very well that politics in America is more liberal today than ever.  When John Kennedy was president he was a Democrat.  Today his politics would compare to those of the Republican Party.  If he were alive at the end of his brother, Ted’s life he would have found the Democrat Party his brother belonged to was far different from the one he was a member of. 
 Politics in America has moved far to the left.  The conservatives in the GOP simply would like it to move back to the center so there’s a fair balance of ideas between which the voters can choose.  Rushing to primaries instead of realizing that time is on our side is a big mistake.  We should use the time to get the best candidate to lead our country out of the biggest mess it has ever faced.