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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hypocrisy Of The Republican Leadership

Here’s the Nonsense:  Republican leadership is strong and always works to protect America while maintaining total integrity.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  There might be some good people in Republican leadership, but John Boehner certainly does not appear to be one of them.

House Speaker John Boehner, the 3rd most powerful person in government (Don’t forget that the Speaker of the House is next in line for the presidency after the President and Vice President.), is trying to show his strength at standing up for America and her citizens by writing a letter to President Obama regarding his “hot mic” comments made in Korea earlier this week.  According to an article by ABC’s Jake Tapper, Mr. Boehner is requesting the president explain his comment to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev about waiting until after the election so he’ll have more flexibility. 

Mr. Boehner’s letter is fairly strongly worded but means nothing.  Sure, it puts forth an image that he is standing up for the nation and holding the president accountable, but that’s all it is.  It is all showboating, no matter how much he may say otherwise.  Not only will the president ignore it, but Boehner doesn’t have the backbone to do anything about it regardless of what the answer is.  He’s proven that enough times in the past.

But what may be even worse than the lack of spine is the fact that he’s implying that the president may be putting America at risk when he, himself, has not watched out for America’s best interest in other areas. 

According to an article by former Congressman Tom Tancredo, Boehner may have worked on a deal with Attorney General Holder to shut down the Fast and Furious investigative probe. 

“The reported ‘deal’ Boehner and Holder are discussing would let higher ups in the Department of Justice off the hook if they prosecute one or two individual ATF supervisors. Holder would then claim he ‘cleaned up the mess’ and be free from any moral or political culpability.”  That doesn’t sound like watching out for America’s best interest to me.

In addition, Boehner has worked to betray efforts at immigration enforcement. The Legal Workforce Act, H.R. 2885, is a bill that, if passed, would require all employers to use the federal E-Verify program to identify fake or stolen Social Security Numbers used by illegal workers. It has been shown to be accurate in more than 99 percent of the cases where it is used. But according to another article by Tancredo its chances of passing are slim because of the efforts of Boehner and others to block it:

After extensive public hearings, last September the Legal Workforce Act was voted out of the House Judiciary Committee and then sent to the House Ways and Means Committee. It has languished there ever since.

This important bill—which has 74 cosponsors—is being buried by Speaker Boehner and the House Republican leadership: they have ordered the Ways and Means chairman to sit on the bill indefinitely. 

Blocking H.R. 2885 is only the latest example of Beltway Republican hostility to the immigration-enforcement movement. When John McCain and his open-borders allies could not get their amnesty bills passed in 2006 and 2007, they resolved to block any meaningful legislation aimed at border security or interior enforcement. They were not able to block the Secure Fence Act of December, 2006, but they did succeed in amending and sabotaging it in the Senate Appropriations Committee in 2007. So, the double fence it authorized for 700 miles of the southwest border was never built.

One of the biggest problems we have is the lack of leadership in the Republican Party.  Few people are looking out for America.  When the elections happen this fall it is important that the voters not forget the importance of electing a Republican majority in the Senate and House.  But they also need to remember that it’s not about being Republican, it’s the kind of people they elect and allow to be put into leadership.  It’s time to clean out the weak, phony, and hypocritical leadership in the House and Senate.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Jeb Bush Shows His True Colors While Making Recommendation That Will Cost The GOP The 2012 Election

Here’s the Nonsense:  Jeb Bush is the best person to listen to regarding the GOP primary race.  He knows what should be done to assure victory.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Jeb Bush showed his true colors this past week.  Any thinking conservative Republican or Independent should be wary of his advice.  His answers regarding the GOP primary race are a plan for disaster.

This past week Jeb Bush called on Mitt Romney’s competitor’s for the GOP nomination to drop out of the race and support Romney’s candidacy.  According to an article by Salena Zito in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, GOP strategist Bruce Haynes said that Bush’s statement was “…literally the sound of the referee’s whistle calling the game to an end.”  The article also quoted Haynes as saying, “"When you have New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, it makes Republican ears perk up."

