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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gingrich’s Baggage Versus Cain’s Problems: Why They Will Be Treated Differently

Here’s the Nonsense:  Newt Gingrich won’t become the GOP nominee because he has too much baggage that will destroy him just like the allegations of sexual harassment and an affair are destroying Herman Cain.
Here’s the Horse Sense:  Newt Gingrich’s past problems will have nowhere near the impact on his campaign that the allegations against Herman Cain have had on his campaign because Cain’s problems are new news, Gingrich’s problems are old news. 
You can only crucify a person once, and Gingrich has lived through it in the past.  While the Democrats and the media will try to use those things against him, Newt has not only dealt with them in the past, he has taken the offensive by bringing them up again himself and addressing them on his website.  And Newt has opened the door to further scrutiny by welcoming any other questions that he may not have addressed to date.  It’s hard to knock down a door that is wide open.
Many think the biggest problem facing Gingrich is getting support from Tea Party voters and also from Evangelical Christian voters.  But Gingrich may not have the problems that people think with these two groups.
Critics say that Evangelical Christian voters will have problems with Gingrich’s marital infidelity in the past.  That is most likely an incorrect assessment.  Evangelical Christianity’s most central teaching is about forgiveness and redemption for a repentant sinner.  While Newt is Catholic and therefore doesn’t share the same faith with Evangelicals, his openness about his mistakes, the fact that he’s publicly stated that he’s sought God’s forgiveness for those mistakes, and the fact that he’s open and willing to accept judgment of others for his mistakes will buy him a huge amount of credibility with Evangelical Christians.  If Evangelicals are taught anything in their faith it is that believers must seek God’s forgiveness for sin and that when God forgives, the believer is redeemed and made new.  Even though Evangelicals don’t agree with Newt’s religious beliefs, they would respect his effort in his own religion to seek forgiveness and repent of what he’s done.  That would come across to them as a sincere effort at changing his life.
It is also said that Gingrich would have problems getting the support of the Tea Party voters.  Compared to Romney, Gingrich is a breath of fresh air.  Not that Gingrich has the perfect conservative record, but because Gingrich is smart, experienced at bringing diverse groups together, experienced at cutting government spending, has a command of the issues second to none in the race, and is willing to speak his mind - especially to the media.  And that last one is very important because the Tea Party have had it with the media after the vicious attacks they made on Sarah Palin. 
Tea Party voters and Evangelical Christian voters (some of those voters obviously fall into both categories) don’t want a repeat of 2008 and therefore most will get behind pretty much anyone who is not Romney.  They see Romney as nothing more than a moderate who is the current version of John McCain, Bob Dole, and George H. W. Bush.   
Newt’s background is not near the issue for him that Cain’s alleged background is for him.  Newt has been immunized from attacks on his past having much success because he’s been judged on these issues before and he’s brought them up again and not waited for his enemies to do it.  It also helps Newt that the Democrats are already trying to set the stage so that Obama’s past relationships with people like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers will be kept off the table.  The arguments are already starting that these are old issues that have been dealt with before and also that it would be racist to bring up topics like Rev. Wright and his relationship to President Obama.  Regardless of whether they’re right in doing this, by taking this approach it weakens any argument that things in Newt’s past are valid to bring up again.
Voters choices for a GOP nominee are narrowing.  We are rapidly coming to the time when voters will need to make a decision between the candidates that are available to them.  And if they want someone other than President Obama in the White House, then they need to decide which candidate both has the best chance at winning and that can do the best job turning the country around.  It very well may boil down to a decision between Gingrich or Romney.  Newt has a very good chance of surviving the scrutiny to become the GOP nominee.  And with Newt’s knowledge, experience, command of the issues, and debating skills that could be a nightmare for President Obama.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Herman Cain's Biggest Mistake To Date

