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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rest In Peace Chuck Colson

There is no "nonsense and horse sense" in this post.  This is simply to say farewell to a great American.

Chuck Colson made a mark in history by being involved on the wrong side of the Watergate scandal under President Nixon.  And for that he served a prison sentence.  For most people, that would be the end of their impact in history and they would end their lives with that blemish being the most notable remembrance of their lives.

But not Chuck Colson.  He went from being a political insider in Washington whose life became so committed to politics that he compromised himself and ended up in prison, to a life that is a testimony to the power of redemption.

While in prison Chuck Colson found himself face to face with what he'd done.  He turned inward and upward and looked to God for forgiveness and hope.  He became a changed man and through his weakness and failure came a new man that God recreated to be more effective than any of us can imagine.  He founded Prison Fellowship and began reaching out to inmates and their families.  His organization has been so effective at turning lives around that it would take a book (or maybe two or three) to cover all it's accomplished.

When Prison Fellowship gets involved with prisoners the number of those who become repeat offenders drops dramatically.  About half of released inmates return to jail or prison within 3 years.  But a result of the effectiveness of Prison Fellowship's programs is Texas, where they decided to make a change a few years ago and Prison Fellowship came in to work in many of the prisons.  For two years before their release and one year afterwards Prison Fellowship works with inmates to help them learn a moral compass.  Those values are based on biblical principles.  The result has been that only 8% were re-incarcerated after two years from their release date.

That is a pretty remarkable record.  And it started with Chuck Colson making a terrible mistake and finding redemption.  His life turned around and what he did with that gift of redemption has left a legacy that few could ever come close to matching.

Chuck Colson has passed from this life and now stands before God.  I am pretty sure he's hearing God say, "Well done faithful servant."

Rest in peace Chuck Colson.