So someone who obviously supports Romney has said that Bush’s statement is “literally the sound of the referee’s whistle calling the game to an end.”  Since when is Jeb Bush the referee of the GOP nomination process?  Who elected him to such a position?  In fact, who created that position while GOP voters weren’t looking?  Jeb Bush is no more a spokesman or referee for the GOP contest than anyone else.

And when Haynes says that Chris Christie and Jeb Bush make Republican ears perk up, he’s wrong.  It makes some Republican ears stand up, namely the ears of the establishment Republicans who are moderates and even liberals, not conservative Republicans.  Those two men may be good men who have some good things to offer, but they are far from icons of conservatism.

The establishment Republicans want us to believe that they are conservative and that Mitt Romney is conservative.  They want voters to just be quiet, sit down, fold their hands, and support their choice for the candidate of the GOP, namely Mitt Romney.  

The primary process is about the voice of the people and not about a favorite of the establishment Republicans.  No individual or group of individuals has any right to dictate who will be the candidate.  The last time I checked this was still America and voters were still supposed to be expressing their views through a process that would determine who they wanted as nominee.  Nowhere in that do I see that a select group is to make that determination.

Let’s listen a little more to Governor Bush to see how well we can trust his judgment.  Elsewhere in the article Bush was quoted as saying that Marco Rubio should be the Vice Presidential running mate for Romney because "He is the best orator of American politics today, a good family man. He is not only a consistent conservative, but he has managed to find a way to communicate a conservative message full of hope and optimism."

Let me start by saying that I think Marco Rubio is a wonderful Senator and highly qualified for many leadership positions within our government.  But this column is about Jeb Bush and what he said.  

I’ve wondered for some time if there could be any truth to the claim that Jeb Bush is a conservative, unlike his father and brother.  When I read that he said Marco Rubio “has managed to find a way to communicate a conservative message full of hope and optimism” I knew right away that this shows where Bush really stands.  Jeb Bush is about as conservative as his compassionate conservative brother George W.  

Bush might be a good man and have some conservative tendencies, but what he said shows that he doesn't understand that the entire conservative message is entirely about hope and optimism.  No one has to find a way to communicate it as such.  If he doesn’t understand that he isn’t a conservative.  Where do you find more hope than in a message of freedom, individualism, and opportunity that seeks for every man and woman to be their best and accomplish their greatness?

The article also tells us that “Experts predict Bush's endorsement will signal other top Republicans to follow.”  What top Republicans other than the moderates and liberals in the establishment?  I know of a lot of conservative Republicans who will only see this as someone in the establishment getting behind someone else in the establishment.  Gee, that’s a real Republican altar call, isn’t it?  This is nothing but a strong-arm tactic to try to get the conservatives who continue to reject Romney over and over again to shut up and go along with the program the establishment has chosen for the party.

The fact is that Romney has very little chance of winning the general election for many, many reasons that I’ve talked about for months.  The establishment Republicans still try to strong-arm candidates to get out of the race and push voters to give up on their chosen candidates even though about 2/3 of the voters continually reject Mitt Romney.  The establishment refuses to see that Romney puts the GOP in a position of great weakness.

The Pew Research Center did a survey from March 15-18 that shows Romney is mostly rejected by Republican voters.  When asked to give a one word description of Romney the single most common answer was “No/No Way” followed by “Rich.”  Here’s a list of the responses they published and the number of times each answer was given:

What one word describes your impression of Mitt Romney:*
31  No/No Way
30  Rich
19  Good
18  Mormon
15  Moderate
11  Business
11  Flip-flopper
11  Idiot
11  Possibility
10  Untrustworthy
9    Arrogant
9    Candidate
9    Conservative
9    Not sure
9    OK
8    Crook
8    Fake
8    Likeable
8    President
8    Out of touch
8    Wealthy
7    Electable
7    Liar
This poll should make the establishment Republican Party very concerned about their candidate of choice.  We’ve seen consistently that Romney can’t close the deal to win over conservatives.  This poll reinforces why. 

The reasons go on and on as to why Romney is the worst choice to beat Obama in the general election.  But maybe the most glaring is healthcare.  The fact that one of Romney's healthcare aides has admitted that Romney has no plan to repeal Obamacare, only parts of it and he plans to keep other parts is in direct contradiction to what he says on the campaign trail.  Which one is the truth?  And Obama is already on the campaign trail saying he doesn’t understand how Romney can claim that Romneycare is any different than Obamacare since they used Romneycare as the model for Obamacare, and three of Romney’s aides went to the White House 12 different times to help them put it together (and that has been confirmed in the White House visitor logs).