Here’s the Nonsense:  When you are in trouble hire the best attorney you can find and let them do all the talking for you.
 Here’s the Horse Sense:  When you are in trouble hire the best attorney you can find and let them do most of the talking for you, but don’t give them carte blanche.
 Herman Cain’s attorney is handling the latest allegation against him improperly.  Sure, it might be what a good attorney would do, but there is something much bigger at stake here.  Mr. Cain needs to step in and stop his attorney before more damage is done.
Today when I saw the response of Herman Cain’s attorney to the latest allegations against him it was very apparent that Mr. Cain just made a huge mistake. 
An attorney’s job is only to think about your legal situation, not your reputation.  That means that there may be times when you have to take control back from them and demand that things are said differently than the attorney may recommend.
 The handling of this latest allegation by Mr. Cain’s attorney is just such a situation.  And before I go on, let me say that there has still been no proof provided to support any allegation that has been brought against Mr. Cain.  And because of that, and also the historical record of false and destructive attacks in politics against innocent people, I will not assume Mr. Cain is guilty.  I will allow him the respect, moral support, and justice he is due and assume he is innocent until he is proven otherwise.  If he is proven guilty then he will lose my moral support and respect. 
When this afternoon’s latest allegation came out that a woman claims to have had a 13 year affair with Mr. Cain, his attorney replied like any good attorney looking out for their client’s liability would respond.  According to, Lin Wood, Mr. Cain’s attorney said, “This is not an accusation of harassment in the workplace -- this is not an accusation of an assault -- which are subject matters of legitimate inquiry to a political candidate.
 "Rather, this appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults -- a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public. No individual, whether a private citizen, a candidate for public office or a public official, should be questioned about his or her private sexual life. The public's right to know and the media's right to report has boundaries and most certainly those boundaries end outside of one's bedroom door.”
The problem with this response is that even though Herman Cain immediately denied that there had been an affair, his attorney did not corroborate that position.  Instead, in an effort to try to get this set aside and taken out of the discussion of his presidential candidacy, his attorney says that these types of matters are personal and should not be considerations in the political race.
 Now certainly the politicians in this country have proven that they couldn’t care less about these things, unless their opponents are involved in them.  The media never cares unless it’s a conservative being accused.  After all, they have looked the other way so many times it’s ridiculous, including when President Clinton was accused of committing perjury.  To the media it was “only sex” and not important. 
For this discussion we’ll set aside the issue of whether cheating on your spouse and the most sacred commitment you ever make is any measure of what kind of person you are.  Instead, let’s just stick with my original thought here.
 The reason Mr. Cain’s attorney is wrong and Mr. Cain is wrong to allow the answer that was given is simply because it does two things that will harm him even more:
1.)    It undercuts Mr. Cain’s claim that this is a false allegation and that he is innocent because it ignores Mr. Cain’s denial of the accusation.
2.)    It implies that Mr. Cain agrees with his attorney’s way of phrasing the response and therein causes the public to assume that Mr. Cain’s claims that he is a moral man who believes in family values are hypocritical.  In other words, it implies that the accusations might be true and, therefore, they are using the argument that it’s personal to get the discussion dropped. 
 Mr. Cain may have an attorney that thinks the client’s best interest is being served, but for a conservative what is most important is the truth.  If Mr. Cain is who he claims to be, that he is a man of values and principles and truth, then the only stand to take is that this accusation is a lie.  He would be better off losing his bid for the GOP nomination and standing for principle by not backing off his claim of innocence than he would be to get the discussion dropped because “it’s private.”  Integrity is what matters here more than anything else. 
The question Mr. Cain has to ask himself is whether the truth is more important than winning.  If he’s a true conservative then that is the stand he will take and he needs to tell his attorney that that is the message that must be conveyed.
And, for you doubters of his innocence let me say one other thing.  If he is guilty then he needs to admit it and bow out of the race.  If he is guilty he needs to first and foremost seek God’s forgiveness, then his wife’s, then his children’s, and then that of the public. 
Conservative values are about the truth.  Conservative values are about standing for principle regardless of the cost.  In the long run he will be better off to stand on the truth.  There is no price too high to pay for the truth. And there is no prize you could win that would make forsaking the truth worthwhile.
It is critically important that voters realize that this next election is about principles above all else.  The kind of people we elect to leadership can no longer be what we see over and over in government.  We can no longer stand for people who compromise truth.  We can no longer stand for people who show that they believe the end justifies the means.  We must elect leaders who will stand for principle regardless of the cost, no matter how high it is.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Did You Enjoy Civilization While It Lasted?

