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Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Herman Cain’s Lead In The Polls Should Be Seen As Far Different Than Mitt Romney’s

Here’s the Nonsense: Herman Cain has risen up in the polls to match Mitt Romney but it will be short-lived because he’s not a candidate to take seriously.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Herman Cain’s ranking in the polls has a far different and more important meaning than Mitt Romney’s similar ranking.

Mitt Romney has been leading the polls from the beginning of his campaign for the 2012 GOP nomination.  Herman Cain started small and has moved up the polls to be neck and neck with Romney.  And, to many peoples’ surprise, Cain has remained at the top of the polls for several weeks now.  But people think it will be short-lived.  Here’s why it shouldn’t be.

Herman Cain’s campaign is different than any other candidate, especially Mitt Romney’s.  No other candidate has the organic grassroots phenomena happening that Herman Cain has.  But let’s back up for a moment and take a look at Mitt Romney’s campaign so we can really understand what is happening with Herman Cain. 

Mitt Romney has raised a lot of money and landed in the 20th percentile in the polls and stayed there consistently.  Mitt Romney is the darling of the Establishment Republican Elite and clearly is their choice for the GOP nomination.  Mitt Romney is also the darling of the mainstream media (also known as the progressive liberal media who chose John McCain as the preferred candidate of choice for the Republicans in the 2008 election) and Mr. Romney is also their choice for the GOP nomination.  The Establishment Republican Elite are the same ilk that brought us the economic policies of the last Republican administration that have been carried forward and expanded by the Democrats under President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi’s lead (not something the GOP should be proud of).  Mitt Romney has shown support for a number of progressive liberal positions with his creation of and support for Romneycare, which was a prime part of the model developed for Obamacare.  While he may claim he’d repeal it, the fact is that 3 of his advisors met with the Obama administration on at least 12 different occasions to help them with Obamacare. 

Somehow I’m having trouble seeing his commitment to anything conservative other than saying what he thinks the Republican voters want to hear so that he can get the nomination.  His views on global warming, cap and trade, and other issues also mirror those of the left.  And on top of all this, Mitt Romney can’t seem to get his rating in the polls to move up much beyond that which comes from his base of support.  He doesn’t appear to be winning many people over.  He will win them over solely by surviving and being the only choice they have. Very much the same as John McCain did.

Hmmm…. Maybe it’s me, but I just don’t get a feeling that he’s that much different than the current occupant of the White House.  So, while I still think he’d be a far better president than President Obama, I don’t think he’s that much different.  The biggest difference is that at least Mitt Romney has experience running large organizations whereas President Obama had no experience of any kind.  That does give Mr. Romney a little edge, but not near the edge needed to do what’s the absolute best for this country.

So, before I get back to Herman Cain, let’s remember that Mitt Romney is being pushed as the GOP nominee by the very same people who helped get this country into the mess we’re in in the first place.  President Obama is right in that he didn’t create the mess, but he is wrong when he doesn’t admit that he’s expanded it and made it dramatically worse.  Even worse than it ever would have been if we would have stayed on the path we were on under his predecessor.

Enter Herman Cain.  The media and the Establishment Republican Elite would have us believe that Herman Cain cannot sustain his lead in the polls.  Certainly he doesn’t have the money that Mitt Romney’s campaign has raised.  And certainly he doesn’t have the campaign experience that any other candidate has that is currently running.  And yes, he’s made some mistakes, but most often those boil down to the fact that he hasn’t learned yet that when the media ask him a question they do not want an answer as much as they want to set him up for a chance at catching him in a misstatement or a statement that they can take out of context to make him look bad.  They are not trying to report his positions, as true journalists really would.  Once he clarifies his position he seems to bounce back just fine.

Here’s the bottom line.  Herman Cain’s candidacy is different simply because it doesn’t come from money or powerful GOP insiders pushing his candidacy.  It comes from something far more important.  It comes as an organic, grassroots response to him as a person and his message.  No one else…. let me say that again a little louder…NO ONE ELSE has had that happen in this election cycle.  Herman Cain is truly a candidate of the people.  He resonates with people.  He relates to people.  People see that he’s not politics-as-usual.  He’s not more of the same.  And they see that everything he’s ever done has been met with success.  There might have been errors and stumbles along the way, but ultimately he prevails every time he does something.  To voters he comes across as a man who really is the change they hope for, not to be mistaken for the change that was a mistake that we got from the last election.

Will Herman Cain survive long term and become the alternative to Mitt Romney to get the GOP nomination?  I don’t know and nobody knows.  But what I do know is that when someone comes along with all the people against him that Mr. Cain does, has little money, has no support from the "establishment" and they still continue to rise in the polls, it can only mean that he has a message that should be seriously considered by the voters.  Those who will vote Republican need to make sure they don’t just accept what the GOP tries to force on them.  They need to seriously consider an alternative and push it to the end of the process if they believe in it. 

Herman Cain may not get the GOP nomination.  He may not even be one of the two finalists for that nomination.  But his ideas are refreshing, unique, clearly thought out, and offer concepts that should at least be part of the discussion for the Republican Party in the 2012 election.  Any Republican candidate that is currently running for the nomination would bring an improvement over the disaster we have right now.  But we shouldn’t settle for just anyone who is thought to be able to beat President Obama.  We should only settle for the best person to lead in turning this country around.  And ideas like the ones Herman Cain proposes should be part of that discussion.