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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Obama/Romney Animal Wars

Here’s the Nonsense:  Mitt Romney transporting his dog in its kennel crate on top of his car years ago is proof he hates animals and isn’t fit to lead the nation.
Here’s the Horse Sense:  The Republicans try to counter the attack against Romney by using a childhood experience of President Obama while living in Indonesia as proof he cares even less for animals.  That is not only a poor line of attack, they have a much more important and legitimate animal issue they can use against him and ignore the opportunity.
The Left has attacked Mitt Romney for the story about taking his dog on vacation by putting the dog’s crate on top of the family car.  They are painting a picture of an uncaring human being who doesn’t care about man’s best friend.  The Right have countered by bringing up President Obama’s admission that he ate dog meat as a child in Indonesia while ignoring a legitimate and far larger issue regarding animals and the president. But then again, the Right are the worst fighters on the planet.  Our leaders (I hate to call them leaders when they aren’t qualified to lead anything) seem to think that a winning argument is to give in to the Left on everything in return for hoping that the Left will like them.
Yes, putting his dog on top of his car was nothing short of foolish.  But Mitt has admitted it was not a good idea nd that wouldn’t do it again.  However, to characterize Mitt as some animal hating monster is ridiculous.  There is no evidence of that.
What’s worse is the right using Obama’s experience as a child in another culture as their big counter-attack.  I know it will surprise people, but I agree with PETA who gives the president a pass because he was a child.  He was not in a position to make a decision about the issue and probably didn’t know any better.  After all, not only was he only a child, but he was a child living in a culture where it was an acceptable practice to eat dogs.  That doesn’t make it something to be proud of, but I think it gives him a reasonable excuse.  This time he really can blame someone else and it will be legitimate!
What is sad is that the Right, in their brilliant wisdom (I hope you read those last 3 words with a lot of sarcasm in your voice) chooses the president’s childhood experience as their point of attack instead of looking at important issues. 
What they missed is the administration’s recent approval for a slaughterhouse in New Mexico to start slaughtering horses for human consumption.  As I understand it, in western society it would make the U. S. only the second nation to currently allow it.  It is a sad thing to see the Republicans ignore such an issue and when they have a perfect opportunity to bring it up, they ignore it and choose to run with something as stupid as the president’s actions as a child.
The approval of the New Mexico’s plans to slaughter horses will inevitably be used as a door opener to capture many of the wild horses in the western U. S. and kill them.  Those wild herds are an American iconic image to many of us who are not only horse lovers, but lovers of American history and the western expansion of our nation.  As a horse owner myself who has witnessed those wild herds as they run I have to say that in my mind it is one of the most beautiful and magnificent things I’ve ever seen.  Years ago I even adopted two wild horses and we taught them to trust humans and trained them to ride.  It was quite an experience and gave me an even greater love for them.
Yes, I’m an animal lover.  As a kid I didn’t have pets but as an adult I’ve had 42 animals in my lifetime.  Those included dogs, horses, and cats.  I’m passionate about them because of a list of reasons too long to write here.  Suffice it to say that I find the idea that the president would allow this New Mexico slaughterhouse to kill horses is outrageous.  Surveys of Americans show they are not in favor of this action either.  But that doesn’t matter to the people in Washington.  The iconic image of the wild horses of the American west is a dying image and this action speeds that up. 
With the attitude of the general public prevailing on the side of the animals, the Republicans could easily have used this issue against the president as a comparison to Mitt Romney’s mistake of transporting his dog one time in a kennel crate on top of his car.  It would be far more effective and would easily point out yet another inconsistency and hypocrisy of this administration.  That’s how you win a fight.