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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

America To Washington: We Don’t Want What You Have To Offer

Here’s the Nonsense:  Romney's primary and caucus losses on Tuesday mean nothing.  The conservative base is moving to Romney and has accepted him for the GOP nomination.
Here’s the Horse Sense:  Contrary to what the media and establishment Republican Party want to make you think, conservatives do not accept Romney as one of their own.
Rick Santorum blew away his competitors Tuesday in Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado.  And as quickly as they could, Romney’s campaign immediately started damage control with the media right behind them to help.  Reports went around that while it was nice that Santorum had done well, the states where he’d won weren’t really important and it really didn’t mean anything about the acceptance of Romney by conservatives.  Between the press and Romney’s campaign scrambling to downplay the losses it was almost reminiscent of how the Obama campaign and the media reacted to any losses they had in the 2008 primaries.  But then again, I shouldn’t forget that George Soros thinks Romney and Obama are essentially the same so why should I be surprised if the reaction to the election results is similar?
Rick Santorum truly is a man on a mission with little more than friends, faith, and a following that’s growing.  He certainly doesn’t have money.  Romney’s campaign is funded far beyond all the other three GOP campaigns put together.  Many of Romney’s donors are the same big money Wall Street contributors that financed Obama’s 2008 campaign
What is interesting is that had the spending in Florida and Iowa been like it was in Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri, the results would clearly have been different.  Romney so far outspent his competitors in Florida and Iowa that no one else had a chance at winning Florida and Santorum’s Iowa margin of victory was limited only because he couldn’t spend the vast amounts of money Romney did there.   After all, money can and does buy elections.  And Romney may very well end up buying this nomination and even the general election. 
Like I mentioned in my last post, Romney’s actions are much like Obama’s.  He uses the same Alinsky-style politics of personal destruction that Obama, Clinton, and the Democrats do.  He has no record to stand on other than a liberal one.  The only difference between him and Obama is that it is very clear that Romney does love America and wants it to succeed.  He does want his children to have the same opportunities that he had.  And the Mormon faith does have those who believe in a Mormon prophecy that they will save America. 
So while he, as part of the Rockefeller Republican establishment are on the same path as the Democrats that will destroy this country, at least the establishment Republicans are on a train to get to that destination, not a jet like the Democrats.  That means that we have a little more time to turn things around if a Rockefeller Republican like Romney is elected.  But we still have to make drastic changes to save this country, which is something that Romney will not do unless there is a strong conservative Senate and House to hold him accountable.
But is it possible that the message from voters in Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri on Tuesday really represents what the conservatives truly feel?  They still want a true conservative as the nominee, not a liberal establishment Republican like Bush Dole McCain Romney (sorry, the establishment Republicans are so predictable in the kind of candidates they choose that I sometimes forget which candidate we’re dealing with this time). These election results may just be the beginning of a much larger message that is going to be heard across the nation as the primaries and caucuses take place in other states.

Rick Santorum really does fit the description of a man of the people.  This may be a message from the people in the heartland of America that they are fed up with both Democrat and establishment Republican politics as usual.  Rick Santorum might be a candidate that becomes a message not only to President Obama, but to the establishment Republican Party that Americans don’t want what Washington has to offer…from either side of the aisle.