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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Democrats, With The Help Of The GOP, Are Setting Up The Perfect Plot For Obama’s Re-Election

Here’s the Nonsense:  Everyone from the Media to the Democrats to the establishment Republicans are screaming that Mitt Romney will be the hardest GOP candidate for Obama to beat so the GOP should be smart and make sure that he is the nominee.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  When someone who is not on my side gives me advice I find the best reaction is to ignore that advice.

Maybe it’s me, but I don’t tend to believe it when people that I know are not on my side are telling me what to do.  I have found that they are usually trying to get me to do something by telling me to do just the opposite.  And for some reason I can’t understand why it would be any different in the GOP presidential primary race.

Every time you turn around the media, the Democrats, and even the establishment Republicans are attacking any and all candidates except Mitt Romney.  Sure, the Democrats and the media have made a few scant attempts at criticism of Romney, but anyone with the slightest intellect would do that to make it look legitimate that he’s a threat as a nominee.  They don’t want to look too obvious. 

Whether it’s the media, the White House, the DNC, Democrat political leaders, or the establishment Republicans who keep telling us the same message.  They all want us to believe that no one can challenge Obama the way Romney can.  Then they go and attack all the other GOP candidates.

If the media and Democrats really believed these other candidates were so easy to beat, why wouldn’t they keep their mouths shut and let one of them get the nomination?  Why would they want to tip anyone off to make sure they end up facing the most difficult foe to beat?

And let’s take it a step further.  The Democrats have staked out their place as anti-Wall Street.  They have supported and praised the Occupy Protesters.  They have worked hard (and I guarantee you they plan to work even harder before this election is over) to demonize Wall Street just like they demonized the insurance industry for the last election to get voters all worked up against them and gain support for Obamacare.  They are doing the same thing with Wall Street.  And which candidate for the GOP nomination more represents Wall Street than any other?  That’s right, it’s Mitt Romney.  They are setting up a perfect plan and the Republicans are foolish to buy it.

The establishment Republicans want Romney as the nominee, so their efforts to undermine the other candidates make sense.  They have this ridiculous notion that a Romney candidacy will work best because he’s the most moderate.  For some reason they think that even though that didn’t work so well for Bob Dole, George H. W. Bush’s second term, and John McCain that somehow it will work this time.  Amazing when you continually hear the voters crying out for another Reagan to come along and yet the establishment Republicans want to push the very thing that Reagan was opposed to in the Republican Party. 

And if the media, the Democrats, and the establishment Republicans aren’t enough, there are the Ron Paul supporters who are so sold out to his cause that they actually believe if one of the other GOP candidates was elected it would make no difference than re-electing President Obama.

While Ron Paul has some wonderful ideas about domestic policy and cutting spending, his views on foreign affairs and national security fly in the face of most voters, especially the Tea Party.  Gallup shows him only having a 7% support from Tea Party members.  He has no statistical chance of getting elected.  Yet many of his supporters are foolish enough to say that they will vote for Ron Paul or no one at all.

I have 3 questions to those who say they’ll stay home and not vote if Ron Paul is not the nominee (or any other candidate that you may prefer over who ends up with the GOP nomination):

  1. Do you really think we have another 4 years to survive if we don’t get someone else elected instead of President Obama?
  2. Would you prefer another 4 years of President Obama over any of the GOP candidates? 
  3. Even if you believe that some of the GOP candidates aren’t great, wouldn’t replacing Obama buy time to work on getting other candidates into the process in the future while slowing down the destruction of America over which President Obama is presiding?  

I think the old adage that you should vote your heart in the primaries but vote your head in the election makes a lot of sense.  Saying anything else is, frankly, acting like little children who say if you don’t play their way they’re taking their toys and going home.  Well, I’ve got news for you.  If we don’t get someone else elected to the White House in 2012, you probably won’t have a home where you can take those toys!

So do we believe the media, Democrats, and establishment Republicans in their false presentations that Romney will be the hardest to beat?  Are we going to let the media and Democrats set us up to have the candidate they want and that's being set up for failure?  Are Ron Paul’s supporters going to join us if he doesn’t get the nomination and help defeat President Obama?  Or are we going to fall for the Democrats and media plot and choose the nominee they see as easiest to demonize and defeat to assure the re-election of President Obama?