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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For Herman Cain It’s Salem In 1692

Here’s the Nonsense:  Herman Cain’s problems are the end of his campaign and the GOP’s opportunity for the 2012 election.
Here’s the Horse Sense:  It’s 2011 and America still has many of the same problems with justice that it had almost a century before it became a nation when, back in 1692 it held the Salem witch trials.  Herman Cain has essentially been accused of being as bad as the women of Salem, Massachusetts who were accused of being witches in 1692.  And, like those poor women, Herman Cain is being accused but no evidence is being offered.  He doesn’t even get the chance to face his accusers.  He has to wonder if he will receive a similar fate to those women in Salem.
Now I have to admit a little bias in my comparison here.  My family came to and settled in America in the year 1600 (yes, we beat the Pilgrims on the Mayflower).  And 92 years later one of them was one of the very women accused of being a witch in Salem and executed for it.  I probably shouldn’t hold a grudge, but somehow the apology the U. S. government made to our family 200 years later didn’t hold a lot of weight with us.  It just seemed too little too late.  I guess I’m just not reasonable, am I?
But as I have listened to the media and pundits in the past 48 hours ramble on about the allegations against Herman Cain I have found myself thinking that Herman Cain must feel he’s being treated about as unjustly as those women in Salem.  Oh sure, he doesn’t face a literal death sentence, but he certainly faces a political death sentence and, even worse, he faces a death sentence for his integrity. 
Now you might say that he’s had his successes, he’s made his millions so it doesn’t really matter.  But the fact is that it does matter.  America is supposed to be a land of justice.  It’s supposed to be the one and only country on earth where you’re innocent until proven guilty.  But the fact is it’s not.  The fact is that in America one you’ve been accused of something you’re considered guilty, at least by the media and the public… unless you’re one of their “favored children” and then it’s completely different.  Those “favored children” are never guilty no matter what the evidence.  (Remember when Paula Jones received over $800,000 to settle her claim and Bill Clinton still said he had done nothing wrong and the media ignored and looked the other way?  We'll never know what really happened there.)
It’s very common in American business to put the bottom line return to investors above anything else.  That’s their job.  When companies are facing legal actions they often do not look at standing for a principle.  That costs a lot of money and justifying that to investors is very hard.  Especially when settlement costs far less, thereby having a lower impact on the company’s finances.  Every year in America thousands, if not millions of legal actions are threatened or filed for illegitimate reasons.  And when it is from an employee it is often far cheaper to simply pay them a settlement and agree to part company and move on. 
We’ve heard that a 5-figure settlement was reached with the women who are accusing Herman Cain.  That could be as little as $10,000, which is 3 months pay for someone making $40,000 a year.  Far cheaper to pay that and be done with it than to pay a huge multiple of that figure to your attorneys to handle the case and stand for principle.  So, the fact that an organization chooses to pay someone does not, in itself, prove guilt.
Herman Cain has only had unsubstantiated allegations made against him.  No evidence, no testimony of a victim.  Only the report of allegations from a proven left-leaning media outlet that is enamored with virtually anything President Obama does (Did you see where one of their reporters was gushing over President Obama’s blood pressure, calling it something like superhuman?  President Bush had one of the best levels of health of any president and yet they didn’t gush over him.)  Believing people like this who put forth no real evidence would be like asking a parent whether they like the painting their first grader did better than one done by a neighbor’s kid.  In fact, the parent might actually be more objective than the liberal media is. 
Unfortunately Herman Cain will not get treated fairly on this.  This may destroy his campaign.  Until proof is brought out about the allegations they should be treated as nothing more than unsubstantiated rumor, at best.  It is unfortunate because Herman Cain has offered some of the best solutions to what ails America of any of the candidates to date (although there are definitely a number of candidates with some great ideas that should be considered).
Herman Cain represents the single greatest threat to the Democrat Party and President Obama of any other candidate.  A black conservative president that could turn things around and make this country the land of the American Dream again would show the country, in fact it would show the world, that in America it’s all about who’s got solutions and can do the job and not about race.  This would become a message that would resonate with a lot of people, even Democrat voters who are black, after the utter destruction of our economy and way of life by a black progressive liberal president.   No one but Herman Cain could have that same impact.
Does this mean the chances for saving this country and putting America back on track are lost if Herman Cain is not a candidate?  Absolutely not.  The field of candidates the GOP is offering is very strong and any of them could do great things for our country, contrary to what the media and Democrats (I guess that’s the same thing, isn’t it?) try to make people believe. 
Herman Cain may lead in the polls and quite possibly be the best choice we could have, but a second choice from this bunch is like having to choose between a couple of good choices.  While some may be better than others, these candidates could do remarkable things to help our country. 
There’s a very good chance that if Cain’s campaign falters an opportunity will open up and Newt Gingrich’s star will rise.  It’s already begun to do so before Mr. Cain’s problems arose.  Mr. Gingrich, as everyone agrees, is probably the most brilliant mind of the bunch.  It’s a pleasure to watch him in the debates because he cuts right to the point and digs in deeper than anyone.  He has a track record turning government around.  He knows the politics of Washington and, while I’m not one who believes you have to have experience in Washington to be president, there are some advantages to it and no one running has more experience or has held higher office than Newt Gingrich. 
Yes, Newt has some things in his past that he’d have to deal with, but for the most part he’s been vetted and through the mill with the press and the public and there’s not anything new they could throw at him that hasn’t already been dealt with.  He does, at times, do some things that make us wonder a little (the ad he did with Nancy Pelosi supporting belief in global warming comes to mind), but with clarification we could find that he may have learned on those issues.  And even if he holds some of those views, compared to Mitt Romney he’s far more conservative.  Romney holds, or has held and may have changed his position again recently, many views that are liberal and even progressive.  Huntsman and Romney are clearly the two most moderate GOP contenders, but even with that they are a far cry from President Obama and would do a much better job.
The loss of Cain’s candidacy would be a disappointment but it would not be the end.  He’s been in the race long enough and set the tone for the debate with his ideas.  Those ideas won’t go away even if he does.  And with candidates like Newt Gingrich and others also running the President has a lot to worry about.  This is a serious group of candidates of which any of them have far greater things to offer than the failed policies of President Obama.