If the GOP want to have a chance at winning the general election they need to get serious about choosing a conservative candidate and not a moderate like Romney.  When the GOP chooses conservatives as candidates they win more elections.  It’s that simple.

*(Figures show actual number of respondents who offered each response; these numbers are not percentages.  Current responses shown for seven or more mentions; see website by clicking here to get more info.)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

If They Get It, Why Aren’t They Doing Anything About It?

Here’s the Nonsense:  The Republicans will fix the economy when they get elected in November and everything will be back to normal.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  We’re facing the end of the financial world as we have known it and it seems that no one is paying attention.  We'd better make changes quickly or we’ll never turn it around.

Our nation is facing bankruptcy and few people are noticing.  With limited exception, our political leaders go on pretending nothing is wrong.  They either don’t believe something is wrong or they don’t truly understand what we face.  This is about an imminent collapse the likes of the Great Depression or worse. 

We’re not talking about a famous passage of time like an eminent elapse would be.  We’re not talking about a famous failure and falling back into bad behavior like an eminent relapse would be.

We’re talking about an imminent (as in about to happen, fast-approaching, handwriting-on-the-wall, impending, inescapable, inevitable, likely, looming, menacing, on the verge, unavoidable) collapse (as in bankruptcy, cataclysm, catastrophe, crash, disintegration, failure, ruination, undoing). 

What part of that don’t we understand?  We hear the term trillion quite a bit these days. It wasn’t too long ago we mostly heard billions and not really that long ago that things were talked about in millions. But the nation’s finances have entered a state where trillions are the common number we hear. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by such numbers. It’s easy to ignore how serious America’s finances are because the numbers are so huge that we cannot comprehend them. So how can we illustrate the enormity of a trillion dollars in a way that helps people comprehend it?

Some people would say that 1 trillion is 1000 billion, but that doesn’t really help most of us comprehend what it really is. Others would try to compare it to time and say that 1 billion seconds ago it was approximately 1979 and 1 trillion seconds ago it was approximately 29,700 BC. Such a comparison helps us begin to grasp how much larger a trillion is than a billion.

We have more than $15 trillion in national debt.  And just last week the CBO stated that they expect that to increase to $18.8 billion by 2022 (which we all know will be much larger if nothing is done to stop it). We also have a budget deficit of $1.3 trillion, and unfunded liabilities of anywhere from $60 trillion to $200 trillion, depending on which source you want to believe. The website currently lists unfunded liabilities at over $118 trillion. Based on that number we can estimate a liability of more than $1 million for every single taxpayer in the U.S. That’s right. You personally owe more than one million dollars, thanks to the politicians!

Going back to our example that uses time, 15 trillion seconds would put us back to about 473,500 BC. That’s almost a half million years ago!  If we paid $694,444 per minute (that’s $1 billion per day) it would take us over 41 years to pay the $15 trillion national debt.  

Remember the unfunded liabilities that are somewhere between $60 trillion and $200 trillion? If we use the lower of the numbers, the $60 trillion, and add it to the $15 trillion national debt it would take over 200 years to pay that off at the same rate. All these payments would have to be made over and above the cost of running the government, which currently adds over $1.3 trillion a year to the debt because our government spends more than it brings in.  Oh, and don’t forget that we used the lowest estimate of unfunded liabilities at $60 trillion, if we went up to the estimate of $118 trillion that would increase the time to pay it off to over 350 years.

If that isn’t an economic crisis, nothing is. No one could have huge debts, continue to spend more than they earn and continue to increase their debt and survive. Economics doesn’t work like that and anyone who tries to make it work will fail. It cannot work for an individual and it cannot work for a government.

Faulty thinking about carrying debt is why we are about to see a collapse. We can no longer sustain these kinds of increasing debts and out of control spending. We have to fix both or we will see a failure of our entire economic system. This is why the election of 2012 is so critical. Either we get ourselves on a path to fiscal sanity now, or there will be no future chances try again.