Here’s the Nonsense:  We’re evolving to a higher level in our society and mankind is getting better.

Here’s the Horse Sense: Society is at an all-time low.  When a political party starts supporting and promoting the kind of behavior that we see in this society it is apparent to all except the most blind that we are about to self-destruct. 

Upon seeing the drunken tailgate partying at a football playoff game, Adrian Monk, Tony Shaloub’s character in the hit cable TV series Monk, struck really close to home when he asked,  “Did you enjoy civilization…? I sure did. It was a hell of a run. Eight thousand years.”

The holidays are here.  Thanksgiving has just passed and we’re on our way to Christmas and all that goes with it:  Christmas shopping, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, pushing, shoving, rudeness, anger, hostility, and any other kind of narcissism you can think of.  Mankind’s true nature is showing through. 

Yes the holidays are what we talk about as a great family time of year.  We have memories of family, friends, and wonderful happenings.  But somehow we aren’t making as many of those kinds of memories as we used to.  Just look at what happened on Black Friday this year.

In South Charleston, West Virginia a man collapsed in a Target store while shoppers walked around him and stepped over him.  The man died after being taken to the hospital.

Over 20 shoppers at a Los Angeles WalMart were injured when a shopper sprayed pepper spray at the crowd so she could get an advantage in shopping.  And if that isn’t enough, at least one media source simply referred to the woman as a “competitive shopper” when reporting the story.  The media doesn’t even acknowledge how wrong her actions were.

A Victoria’s Secret in Pittsburgh was the site of women hitting and punching each other in a fight over yoga pants.

A shopper in San Leandro, California was critically wounded when she was shot while at a WalMart and a robbery occurred outside.

If that’s not enough, some other incidents reported include gunfire at a Fayetteville, NC mall with resulting chaos among shoppers.  Myrtle Beach, SC had a robbery attempt near a WalMart in which a woman was shot.  And the last, but far from least, incident I will share with you had a report saying that an off-duty police officer was hired to help with security at a Kinston, NC WalMart.  He used pepper spray on disorderly shoppers trying to grab products before the store staff was able to finish placing them on the display.  (This is supposed to be a professional trained to handle these types of situations?)

Yes, civilization has clearly ended.  No, I don’t mean it’s just a little worse.  I mean that virtually all vestiges of sanity and civility have left and moved on to a better world.

When I was growing up we would go shopping for the holidays and there would be crowds and busy stores, but if you went for an item and the supply had run out it was not uncommon for another shopper who got there first to offer you theirs.  

If you went somewhere that was crowded men and children would give up their seats so that ladies had a place to sit.  

People held the door for others, sometimes getting themselves caught with such a crowd coming in that they might stand there holding that door longer than they had expected.  But when the crowd had passed and they rejoined their party they would do it with a smile and not be upset at the little delay caused by taking the time to be polite and show what was then common courtesy.  

Today common courtesy is very uncommon.  The fact that it is missing is one of the glaring signs that civility has ended.

We have entered the self-centered age.  The age of narcissism.  It’s all about us and as long as we get what we want we are happy… at least until we want something else.  That was seen recently in the Occupy Wall Street protests. 

The Occupy Wall Street protest movement said they wanted to boycott businesses on Black Friday.  Quite a contrast to the Tea Party groups that countered those actions by setting up “buycotts” to encourage the support of businesses. 

