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Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Mitt Romney Should Drop Out Of The Race

Here’s the Nonsense:  Mitt Romney has more delegates so the other candidates should drop out of the race.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Mitt Romney may currently have more delegates than the other candidates, but if he truly cares about America he will drop out of the race and get out of the way for a candidate who has a chance to win over Obama.

Mitt Romney has not been able to get a strong win in virtually any state, red or blue.  Winning for him is primarily in blue states and then only when he spends huge sums on attack ads.  This bodes poorly for him against Obama if he becomes the nominee.  If he really wants to see America saved from imminent collapse and see it turned around he would drop out of the race and leave it for a more effective candidate to take the nomination.

Mitt Romney has been demanding for some time that his competitors get out of the race for the GOP nomination.  First Newt Gingrich and then Rick Santorum were told they needed to drop out so that Romney could wrap up the nomination.  Fortunately neither of them has done so (and it’s too bad a few others who were in the race earlier aren’t still in there fighting, too).

Mitt Romney is revealing his ego, selfishness, and foolishness by staying in the race himself.  If he really cared about America he’d want to do the right thing, which means make sure the best available candidate is the nominee.  And if he were a true leader, he would be willing to do the right thing regardless of the cost to himself.  That means that he would be willing to forsake his vain attempt to win the nomination and allow someone else to win who would have a far better chance of beating President Obama than he does.

About now you Romney fans are tuning me out thinking that I don’t know what I’m talking about because Mitt has this so-called great record to fall back on.  I hate to tell you that his record is pretty lackluster.  In fact, it’s downright lousy. He is not even close to being a conservative and he’s already showing that he’ll go back on his promises.  Recently one of his healthcare advisers said that he plans to keep parts of Obamacare, which is quite different than the promises he’s been making on the campaign trail to repeal it.

Anyone who is paying attention to what’s been happening in the primaries should have noticed that most of the money that he’s spent has been used to buy attack ads against Gingrich and Santorum.  So far that’s about $60 million that Romney’s spent.

Romney has not really done well in most states.  When he wins, he usually does so by slim margins.  Even places where he was supposed to win by wide margins have mostly been slim wins that have only been successful because of purchasing huge blocks of time to run attack ads.  Often the spending is 3 times, 5 times, even 12 times as much money as his competitors spend on their campaigns. Where he’s done well are mostly blue states, not red states.  Let’s face it, Obama will take the blue states in the general election.  And if Romney can’t seal the deal with the voters in the red states for the primaries, he’ll get low voter turnout in the general election and do poorly in red states against Obama.

Even though Romney far outspends his competitors, he has no platform to stand on so he just attacks his competitors hoping to bash them until they are pushed out of the way and he wins.  That won’t work with an Obama campaign that has $1 billion to spend plus has the mainstream media pushing for his re-election, which has to be worth an additional hundreds of millions if not another billion dollars of funding.  Even people at Romney's old company, Bain Capital, don't seem to believe in his abilities as they have been giving to Obama’s re-election campaign.  Romney doesn’t seem to create enthusiasm in anyone.

It’s claimed that Romney’s in the lead, but the lead is a weak one at best, being propped up by the establishment Republicans.  In fact, those in power want him as the nominee so badly that we aren’t even being told complete information about the primary results.  Did you know that Gingrich has more bound delegates than Santorum?  That’s right, Gingrich is second in that delegate count but we don’t hear about it.*  Why?  Could it be because Gingrich is the one candidate with a solid plan to turn the country around?  That makes him a formidable competitor for President Obama.  Certainly the media don’t want the voters to know that.  And Gingrich’s competitor’s don’t either.  They want to focus on other issues and not solutions. 

Obama has successfully taken the focus off of issues where he’s weak, like the economy, and turned it to superficial topics that aren’t even real issues.  When Gingrich came out with a video about the price of gas we heard virtually nothing about it.  Yet in that video he lays out a solid solution to our energy problems and hits Obama so hard on the energy issues we face that Obama looks foolish in comparison.  One journalist said that the film essentially gave Gingrich his first debate win against Obama.

Any of the GOP candidates would be better than Obama.  But we need to choose the best candidate who can turn the country around, not just the person that the establishment Republicans, Democrats and media tell us they want. 

It’s time for voters to take notice of what’s been happening and push hard to force the establishment Republicans who run the Party to drop their push of Romney and start to listen to the 2/3 of the Party who don’t want him as their candidate.

* Delegates are split between bound and unbound.  Most sources quote both bound and unbound totals. But unbound delegates are not obligated to vote for the candidate that won in their state.  Therefore, it is quite possible that those unbound delegates could get to the convention and choose to vote for someone else, throwing the assumed plans of the party into chaos.