Sadly, we have very few politicians who are willing to face this reality. Very few politicians are willing to even suggest the hard choices that we need to make. They would rather maintain their power and ignore the problem, hoping it will take care of itself or that the bills won’t come due until long after they are out of office.

But the bill is coming due. We cannot continue to borrow to sustain ourselves. The credit is running out and we will have to pay. And just as it would be if this were our personal debt, when it comes due and we don’t have the money to pay it we will be forced to downsize, cut back, and eliminate everything we can to pay for it. Our standard of living won’t just mean that we have to give up a little; it will mean all of us will give up most of the conveniences and luxuries we’ve come to assume are a normal part of everyday life. We will move to a standard of living that will be on the level of pre-Depression era standards or worse. It may even take us back to mid-nineteenth century levels. Modern conveniences will become obtainable only for a limited few.

For most who are reading this, you have seen within your own lifetime our nation turn from the strongest and most prosperous nation on earth to the nation with more debt than any other. We have watched the leadership of our nation become so enveloped in self-interest that the future is assured to be devastating unless we act immediately.  

Americans need to do their homework and elect not just the right presidential candidate, but also pick people for the House and Senate that will work tirelessly to stop the madness and turn our nation around.  This is not just about a presidential race, it’s about choosing the right people at all levels of government.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Obamacare Is Costing Far More Than The President Promised And It Won’t Get Much Better If Romney Is Elected

Here’s the Nonsense:  Obamacare may be costing about twice what the president promised, but Mitt Romney has promised to repeal it if elected and that will fix the problem.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Mitt Romney is not the solution to the Obamacare fiasco, let alone the other problems we have in the presidency.  We should have rejected Obama’s estimates in the beginning and now we should reject Romney’s claims that he’ll repeal it.

The CBO report should not surprise us.  The government never meets their estimated costs.  We should learn to be more skeptical.  But what is worse than Obama’s false cost promise  is Romney’s false promise that he’ll repeal Obamacare when that is not his plan.

Christopher Ruddy wrote at that a “Romney aide, a healthcare adviser, has stated a Romney administration will keep key parts of Obamacare.”  He has no plans to fully repeal Obamacare if he is elected.  Rather, he plans to keep large portions of the legislation.  What kind of honesty is that in a candidate?  A true leader and a true conservative would not be lying about their intentions.  Yet here we find that Mr. Romney’s plans are to keep large parts of the legislation he claims he’ll repeal.

Our nation faces imminent collapse unless we start to turn things around immediately.  And it seems quite clear that a Romney presidency will be Washington business as usual if he is elected.  It will be nothing more than another attempt to kick the can down the road instead of fixing the problems. 

It has been seen over and over again that the government never meets its cost projections.  When we hear them tell us what something will cost it seems safe to assume that it will be at least twice that amount.  Some previous examples of the government underestimating costs include:

  • Denver Int’l Airport - projected cost $1.7 billion (1989), actual cost $4.8 billion (1995)
  • Seattle Light Rail System - projected cost $1.7 billion (1996), actual cost $2.6 billion (2000)
  • Idaho Falls Nuclear Fuels Site - projected cost $124 million (1998). actual cost $273 million (2001)
  • V-22 Osprey Aircraft - projected cost $23 million (1987), actual cost $90 million (2001)
  • F/A-22 Raptor Fighter Jet - projected cost $89 million (1992), actual cost $248 million (2002)
  • RAH-66 Comanche Helicopter - projected cost $31 million (2000), actual cost $52 million (2002)
  • Medicaid Special Hospital Subsidy - projected cost $100 million (1987), actual cost $11 billion (1992)
  • Medicare Pt. A projected in 1965 that the cost in 1990 would be $9 billion, but in 1990 the actual cost was $67 billion
  • Medicare Home Care projected in 1988 that the cost in 1993 would be $4 billion but in 1993 the actual cost was $10 billion

Whether it’s Obama or Romney, we can’t believe what these people promise.  And we certainly can’t afford the way they do business. Clearly they are more interested in their positions of power than they are the best interest of the American people.  If we want to stop America's nosedive into disaster we need to elect a candidate who will turn Washington on its head and start the process of fixing our problems.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Mitt Romney Should Drop Out Of The Race

Here’s the Nonsense:  Mitt Romney has more delegates so the other candidates should drop out of the race.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Mitt Romney may currently have more delegates than the other candidates, but if he truly cares about America he will drop out of the race and get out of the way for a candidate who has a chance to win over Obama.