The Tea Party certainly represents what little is left of civility, honor, and hope for our society.  When the Tea Party had what was estimated to be well over a million people (some estimates were two million) on the mall in Washington, DC for a rally, the park officials said that they left the area cleaner than when they arrived. Quite a contrast from the Occupy Wall Street protesters who numbered at most a few thousand and had to be forced out of Zuccotti Park in New York and the area had to be power washed and sanitized to clean up the disgusting mess these people were living in. 

The Tea Party rallies have been places that families could go to be involved in efforts to bring back the values that this nation was founded upon.  The Occupy protests have become so dangerous that violent crimes have been reported over and over again across the country.  Safe tents have had to be set up so women could rest there and be safe from being attacked and raped.  Theft is rampant at these protests.

America has come to a crossroads.  On one hand we have the Occupy protesters who have been endorsed and encouraged by the Democrat Party and the President’s administration.  These protesters are the people demanding that we spend more money to give them what they want, even though we are a nation who can’t pay our bills.  The protesters demand more taxes on the rich who already pay a higher portion of the taxes than the rest of the country and are the very ones who create jobs for the rest of us.  These protesters want the government to have more power, even though the government is what created the mess we’re in.  These protesters want to replace the Constitution, yet they don’t even understand our Constitution or the fact that it is because of the Constitution that they have the right to protest.  These protesters are people of irresponsibility and self-centeredness.  

The Democrats and their leader, our president, have embraced and praised the Occupy protesters.  

 On the other hand, the Tea Party are the people who say the government needs to stop spending money that we don’t have.  They want the government to take responsibility, stop spending, and get out of debt.  They understand that the answer lies in less government control and more accountability by the government to the citizens.  The Tea Party are the ones who realize that it’s time for citizens to pick up the pieces of this mess and take responsibility for how government handles things.  They realize that more taxes are not the answer, but spending cuts and responsible use of the tax revenues that we allow the government to have are what is needed.  They understand that we need to restore the Constitution, not abandon it.

In my recent book, Many Are Called But Few Can Manage, I talk about the character traits of leadership.  These are the traits that we should be looking for in the people we elect as leaders.  These are the traits that cause those leaders to be driven to put the nation above themselves and lead us out of the mess we’re in.  These are the traits we should all seek to find in the people we elect for political office.  We should also seek to have these same traits in our personal lives so that we build an America that leads the world by its example once again.  We need these traits in each of us so that we can teach our children the values that make them the best people they can be.  These are the traits that formed our nation and, until we allowed ourselves to get so self-absorbed, caused us to live in a society with honor, virtue, values, courtesy and manners. A society where we raised our children to put values above personal interest.  A society that looked for good things we could do to help others.  A society where the events that occurred on Black Friday would be unheard of.

Unfortunately we have moved past that time and it’s time to reclaim it.  It’s time to give civilization another good run for thousands of years.  If we don’t I’m afraid what is left might not even last another 100 years. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

This Week's Upcoming Debt Panel Failure Should Cause Presidential Candidates To Learn A Lesson From Ron Paul

Here’s the Nonsense:  Ron Paul is not a credible candidate.  His ideas are crazy and he is just a fringe candidate that should be ignored.

Here’s the Horse Sense:   Ron Paul is rising in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire.  His views may be considered fringe or crazy by the media, Democrats and the establishment Republican elite, but some of those ideas are getting serious attention from voters who are worried about the economy and the future.  Even with a deadline this week, the Debt Panel (also called the Super Committee) is going to fail.  Even if they should come to an agreement, there will be a backlash at the voting booth next fall for not truly having dealt with our economic problems.  Many voters don’t see the Congress, the President, or the presidential candidates taking the economy seriously enough.

