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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NBC Fixing GOP Debate Won't Bolster Romney Or Keep Gingrich Down

Here’s the Nonsense:  Newt Gingrich was off his game last night and fell flat in the debate in Tampa.  Looks like he’s on a downturn.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  In spite of NBC trying to fix the debate to hurt Gingrich and help Romney, Gingrich outperformed Romney in the Tampa debate by remaining calm, cool, and collected while Romney appeared as a failing candidate grasping at straws to survive through guttural attacks.  They don't understand why this won't deter Gingrich.  

Florida is a big state in this campaign and Newt is up against the establishment Republicans, the Democrats, and the media to win it.  None of them want Newt to win. They want Romney to win the nomination and the media decided to help him in the process.

I’ve been preaching for some time that the establishment Republicans, the Democrats and the media all want Romney as the GOP nominee.  They all realize that Gingrich has a much better chance at winning against Obama than Romney.

On the Quinn & Rose Show this morning (see for more info about their show), Rose reported from Tampa that she’d been at the GOP debate last night.  She said that the audience was told off air before debate that there would be no outbursts, applause or standing ovations allowed.  When NBC went to commercial the audience was yelling that they wanted a fair debate with all the candidates participating, not just a fight between Romney and Gingrich.  The environment was quite different if you were at the debate versus what was broadcast to the nation by the Obama-loving NBC.

This morning most media are reporting that the debate was boring and subdued, that Gingrich had lost his punch, that Romney was on the offensive.  But according to people attending the debate it was quite different during the commercial breaks.  NBC kept the debate boring and subdued so that Newt couldn’t get audience support and score his big impact that he’s scored at other debates in the past.  They wanted Romney to look like he’s in control and Newt was on the defensive.

But even though things were kept subdued, Gingrich didn’t fail.  Sure, he lost the audience input while on-camera, but he still did well.  He was calm, collected, and not rattled.  He tried to take a high road early on by stating that the debate should be about issues affecting the nation and what the candidates ideas were to help this country.  But Brian Williams, the moderator, ignored him and Mitt Romney remained on a very low level ignoring what was best for the voters and kept slinging his mud at Newt… even though much of it was twisted disinformation designed to try to make Newt look bad.  In my experience, conservatives are intelligent people and react negatively towards the mudslinger and often have empathy for the target of the slinging.  The desperate attempt by Romney to take control was nothing but the act of a man struggling to keep his head above water as he is drowning in his own moderate/liberal record.  The voters are beginning to see who he is and he is his own worst enemy.

Gingrich is succeeding with voters for reasons that are actually quite easy to understand.  Those who are attacking him believe that if they pummel him with enough bad things from the distant past, ignore the changes he has made in his life in the past decade, and keep adding rumor and innuendo to the message against him, then they’ll be sure to knock Newt out of the presidential race.  That is really faulty thinking.

Newt Gingrich doesn’t let situations get him down. He doesn’t stop but keeps pressing towards his goal.  And, as he said long ago, he sees himself as the tortoise while everyone else is looking for the hare in the race.  Don’t count him out just because he is attacked or has a setback.

Newt isn’t just a good speaker.  Newt isn’t just a good debater.  Newt is a superb communicator.  He articulates his points well and has a better grasp on conservatism than Romney even understands.  When Newt speaks of conservative principles people relate to what he is saying.  When Newt gets irritated at the media, his opponents, or anyone else he not only articulates his response clearer than anyone, he makes statements that speak to the heart of what most Americans believe and feel deep inside.  They are tired of their nation being torn down.  They are tired of their nation not being recognized for its exceptional nature.  They are tired of people apologizing for America.

Remember, the largest demographic group are the baby boomers (I’m one of them).  And we remember clearly when our own generation split and a segment protested the Viet Nam war, abandoned traditional morals and values, tore America down and began the move to the political correctness that today is one of the core issues destroying our nation.  We now have children and grandchildren and we realize that they will be here long after we are gone.  We realize that the mess that our very own generation has made of this nation has to be righted.  It has to be turned around or there will be no chance that our children and grandchildren will enjoy the freedoms that were once enjoyed in this country.

The core demographic that changed this nation for the worse now has to be the generation that turns it back to where it should be.  That same generation experimented with drugs, abandoned traditional values, and turned against the “establishment” thinking that freedom from the “rules” that our society had been built upon was a positive thing.  That same generation allowed themselves to get further and further into debt with credit that would allow them to think they could buy now and pay never.  And with all that they allowed they also tuned out and allowed Washington politicians to take us down a path of destruction that is about to push our nation over a cliff from which there will be no return. 

That same generation looks at Newt Gingrich, who is one of us.  They look at the mistakes and bad decisions they’ve made in their lives.  They look at the changes they’ve realized they needed to make in their own lives and know that even with their mistakes of the past that they can turn around and be part of the force for good that will have to take America back to where it needs to be.  And when they look in the mirror they see the same kind of person that Newt Gingrich is… a flawed individual who has learned lessons and has great skills and abilities that can lead a turnaround in America.

In Newt Gingrich they see a man who, with all his failures and faults, has gotten up, brushed himself off, and come back to fight again.  They see an underdog who may be knocked down at times but is not knocked out.  They see something of themselves in Newt and are drawn to support him because of it.  Newt’s redemption and success is also their redemption and success.

Newt came back last year to run in this presidential race but early on his campaign stumbled as many of his key staffers left and said he had no money and no chance.  But he bounced back and kept going.  Then he was attacked mercilessly in Iowa and the campaign stumbled again. Everyone thought it was over for him.  But he bounced back and won the South Carolina primaries.  Maybe it’s time to realize that Newt Gingrich might be a cross between the Energizer Bunny and a Timex watch.  That’s because like the Energizer Bunny he keeps on going and going and going.  And just like a Timex watch he takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Newt surprises a lot of people.  Once again last night he was attacked, but he handled it with a calm, cool, and collected demeanor.  In reality he won last night’s debate.  Maybe it’s time we all quit trying to predict what Newt will do and just watch him as he gets back up every time he’s knocked down and keeps on fighting for what he believes in.  It’s that characteristic that is winning over many American voters.  They see in Newt a man who won’t apologize for America, but will stand for America.  Many American voters see a man who they feel will fight for America no matter what the odds.  That’s why they vote for him.