Mitt Romney has not been able to get a strong win in virtually any state, red or blue.  Winning for him is primarily in blue states and then only when he spends huge sums on attack ads.  This bodes poorly for him against Obama if he becomes the nominee.  If he really wants to see America saved from imminent collapse and see it turned around he would drop out of the race and leave it for a more effective candidate to take the nomination.

Mitt Romney has been demanding for some time that his competitors get out of the race for the GOP nomination.  First Newt Gingrich and then Rick Santorum were told they needed to drop out so that Romney could wrap up the nomination.  Fortunately neither of them has done so (and it’s too bad a few others who were in the race earlier aren’t still in there fighting, too).

Mitt Romney is revealing his ego, selfishness, and foolishness by staying in the race himself.  If he really cared about America he’d want to do the right thing, which means make sure the best available candidate is the nominee.  And if he were a true leader, he would be willing to do the right thing regardless of the cost to himself.  That means that he would be willing to forsake his vain attempt to win the nomination and allow someone else to win who would have a far better chance of beating President Obama than he does.

About now you Romney fans are tuning me out thinking that I don’t know what I’m talking about because Mitt has this so-called great record to fall back on.  I hate to tell you that his record is pretty lackluster.  In fact, it’s downright lousy. He is not even close to being a conservative and he’s already showing that he’ll go back on his promises.  Recently one of his healthcare advisers said that he plans to keep parts of Obamacare, which is quite different than the promises he’s been making on the campaign trail to repeal it.

Anyone who is paying attention to what’s been happening in the primaries should have noticed that most of the money that he’s spent has been used to buy attack ads against Gingrich and Santorum.  So far that’s about $60 million that Romney’s spent.

Romney has not really done well in most states.  When he wins, he usually does so by slim margins.  Even places where he was supposed to win by wide margins have mostly been slim wins that have only been successful because of purchasing huge blocks of time to run attack ads.  Often the spending is 3 times, 5 times, even 12 times as much money as his competitors spend on their campaigns. Where he’s done well are mostly blue states, not red states.  Let’s face it, Obama will take the blue states in the general election.  And if Romney can’t seal the deal with the voters in the red states for the primaries, he’ll get low voter turnout in the general election and do poorly in red states against Obama.

Even though Romney far outspends his competitors, he has no platform to stand on so he just attacks his competitors hoping to bash them until they are pushed out of the way and he wins.  That won’t work with an Obama campaign that has $1 billion to spend plus has the mainstream media pushing for his re-election, which has to be worth an additional hundreds of millions if not another billion dollars of funding.  Even people at Romney's old company, Bain Capital, don't seem to believe in his abilities as they have been giving to Obama’s re-election campaign.  Romney doesn’t seem to create enthusiasm in anyone.

It’s claimed that Romney’s in the lead, but the lead is a weak one at best, being propped up by the establishment Republicans.  In fact, those in power want him as the nominee so badly that we aren’t even being told complete information about the primary results.  Did you know that Gingrich has more bound delegates than Santorum?  That’s right, Gingrich is second in that delegate count but we don’t hear about it.*  Why?  Could it be because Gingrich is the one candidate with a solid plan to turn the country around?  That makes him a formidable competitor for President Obama.  Certainly the media don’t want the voters to know that.  And Gingrich’s competitor’s don’t either.  They want to focus on other issues and not solutions. 

Obama has successfully taken the focus off of issues where he’s weak, like the economy, and turned it to superficial topics that aren’t even real issues.  When Gingrich came out with a video about the price of gas we heard virtually nothing about it.  Yet in that video he lays out a solid solution to our energy problems and hits Obama so hard on the energy issues we face that Obama looks foolish in comparison.  One journalist said that the film essentially gave Gingrich his first debate win against Obama.

Any of the GOP candidates would be better than Obama.  But we need to choose the best candidate who can turn the country around, not just the person that the establishment Republicans, Democrats and media tell us they want. 

