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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Romneyconomy: What Mitt Needs To Do To Win

Here’s the Nonsense:  Mitt Romney is the most effective candidate against Obama.  The election is clearly his and Obama will be hard pressed to win against him.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Romney needs a clear plan to win against Obama.  What he’s done in the primaries won’t work for him in the general election.

The Republican establishment feels that Romney is the best man to beat President Obama in the upcoming election.  While I don’t agree with that view, it does appear that Romney will be the nominee.  Romney’s campaign has not showed us yet that they have a winning strategy against Obama. 

To date all they’ve really done is compete with other Republicans.  They’ve done so not by articulating a clear plan to fix what ails America.  Rather, they’ve simply grossly outspent their competitors and used that money to beat them down with attack ads.  Now those of you reading this may not like what I’m saying, but the facts are the facts.  And if Mitt and his campaign think they can win by doing the same to Obama then they’re in for a rude awakening.  They need a clear plan to win.  And I can give it to them in very simple terms right here.

I will admit that lately Mitt has done some very good things in his campaign, such as recently stating about the Keystone pipeline that he’d build it himself if he had to.  That kind of talk is exactly what people want to hear.  They want to hear Mitt Romney’s entrepreneurial spirit that will tackle a problem and make it work even if he has to handle the small details himself.  When a candidate does that people want to stand up and cheer and then follow them to victory.

Republicans are known for letting the Democrats control the debate.  They let the Democrats keep them on the ropes and they are always trying to defend from a Democrat attack.  Those are the same methods Romney used against Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.  Mitt Romney cannot use those against Obama because the American people will already hear that stuff from Obama.  And Obama will have far more money to spend and also have the media backing him which will put Romney in the same position against Obama that Gingrich and Santorum were against him in the primaries.   Romney needs to deflect those attacks by addressing the serious ones quickly and succinctly and then dropping the topic and moving back to his strengths and that will weaken the effectiveness of those attacks.

But even more importantly, Romney needs to remember that there is no doubt that the economy is the number one issue that Americans are focusing on.  Mitt needs to stake his claim to victory in this election by articulating clearly and succinctly exactly what he will do to turn this economy around. 

Ronald Reagan is known for Reaganomics and its huge success.  Barack Obama’s Obamanomics is a huge disaster that not only gives Obama no record to stand on, but gives him a record he has to run from.  Mitt Romney needs to lay claim to how he can fix the economy and he will be known for the “Romneyconomy.”  Once that is compared to the failure of Obamanomics the election will be Romney’s to lose.