Ron Paul’s chances of winning either the GOP nomination or the election as a third party candidate are small.  But if he decides to run as a third party candidate he will assure an election victory for Obama.  He will do this by splitting the Republican vote like Ross Perot did when he ran against George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton.  The only way to avoid him assuring an Obama victory with a third party run is for GOP contenders to wake up to the single most important issue of the election that Ron Paul has clearly identified.  Ron Paul’s position could make the difference between whether or not the American Dream can ever live again and other GOP candidates need to adopt it if they are serious about fixing our economy and winning the election. 

What is that idea?  The one idea far above all others that Ron Paul is promoting and that voters are embracing is his promise for an immediate and dramatic cut to spending to bring our fiscal house in order.  Call him crazy, but Congressman Paul sees clearly that if this issue isn’t dealt with no other issue will matter because America as we know it will never recover. 

Most members of Congress and the GOP candidates, too, do not see our financial mess as dire as it really is.   Only Ron Paul has taken it seriously enough to propose cutting $1 trillion in spending his first year in office.  And even with cuts that large it would not be enough to balance the budget, but would put us rapidly on track to turn things around.  He could follow up by quickly cutting the rest of what is needed to bring the budget in line with income.  This would cause the government to live on its income, something we all have to do in our personal lives.  It would also allow us to start paying off the gigantic debt that, if ignored, will destroy this nation and its future.

Serious GOP presidential candidates need to pay attention to the message GOP voters are sending.  They are tired of Washington ignoring the problems our nation faces.  They are tired of Washington not facing reality.  There is a big concern on the part of us average American citizens that elected officials are not taking our financial crisis seriously.  It is a mistake.  And it is that mistake that will cause many voters to break with the party and vote for Ron Paul should he decide to run as a third party candidate if no one else adopts a serious plan to cut spending.  And should that happen it is a guarantee that President Obama will get another 4 years in the White House.

Americans understand that Washington has a spending problem, not an income problem.  Contrary to the media’s claim that most Americans want taxes raised on the job creators in this country, I think that most Americans would rather have Washington brought under control.  They have run rampant too long with our money.  It is our government, not theirs.  We the people are tired of watching them act like spoiled teenagers who are out of control with their parents’ credit card.

I would suggest to the GOP candidates that they seriously consider adopting Ron Paul’s plan for dramatic and rapid spending cuts.  That will both send a message to American voters that they are serious about fixing our problems and also give voters an alternative to President Obama winning the election should Ron Paul decide to run as a third party candidate. Add to that that it would be just plain good for America and you have a formula for success in both the primaries and the general election.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Perry, Gingrich, & Cain Offer A Stark Contrast To Washington Business As Usual

Here’s the Nonsense:  There is nothing unique or unusual that any of the GOP candidates are offering. It’s all just Washington business as usual.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  At the foreign policy debate in South Carolina, Governor Perry made a point that is probably the most important issue in the entire campaign and few people, if any, noticed it. Perry said that he would use zero based budgeting for foreign aid and then went on to allude to using it throughout the entire federal budget process.  When asked, Newt Gingrich agreed.  This idea is in stark contrast to the way business has been done in Washington for decades.  This is the only kind of thinking that can turn Washington around and save our nation.  And if we don’t do that nothing else will matter.

While other candidates were not specifically asked about it, Cain has said in his campaign: “Nothing should be off the table. Every federal agency, every government program and expenditure must be reviewed and revised with a keen eye and a red pen. Leaders should be willing to shrink budgets by target percentages, and those charged with implementing those changes must be held accountable.”  With my 37 years in business I can say that this sounds a lot like the typical zero based budgeting mindset of a successful executive.  And if he’s proven to be anything, Mr. Cain has proven he’s not just a pizza maker, he’s proven himself to be a successful problem-solving executive over and over again.  

Now I should also say that it is very possible that some of the other candidates may agree with these views, but no one that I’ve heard or read has said it in a way that is so recognizable as it is with Perry, Gingrich, and Cain.  (For those unfamiliar with zero based budgeting please see the section marked with an asterisk (*) that I put at the end of this post describing it.)

