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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Who Gets Cain's Supporters When It’s Time Choose The GOP Nominee?

Here’s the Nonsense: Herman Cain’s exit from the presidential race means that Romney or Gingrich will get the votes of his supporters.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Even if Cain’s supporters initially move to Romney or Gingrich, it doesn’t mean they will get their votes for the GOP nomination.  Cain’s followers were conservatives sincerely looking for someone who would stand up to Washington politics-as-usual.  While they may initially move to a frontrunner, this could just be a temporary landing place while they go back and research the remaining candidates once again.  And as they do they may surprise all of us and ultimately give their vote to someone who they feel most closely resembles the strong points they saw in Cain.

Cain’s supporters were not typical voters because Cain was not a typical candidate.  His background as a Washington outsider was refreshing to many people.  He openly called Washington corrupt and that was very appealing to voters.  That attracted a lot of people because it has become all too clear to anyone who is paying attention that a serious change in our elected officials is in order. 

People talk about the need for political experience, but politicians have gotten us into this, the biggest mess in our nation’s history, and Cain’s supporters may not easily settle for another typical politician.  Sure, they might initially move to Gingrich because he’s very articulate and says a lot of good things.  Or they might move to Romney because they feel he’s ultimately who the establishment Republican elite have already chosen to be the nominee and they might feel pressure to make a choice to get the campaign against Obama under way.  

But Herman Cain’s supporters didn’t get behind him easily and my guess is that as they think about things they may start looking once again at the other remaining candidates and end up supporting someone much further down in the polls. 

Who’s the likely choice?  We might get a surprise and see a rise once again for Michele Bachmann.  Why?  Because if you take the time to look at her record and her stand on the issues, she stands as a solid conservative who got into politics to change things and has not deviated from that goal.  She’s clearly a fighter and has succeeded in Minnesota politics, which for those of you who don’t know, are as Democrat-centered as it gets.  When Republicans had their biggest national landslide in history, Minnesota was one of only two states that went Democrat.  Yet Michele Bachmann not only succeeded in Minnesota politics, she followed through and got elected to national office by that very left leaning state. 

And Bachmann has been a strong supporter of the Tea Party and even started the Tea Party Caucus in Washington.  But that’s not the only reason why Cain supporters could find her to be an attractive candidate.   She’s taken a strong stand for conservative issues. Here are a few examples of her conservative credentials:

·      Would repeal Obamacare.
·      Was against the TARP bailout.
·      Would repeal Dodd-Frank.
·      Was against debt ceiling increase.
·      Takes a hard line on illegal immigration.
·      Sponsor of legislation supporting traditional marriage.
·      Solid supporter of prolife agenda.
·      Strong on national security.
·      Would bring government salaries and benefits in line with the private sector.
·      As a tax attorney she recognizes the failings in the tax system and the need for tax cuts and restructuring of the tax system.
·      Her list of possible VP picks include Santorum, DeMint, and Rubio – all solid conservative choices.

With credentials like that she could very easily be reconsidered by Cain’s supporters, among others, as we move closer to voting day.

Some in the media have called Romney the hare and Gingrich the tortoise.  While there may be truth in that, there may be more than one tortoise in the race.