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Monday, March 26, 2012

Jeb Bush Shows His True Colors While Making Recommendation That Will Cost The GOP The 2012 Election

Here’s the Nonsense:  Jeb Bush is the best person to listen to regarding the GOP primary race.  He knows what should be done to assure victory.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Jeb Bush showed his true colors this past week.  Any thinking conservative Republican or Independent should be wary of his advice.  His answers regarding the GOP primary race are a plan for disaster.

This past week Jeb Bush called on Mitt Romney’s competitor’s for the GOP nomination to drop out of the race and support Romney’s candidacy.  According to an article by Salena Zito in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, GOP strategist Bruce Haynes said that Bush’s statement was “…literally the sound of the referee’s whistle calling the game to an end.”  The article also quoted Haynes as saying, “"When you have New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, it makes Republican ears perk up."

So someone who obviously supports Romney has said that Bush’s statement is “literally the sound of the referee’s whistle calling the game to an end.”  Since when is Jeb Bush the referee of the GOP nomination process?  Who elected him to such a position?  In fact, who created that position while GOP voters weren’t looking?  Jeb Bush is no more a spokesman or referee for the GOP contest than anyone else.

And when Haynes says that Chris Christie and Jeb Bush make Republican ears perk up, he’s wrong.  It makes some Republican ears stand up, namely the ears of the establishment Republicans who are moderates and even liberals, not conservative Republicans.  Those two men may be good men who have some good things to offer, but they are far from icons of conservatism.

The establishment Republicans want us to believe that they are conservative and that Mitt Romney is conservative.  They want voters to just be quiet, sit down, fold their hands, and support their choice for the candidate of the GOP, namely Mitt Romney.  

The primary process is about the voice of the people and not about a favorite of the establishment Republicans.  No individual or group of individuals has any right to dictate who will be the candidate.  The last time I checked this was still America and voters were still supposed to be expressing their views through a process that would determine who they wanted as nominee.  Nowhere in that do I see that a select group is to make that determination.

Let’s listen a little more to Governor Bush to see how well we can trust his judgment.  Elsewhere in the article Bush was quoted as saying that Marco Rubio should be the Vice Presidential running mate for Romney because "He is the best orator of American politics today, a good family man. He is not only a consistent conservative, but he has managed to find a way to communicate a conservative message full of hope and optimism."

Let me start by saying that I think Marco Rubio is a wonderful Senator and highly qualified for many leadership positions within our government.  But this column is about Jeb Bush and what he said.  

I’ve wondered for some time if there could be any truth to the claim that Jeb Bush is a conservative, unlike his father and brother.  When I read that he said Marco Rubio “has managed to find a way to communicate a conservative message full of hope and optimism” I knew right away that this shows where Bush really stands.  Jeb Bush is about as conservative as his compassionate conservative brother George W.  

Bush might be a good man and have some conservative tendencies, but what he said shows that he doesn't understand that the entire conservative message is entirely about hope and optimism.  No one has to find a way to communicate it as such.  If he doesn’t understand that he isn’t a conservative.  Where do you find more hope than in a message of freedom, individualism, and opportunity that seeks for every man and woman to be their best and accomplish their greatness?

The article also tells us that “Experts predict Bush's endorsement will signal other top Republicans to follow.”  What top Republicans other than the moderates and liberals in the establishment?  I know of a lot of conservative Republicans who will only see this as someone in the establishment getting behind someone else in the establishment.  Gee, that’s a real Republican altar call, isn’t it?  This is nothing but a strong-arm tactic to try to get the conservatives who continue to reject Romney over and over again to shut up and go along with the program the establishment has chosen for the party.

The fact is that Romney has very little chance of winning the general election for many, many reasons that I’ve talked about for months.  The establishment Republicans still try to strong-arm candidates to get out of the race and push voters to give up on their chosen candidates even though about 2/3 of the voters continually reject Mitt Romney.  The establishment refuses to see that Romney puts the GOP in a position of great weakness.

The Pew Research Center did a survey from March 15-18 that shows Romney is mostly rejected by Republican voters.  When asked to give a one word description of Romney the single most common answer was “No/No Way” followed by “Rich.”  Here’s a list of the responses they published and the number of times each answer was given:

What one word describes your impression of Mitt Romney:*
31  No/No Way
30  Rich
19  Good
18  Mormon
15  Moderate
11  Business
11  Flip-flopper
11  Idiot
11  Possibility
10  Untrustworthy
9    Arrogant
9    Candidate
9    Conservative
9    Not sure
9    OK
8    Crook
8    Fake
8    Likeable
8    President
8    Out of touch
8    Wealthy
7    Electable
7    Liar
This poll should make the establishment Republican Party very concerned about their candidate of choice.  We’ve seen consistently that Romney can’t close the deal to win over conservatives.  This poll reinforces why. 

The reasons go on and on as to why Romney is the worst choice to beat Obama in the general election.  But maybe the most glaring is healthcare.  The fact that one of Romney's healthcare aides has admitted that Romney has no plan to repeal Obamacare, only parts of it and he plans to keep other parts is in direct contradiction to what he says on the campaign trail.  Which one is the truth?  And Obama is already on the campaign trail saying he doesn’t understand how Romney can claim that Romneycare is any different than Obamacare since they used Romneycare as the model for Obamacare, and three of Romney’s aides went to the White House 12 different times to help them put it together (and that has been confirmed in the White House visitor logs).

If the GOP want to have a chance at winning the general election they need to get serious about choosing a conservative candidate and not a moderate like Romney.  When the GOP chooses conservatives as candidates they win more elections.  It’s that simple.

*(Figures show actual number of respondents who offered each response; these numbers are not percentages.  Current responses shown for seven or more mentions; see website by clicking here to get more info.)