It’s time for voters to take notice of what’s been happening and push hard to force the establishment Republicans who run the Party to drop their push of Romney and start to listen to the 2/3 of the Party who don’t want him as their candidate.

* Delegates are split between bound and unbound.  Most sources quote both bound and unbound totals. But unbound delegates are not obligated to vote for the candidate that won in their state.  Therefore, it is quite possible that those unbound delegates could get to the convention and choose to vote for someone else, throwing the assumed plans of the party into chaos.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Establishment Republicans Are Deaf So Let’s Imagine It’s 2008…

Here’s the Nonsense:  The Republicans are doing everything they can to pick the best nominee to run in the presidential election.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  The establishment Republicans aren’t hearing the message and are headed for a devastating loss because of it.

Imagine that it’s the 2008 primary season and Barack Obama was running for the nomination.  And imagine that he was having trouble winning his primary races by any significant margins in most states.  Just think what it would be like if he had to spend 3, 5, even 10 times as much as his challengers just to win each primary race.  Add to that that he used the vast monies he spent to primarily run vicious attack ads against his Democrat competitors and not talk about substance.  Then we also must realize that he only wins by slim margins, except in a very few states.  Let’s also imagine that he just can’t get the core progressive base of the Democrat Party to embrace his candidacy.  What would his chances be in the general election?  What chance would he have to really hit his competitors so hard that it would give him an automatic chain of victories and set up momentum that could roll him all the way into the White House?

If all that had happened to him in 2008 we would probably not see him as the incumbent right now.  In fact, the Democrats probably would not have embraced him as their nominee in 2008 unless they thought he could really trounce the Republicans.

Now let’s move forward in time to today.  Today we have the establishment Republicans who aren’t objective at all about their favorite candidate.  The establishment Republicans are pushing so hard to get their candidate nominated that they refuse to see the handwriting on the wall. 

What handwriting is that?  It’s the handwriting that says, “It’s the candidate, stupid!”  It’s a message that is saying to them that they are blind if they don’t see that Mitt Romney is going through exactly the same nightmare I just outlined.  Yet no one is listening.

Yes, Mitt Romney impresses some people, but for the most part it’s all the wrong people.  He can’t excite the base of the Republican Party and the longer they wait to wake up to this fact and admit it to themselves, the less chance they have of choosing a nominee who can actually beat Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney, as I’ve said to the point of sounding like a broken record, just won’t be able to cut it against Obama in November.  This isn’t personal.  This isn’t in support of some other candidate.  This is simply a fact.  And unless and until the Republicans accept this fact there will be no chance of them retaking the White House in November.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Have Politicians Who Support Mitt Romney Sold Out The Conservative Cause?

 Here’s the Nonsense: Mitt Romney has proven his conservatism and it shows by the conservative politicians who are supporting him.  Both Romney and those politicians deserve our support.
Here’s the Horse Sense:  Romney is no conservative and you’re fooling yourself if you think he is.  Those politicians who are supporting him need to be held accountable and we should be wary of them because of their lack of sound judgment.
Quite a number of politicians are supporting Mitt Romney.  Some are obvious moderate Republicans (i.e.;  John McCain, George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole) and should not be considered credible by voters when it comes to conservatism.  But some have even been conservative favorites.  Politicians such as Jan Brewer, Nikki Haley, Eric Cantor, etc. have fallen for the fallacy that is Romney's candidacy.  Their support for Mr. Romney is giving some voters pause and making them wonder if they should support these candidates any longer.  The answer might very well be no. (I‘ve spoken at length in previous posts about the fallacy that is being put out there that Romney is a conservative.  You can click here and here and here to see some of that information.)
By choosing to endorse Mitt Romney these politicians have shown their lack of ability to truly understand the problems our nation faces.   They have revealed their lack discernment and for voters that should be a warning sign.
Their choosing to support Romney shows us that they either:
  1. Aren’t committed to true conservative principles or don’t know how to discern who is a true conservative.
  2. Have decided that they are more interested in furthering their career than what’s best for the nation and have chosen to support him because if he’s elected they want a position in his administration or want favors from his administration.
  3. Have sold out their conservative values to repay a contribution or endorsement Romney gave them in the past.
  4. They’ve fallen for the misnomer that they need to support a candidate who is in the “middle” so that the independent voters can be attracted which will thereby assure a Republican victory in the general election.

