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Monday, March 5, 2012

Have Politicians Who Support Mitt Romney Sold Out The Conservative Cause?

 Here’s the Nonsense: Mitt Romney has proven his conservatism and it shows by the conservative politicians who are supporting him.  Both Romney and those politicians deserve our support.
Here’s the Horse Sense:  Romney is no conservative and you’re fooling yourself if you think he is.  Those politicians who are supporting him need to be held accountable and we should be wary of them because of their lack of sound judgment.
Quite a number of politicians are supporting Mitt Romney.  Some are obvious moderate Republicans (i.e.;  John McCain, George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole) and should not be considered credible by voters when it comes to conservatism.  But some have even been conservative favorites.  Politicians such as Jan Brewer, Nikki Haley, Eric Cantor, etc. have fallen for the fallacy that is Romney's candidacy.  Their support for Mr. Romney is giving some voters pause and making them wonder if they should support these candidates any longer.  The answer might very well be no. (I‘ve spoken at length in previous posts about the fallacy that is being put out there that Romney is a conservative.  You can click here and here and here to see some of that information.)
By choosing to endorse Mitt Romney these politicians have shown their lack of ability to truly understand the problems our nation faces.   They have revealed their lack discernment and for voters that should be a warning sign.
Their choosing to support Romney shows us that they either:
  1. Aren’t committed to true conservative principles or don’t know how to discern who is a true conservative.
  2. Have decided that they are more interested in furthering their career than what’s best for the nation and have chosen to support him because if he’s elected they want a position in his administration or want favors from his administration.
  3. Have sold out their conservative values to repay a contribution or endorsement Romney gave them in the past.
  4. They’ve fallen for the misnomer that they need to support a candidate who is in the “middle” so that the independent voters can be attracted which will thereby assure a Republican victory in the general election.

Sadly it is very possible that some of the very candidates who conservatives have elected and supported as conservatives may not really be conservative.  Politicians are often quite dangerous and deceptive animals.  They are like chameleons in their ability to blend in with people to make them think they are like them.  It is quite possible that some of these politicians are starting to show their true colors and now it is time for conservative voters to make it clear to them that they either need to both embrace conservative principles and move away from supporting moderate candidates or they will lose their support.  

Even some conservative candidates who have been elected to office will sell out their principles as they get drawn into the world of elected power.  The temptation is huge and many will fall to it.  The idea that they can get a position or favors in return for support of a candidate is often too tempting to pass up.  These politicians, too, must be warned that they have a choice between the support of the electorate in return for standing for conservative principles or they will be thrown to the side and will be replaced.  There can be no compromise and accountability must be the byword if the voters are to take back our country, stop it from collapse and turn it around.  We must be ever watchful.

Quite similarly, some will have fallen for the trap of repaying a contribution for support in an election.  We do not need favors.  We must be people who stand for what is right.  The only basis for support should be the strength of character and adherence to conservative principles.  Contrary to what Mitt Romney and others practice, there cannot be an attitude of “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine.”

And what has recently begun to invade the thinking of even some conservatives is the mindset held by the moderates in the Republican establishment.  That is that to win the election we must have a candidate who is more to the middle so we can attract independent voters.  This mindset has been prevalent for decades.  And it has been a very poor method for success.  When Republicans hold true to conservative positions and values they win more elections.  

The moderate Republican establishment, which are by no means conservative, have fought against the Ronald Reagan’s in the party and pushed candidates like Bob Dole, John McCain, and now Mitt Romney.  Even George H. W. Bush was moderate and only got elected to his first term because he had been Reagan’s vice president.  When it became clear what he was he was quickly rejected for a second term.  His son, George W. Bush, was an exception.  Mostly because the country was tired of the lack of integrity of the Clinton years and didn’t want to continue it with the mannequin Al Gore so they chose their only other choice, George W. Bush.  The two biggest reasons for Bush’s re-election was that the Democrats ran John Kerry, who the American public saw as out of touch with the people, and we were at war and it is rare for the American people to abandon a president during a war.

But back to the issue at hand.  The idea that the independents are moderate is a fallacy promoted by the left and by the moderate Republican establishment.  The fact is that the independents are made up of two groups.  There are a group of moderates and even hardcore leftists in the independent ranks.  Many of them would be part of the Occupy Movement.  But what everyone seems to be missing or ignoring is that there is a distinct and significant second group within the independents.  Those are the conservatives.  They are the people who got fed up with the Republican Party and left because they realized that the establishment Republicans are taking this country on the same path as the Democrats, they’re just not getting there as quickly.  The Democrats are on a jet and the establishment Republicans are on a train.  Left alone they’ll both get there, but the Democrats will just do it more quickly.

Those independents who are conservative left the party at various times.  Some, like myself, left long ago.  Personally I left during the 1990s when I realized what the establishment Republicans really were.  Others have left more recently, many of whom joined groups like the Tea Party to fight to save America but refused to be co-opted by the Republicans.  We realize that our best chance at this point is to get candidates in the Republican Party. The Democrats are so far gone that it is hopeless to think they would embrace core conservative principles that conservative voters could embrace in good conscience.

But, you ask, what do we do if our only choice is a candidate that seems to have sold out?  We hold them accountable, look for good people to run in their place, and move forward.  This is a long, slow process.  There will be some setbacks at times.  There will be times when things seem stagnant and nothing is happening.  But if we work hard there will be more times of success and we can continue to move America forward by moving her back to what she once was and once again return to the American Dream.

Just because some so-called conservatives support a candidate like Mitt Romney doesn’t mean those candidates are acceptable.  Even conservatives will at times get off track in choosing a candidate. This is why it’s important not to trust an endorsement or someone else’s opinion.  It is important that we each individually do our homework and make sure we are supporting the right kind of candidates.