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Monday, November 7, 2011

If Cain Can’t Overcome Problems, Do Conservatives Have To Settle For Romney?

Here’s the Nonsense:  Herman Cain has suffered errors, problems, and now allegations that will derail his campaign and leave the GOP with no other serious choice for a nominee other than Mitt Romney.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Herman Cain may have been hit hard by allegations, but even if his campaign falters and fails there are still excellent choices for a GOP candidate that is far more conservative than moderate Mitt Romney.

Herman Cain has been viciously attacked ever since he entered the race for the GOP nomination.  The latest attacks are about as low as they can get with allegations of sexual misconduct.  The truth of those allegations remain to be seen and, therefore, no one should make any judgment about Cain as an individual or as a candidate until and unless more is known.  However, the GOP has some excellent choices to consider as alternatives to Mr. Cain.  In fact, there are some that are so good that regardless of what happens to Mr. Cain these candidates should not be ruled out as the nominee quite yet.

Anyone who has heard me speak, read my blogs and writings, or talked to me knows that I have been very impressed by a number of things that Herman Cain has brought to the GOP contest. Both the ideas and experience that Cain brings are things that only a foolish voter would not consider.  And the consistent disregard for him as a serious candidate by the left should reinforce that he really does have something to offer.  (They only attack people to try to get them out of the way, not because they ever have any substance to their attacks.)  However, I have stated all along that while I was impressed by Mr. Cain, I was not ready to endorse any candidate until we had more time for vetting of all of them. 

The biggest problem in the 2008 presidential election was that neither the Democrat Party nor the media were willing to do so with their candidate, then-Senator Obama.  To date we still have seen no records from his schooling, work, or virtually any area of his life.  His books, which appear to have been written by someone else for him, contradict stories he has told about his life.  His associations, while noticed and criticized by a few in the conservative media prior to his election, went virtually ignored by the mainstream media.  And today we have a country that, while in trouble when he took over, has been driven so much deeper into despair, debt, and failure that there is little hope for the future unless a serious conservative agenda replaces it in the next election.

We have a field of very interesting, bright, and talented candidates running for the GOP nomination.  Even those that are moderate in their views would be an improvement over what we now have in the White House.  However, we should not allow another fiasco for this election cycle like we had in 2008 when the establishment GOP elite chose another moderate, Senator John McCain, to lose the election for us.  Mitt Romney would be another candidate like Senator McCain and would assure the victory of the President in his reelection bid.  Americans need a clear conservative choice to contrast an agenda that will turn this country around with the failed agenda of more taxes and spending that President Obama offers.  Therefore, we need to make sure we work hard to not only keep the establishment GOP elite from forcing Mitt Romney on us, but to make sure we get a candidate as our nominee that will offer a conservative agenda.

Right now it appears that the candidate who has the best chance at moving into place to challenge Romney for the nomination is former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.  His record isn't perfect.  He's made some mistakes.  But he stands out among the other candidates.  

No candidate has more knowledge of the workings of Washington that Gingrich.  No candidate has command of the issues like Gingrich.  No candidate has the experience of turning things around in government that Gingrich does.  No candidate can mop the floor in a debate with any other candidate on either side of the aisle as well as Gingrich can.  (By the way, if you didn’t see the debate he had with Herman Cain in the style of the old Lincoln-Douglas debates this past weekend then you need to go online and find it and spend 90 minutes watching it.  It is well worth your time.  And that’s not to say that Cain didn’t do very well in that debate, he did.  But Gingrich was at his best and it is worth seeing just to see what this man has to offer us as a nominee.  And the format is what he says he will challenge President Obama to for debates if he gets the nomination.)

Gingrich is not perfect, but no other candidate has been as vetted as he has.  There is very little, if anything, the Democrats or the media can bring up that hasn’t been dealt with before.  Gingrich brings no surprises, and while that is really a weak argument to choose someone, it may be a very strong argument for him when added to his other credentials.

I don’t know what will happen to Herman Cain and I hope that in the end he will not be a disappointment.  If he doesn’t disappoint us, he is a very serious consideration for a ticket for the GOP that might include both Gingrich and Cain (with the top of the ticket to be a separate discussion from this one).  

But no matter what happens to Herman Cain’s campaign, even if he were to leave the race altogether, there are still a number of other very good considerations among the GOP contenders that we should not count out.