Why is this the most important point in the campaign?  Because America is at a time of decision.  We Americans have allowed our government to go berserk with spending.  We spend far more than we bring in and go into debt for the balance.  Our debt and unfunded mandates are at a level that are virtually impossible to pay off.  Many people both inside and outside of government have given different estimates of how large our unfunded mandates really are.  I’ve seen numbers ranging from $60 trillion to $200 trillion.  Add to that our national debt, which is now well over $14 trillion and climbing and you have at least $74 trillion in bills we owe.  That’s in addition to our annual government expenditures in the federal budget, which currently run over budget to the point where over 40 cents of every dollar spent is borrowed money.  No one can borrow 40 cents of every dollar they spend and survive without curtailing spending and adopting strict fiscal controls.

So, how bad is it to have those debts and unfunded mandates?  If we use the low numbers and it’s only $74 trillion that would mean that if we paid $365 billion each year over and above all other government expenses, it would take 202 years to pay the entire amount.  This will take serious sacrifice on the part of Americans.  If we don’t, the future our children and grandchildren face is much different that the lives we’ve lived.  Chances are it would result in a standard of living that would be somewhere like what it was in the late 19th or early 20th century when people had far less. The American Dream we have all grown up with would be over until we could get out from under that debt.

That is why a zero based budgeting approach is so necessary to get spending under control in Washington.  And as much as we may think other issues are important, if we don’t get our financial house in order our nation as we know it will no longer exist.  We will become enslaved to those who hold our debt and to the lifestyle that is forced upon us because we would not make the sacrifices now to fix the problem once and for all.

In my book, Many Are Called But Few Can Manage, two of the character traits that I identify of true leaders are good judgment and common sense.  In the case of the federal budget and the economy a candidate who understands the importance of using a zero based budgeting type of approach shows extremely good judgment and a whole lot of common sense.  These are some of the many character traits we should be looking for in a leader to turn our nation around.  They are exactly the opposite we see when we look at our current president.  The idea that we can spend our way out of debt has proven itself fallacious over and over again.  The idea that we can continue to ignore the need to create an environment that is friendly to businesses is crazy.  If we don't create that business-friendly environment, then we will not see the economy turn around.  We will not see jobs increase.  We will not see prosperity return to the nation that once, not so long ago, was the envy of the world with prosperity and abundance available to those who were willing to work for it.

So how is the race shaping up for a GOP nominee?  The campaign is starting to tighten up.  The Democrats and media are trying to push some candidates out of the running and shorten the list of choices voters have.  They have chosen their candidate to run against President Obama and that’s Mitt Romney, who they see as the easiest candidate to beat.  That’s why they keep saying he’d be the hardest to beat, hoping that the GOP is foolish enough to fall for it and make him the nominee (It’s called reverse psychology for those of you who don’t recognize it.) 

The alternative to Mitt Romney could be one of a number of people.  Right now it appears that the two front runners for that position are Cain and Gingrich.  Both have good things about them that should be considered and both have some issues to deal with. But either would be a serious contender against President Obama. 

I have no doubt that on the Democrats secret list of the hardest candidate to run against Cain and Gingrich are the top two contenders.  I’ve talked about some of Cain’s merits in the past and we cannot and should not disregard those.  But we don’t know exactly which way the nomination battle will go and we have to be smart enough to look at all contenders.  This should hopefully give us a number of good choices, and potentially make it easier to eventually identify the vice presidential nominee, too.) 

Gingrich has now shot to the top of the polls.  He is another serious consideration for the nomination.  And I am sure he will now start to be attacked by the media, as all top contenders have been except Romney. 

Gingrich’s command and knowledge of the issues makes him a very viable choice.  While he’s had some issues in his past that the Democrats could try to raise up, those have been dealt with long ago and may not be the issue some fear they could be.  We must also realize that we only have a limited field of choices now and we must choose the best of those choices.  It is too late to look for the perfect candidate (which will never exist anyway). 