Sadly it is very possible that some of the very candidates who conservatives have elected and supported as conservatives may not really be conservative.  Politicians are often quite dangerous and deceptive animals.  They are like chameleons in their ability to blend in with people to make them think they are like them.  It is quite possible that some of these politicians are starting to show their true colors and now it is time for conservative voters to make it clear to them that they either need to both embrace conservative principles and move away from supporting moderate candidates or they will lose their support.  

Even some conservative candidates who have been elected to office will sell out their principles as they get drawn into the world of elected power.  The temptation is huge and many will fall to it.  The idea that they can get a position or favors in return for support of a candidate is often too tempting to pass up.  These politicians, too, must be warned that they have a choice between the support of the electorate in return for standing for conservative principles or they will be thrown to the side and will be replaced.  There can be no compromise and accountability must be the byword if the voters are to take back our country, stop it from collapse and turn it around.  We must be ever watchful.

Quite similarly, some will have fallen for the trap of repaying a contribution for support in an election.  We do not need favors.  We must be people who stand for what is right.  The only basis for support should be the strength of character and adherence to conservative principles.  Contrary to what Mitt Romney and others practice, there cannot be an attitude of “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine.”

And what has recently begun to invade the thinking of even some conservatives is the mindset held by the moderates in the Republican establishment.  That is that to win the election we must have a candidate who is more to the middle so we can attract independent voters.  This mindset has been prevalent for decades.  And it has been a very poor method for success.  When Republicans hold true to conservative positions and values they win more elections.  

The moderate Republican establishment, which are by no means conservative, have fought against the Ronald Reagan’s in the party and pushed candidates like Bob Dole, John McCain, and now Mitt Romney.  Even George H. W. Bush was moderate and only got elected to his first term because he had been Reagan’s vice president.  When it became clear what he was he was quickly rejected for a second term.  His son, George W. Bush, was an exception.  Mostly because the country was tired of the lack of integrity of the Clinton years and didn’t want to continue it with the mannequin Al Gore so they chose their only other choice, George W. Bush.  The two biggest reasons for Bush’s re-election was that the Democrats ran John Kerry, who the American public saw as out of touch with the people, and we were at war and it is rare for the American people to abandon a president during a war.

But back to the issue at hand.  The idea that the independents are moderate is a fallacy promoted by the left and by the moderate Republican establishment.  The fact is that the independents are made up of two groups.  There are a group of moderates and even hardcore leftists in the independent ranks.  Many of them would be part of the Occupy Movement.  But what everyone seems to be missing or ignoring is that there is a distinct and significant second group within the independents.  Those are the conservatives.  They are the people who got fed up with the Republican Party and left because they realized that the establishment Republicans are taking this country on the same path as the Democrats, they’re just not getting there as quickly.  The Democrats are on a jet and the establishment Republicans are on a train.  Left alone they’ll both get there, but the Democrats will just do it more quickly.

Those independents who are conservative left the party at various times.  Some, like myself, left long ago.  Personally I left during the 1990s when I realized what the establishment Republicans really were.  Others have left more recently, many of whom joined groups like the Tea Party to fight to save America but refused to be co-opted by the Republicans.  We realize that our best chance at this point is to get candidates in the Republican Party. The Democrats are so far gone that it is hopeless to think they would embrace core conservative principles that conservative voters could embrace in good conscience.

But, you ask, what do we do if our only choice is a candidate that seems to have sold out?  We hold them accountable, look for good people to run in their place, and move forward.  This is a long, slow process.  There will be some setbacks at times.  There will be times when things seem stagnant and nothing is happening.  But if we work hard there will be more times of success and we can continue to move America forward by moving her back to what she once was and once again return to the American Dream.

Just because some so-called conservatives support a candidate like Mitt Romney doesn’t mean those candidates are acceptable.  Even conservatives will at times get off track in choosing a candidate. This is why it’s important not to trust an endorsement or someone else’s opinion.  It is important that we each individually do our homework and make sure we are supporting the right kind of candidates.