Don’t take Newt lightly.  We haven’t had such a good debater on the GOP side since Reagan.  Newt comes across well with the public, too.  The attitude he’s showed toward the press in the debates is very representative of the general public’s attitude about them.  You can see that by the response he gets from the audience every time he goes head to head with the debate hosts (Go back and watch him educate Scott Pelley on the difference between an enemy combatant and a U. S. criminal.  Then make sure to listen to the audience’s reaction.)

Debates aren’t everything, but they are a very serious method of choosing a candidate for a large number of voters.  And just imagine Newt debating President Obama, especially if the president will accept Newt’s planned offer of Lincoln/Douglas style debates.  The president is not the great public speaker or debater that the press wants you to think.  They figure if they tell you a lie enough times then eventually you’ll start to believe it.  That’s why they continually try to tell us what a great speaker and debater he is.  Remember, this is the same president that has to have a teleprompter when he speaks to first graders!  This person is not a debate threat. 

Newt’s a good sport, though.  He’s said that if the president will have the Lincoln/Douglas style debates with him he’ll allow the president to use a teleprompter.  And Newt’s even willing to debate the GOP side without notes!

There is still time before a nominee is picked.  The media has worked hard to tear down each person as they rise to the top against Romney.  Their most recent attack is against Herman Cain with unfounded allegations.  Whether Mr. Cain is innocent or not does not matter.  It is virtually impossible to survive attacks of this magnitude from the media. 

Mark Twain said you should never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel.  Whether he knows it or not, being a leading GOP contender has put Mr. Cain at odds with the media.  He is a great threat to their hero, their messiah, the president they chose to sell their souls for and abandon any serious efforts to any longer act as true journalists.  Sadly Herman Cain may never get justice.  He may only get a lynching in the media by people whose hatred is so evident.  Mr. Cain may weather the storm, but that remains to be seen.  But if he does, the issues they are throwing at him may take so much energy out of his race that the real issues will be ignored and his chances of winning will be reduced to minimal at best.

We must remember that we are in a fight for our nation.  This is a fight to save America for our children and grandchildren.  An army may find some of its best soldiers get wounded and others who are still healthy must be sought to fight.  There may be a good chance that Mr. Cain is that wounded soldier and we need to be smart enough to have other soldiers to offer in the fight.  No one knows the fight in Washington like Newt Gingrich.  No one has the experience or has so successfully pulled together a national coalition to win on issues. Gingrich may be the strongest opposition the GOP can offer against President Obama. 

And by the way, if Herman Cain does survive the attacks, maybe a ticket with both Gingrich and Cain on it would be considered.  It would bring a lot of different strengths from two candidates with quite varied backgrounds and be very difficult for the Obama/Biden team to overcome.

* For those unfamiliar with zero based budgeting it simply means that each year when you do a new budget every item must be justified.  No item is exempt and no item is automatically accepted as being funded under the new budget.  This is the way that you make sure you are spending your money wisely.  Congress does not do this.  They use something called baseline budgeting that was put into effect through the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 and amended in 1987 when Congress amended the baseline to automatically keep pace with inflation.  In using baseline budgeting Congress automatically assumes that every item in the federal budget will be an expenditure again each year.  And ironically, they also assume that every item will get an increase in expense so their decision isn’t whether or not the expense should continue.  In fact, it’s not even whether or not the expense should be increased.  They assume it will be an expense and that it will be increased.  Their decision each year is how much to increase it.  And when they talk about spending cuts they are talking about how much less they will increase the expense than they had planned.

As an example, let’s assume that they automatically figure things will get a 5% increase each year.  If they are “cutting” expenses they simply look at the possibility of not increasing it that much.  If they only increase it 4% they tell us taxpayers that it is a 1% cut.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not how it works in my personal budget.  But that is Washington and they are spending addicts in need of an intervention.  And the only intervention that can possibly work is to take the kind of answer offered by Perry, Gingrich, and Cain and go to a budgeting system that stops the insanity and starts us on a path of responsibility.