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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Has Romney Been Underestimated?

Here’s the Nonsense:  We know everything we need to know to figure out who has the best chance to win the November election.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Whenever we think we have enough information to make a good prediction of November’s election something happens and undermines the prediction.  It’s just happened again.

Up until now it’s been assumed that Mitt Romney has an uphill fight in this election because President Obama will have $1 billion to spend on his campaign, plus have the news media backing him and slanting everything they can to his favor, which is easily worth at least a few hundred million dollars in advertising and probably even more.  But now we learn that Mitt Romney, who outspent his competitors in the primaries by dramatic margins, may just be able to do the same against Barack Obama.  Romney may have been underestimated.

As the establishment Republicans and conservative Republicans are coalescing around Romney as the candidate interesting things are happening.  What was once thought to be an uphill battle to raise even half the money that Obama will have has become a formidable juggernaut moving to put Romney over the top and into the White House.  Super PACs and donors supporting Republicans are now committed to break all records and finance what’s needed for victory.  Combined the donors and Super PACs have a plan to spend $1 billion on behalf of Romney in addition to another $800 million that the Romney campaign itself is planning on for the election contest.  This changes the entire race.

Recent reports say that the Obama campaign is having trouble raising the money they thought they would.  While many on the right are delighted to hear of those struggles, the fact is that it’s a long way to election day.  The ideologues on the left still have plenty of time to act and will not easily give in to a loss.    

However, with the Republicans now planning on spending this kind of money it means that Romney will be able to spend as much or more than Obama on his campaign.  When that happens much of what determines the election results are how effective the negative campaign ads are, a candidate’s record, and a candidate’s rapport with the voters. 

Certainly both Obama and Romney are experts at negative advertising.  It’s the trademark of the Democrats and Obama’s campaigns are notorious for it.  And Romney has proven by his ads during the primaries against other Republicans that he can get extremely negative, too.  With this kind of money flowing around there’s no doubt that we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg yet when it comes to negativity. 

As for a candidate’s record, Obama has nothing positive to stand on.  His presidency is a disaster and the public knows it.  Romney, on the other hand, will focus on selling his business successes as his record, not his political achievements.  And his business successes are many and quite worth noting.  Romney has the definite edge in this area.

When it comes to rapport with the voters it boils down to who has the most in common with them that causes them to feel the most rapport.  Romney also wins this hands down.  While Obama tries to portray himself as a regular guy the fact is that he went to high-priced exclusive private schools from the time he returned from Indonesia in sixth grade.  He has spent his life in elite, but radical, social relationships.  His is not the life of the average American.  Romney, on the other hand, while he came from wealth he did not get his personal wealth from his family.  Rather, he worked hard and earned it himself.  While he may be wealthy today, it is the result of his personal hard work.  That is something that most Americans admire.  They can relate to gaining reward for hard work.  While they may not personally live the lifestyle that Mitt’s success has accorded him, they can understand he has lived the American Dream and they appreciate that.

Contrary to what Obama wants people to believe, most Americans don’t resent someone else’s success.  They appreciate it.  They admire it.  And they might even envy it a bit, too.  That makes Mitt Romney the kind of guy that many people would see as a role model for their children.  And that's something this country desperately needs in our leaders.

We shouldn't underestimate the ability of Obama to pull off a November victory.  But the good news is that it looks like this might be a far more even fight than was originally thought.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Conservatives Don't Get It

Here’s the Nonsense:  If we tackle the arguments of the left head on, take no prisoners, and hammer away with conservative solutions we will win the arguments against the left and people will see the difference and be won over.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  All the good arguments in the world won’t win many voters.  Empathy and showing them a complete step by step plan to achieve successful solutions will open the door to get people to listen much faster and more effectively than any well articulated argument.

For many years the electorate has been split in this country.  Roughly 40% blindly vote Democrat and another roughly 40% blindly vote Republican.  The remaining 20% decide the elections.  And those 20% will most likely never embrace a party no matter what either party does.  After all these years of arguing and fighting back and forth between the parties, the voters are pretty much where they’ve been all along.  Why has one side not proven their point well enough to move voters from one side to the other?  I think I have figured out the answer.

Recently I was on a radio talk show and we were discussing and debating the 2012 election and what’s happening in the country.  We were also taking calls from listeners. 

A call came in from Tom, a Democrat and a guy who sounded fairly educated about the issues being discussed.  His concern, like most people’s these days, is the economy.  He’s disenchanted that the Democrat’s solutions have not worked and he sounded like he’d like to find a better answer.  He was slightly receptive to the ideas that the conservative wing of the Republican Party have promoted.  He sees the establishment Republicans as being just like Democrats in supporting big government and too much spending (and he’s right).  But he sees conservatives talk about serious spending cuts and he knows that in his personal life that’s what he has to do when he can’t afford his lifestyle.  Clearly Tom is figuring out the real cause of our nation's problem is spending, not income.

But Tom reopened my eyes to something I learned many years ago.  After over 37 years owning businesses and running businesses for other people I’ve learned a thing or two about the economics of business.  And it’s the same as the economics for your family or the economics of a nation.  You have to bring in more than you spend.  Tom sees that.  But Tom fears that supporting a conservative candidate would bring something else he is not prepared to accept.  While his fears are unfounded, I realized in listening to him what I’d learned long ago.  We conservatives need to learn to sincerely listen and then provide a complete answer so that people can understand not just where we intend to go, but how we intend to get there.

Tom sees conservatives as understanding that we must cut spending.  He accepts that it is hard medicine but if we don’t do it we won’t survive.  But he is skeptical of conservatives because they talk about the solution being spending cuts, but they don’t articulate a specific plan that helps those who currently aren’t doing well.  He said that the average person does not have a Super PAC to speak for them.  The average person has to accept what the wealthy people in control on both sides of the aisle do in government.  He said that he needs to know that the conservatives don’t plan to get into office and just cut off every program and policy overnight that help people.  He wants to know that there is a plan to get people from where they are today to where they can be self-sufficient.  Because, he fears, too many people will be left along the roadside as discarded trash.  There has to be a process to get them from dependence to self-sufficiency.  Otherwise the fear is too great and they will not change their allegiance to the Democrat Party.

Those are pretty serious thoughts, but they’re also extremely important.  We are experts at articulating arguments to win the debate, but not at articulating a persuasive argument to get people to support our side.  It’s easy for Democrats because they keep offering handouts and people will always take the freebie.  When you’re in the mall and one store is giving away free samples in front of their store guess where people go?  We like free stuff.

It takes real persuasion to get people to understand why they should change their allegiance.  It’s not done by a louder voice in a fight or just a good argument.  It’s done by showing compassion by presenting a step by step plan that shows people how their life will get better and their future will be brighter for them and their families.

Conservatives are often so “sure” of their position that they won’t listen to the other side.  You and I may have dealt with these discussions and debates a thousand times, but to any individual it may be their first time to really have a discussion.  We must be open to hear them and sincerely listen to their concerns, their fears, their desires, their dreams.

Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” In my first book, You Sold Me at Hello:  How to Get People to Buy Without Being a Salesman, I wrote about the importance of learning to listen more than speak in a business situation when you are with a customer. The idea behind this practice is to gain useful information; it does not mean you have to agree with everything being said. You don’t open communication if you don’t have understanding.

Tom was looking for answers.  But what typically happens when someone on the left raises a sincere question is they get an argument.  We’re ready for the fight.  We’re ready to knock ‘em out cold and parade around the proverbial ring as the champion knowing we won another argument.  We’re only interested in arguing the other person into submission.  This is common on both sides of the aisle.

Yes, the left usually argues through personal attacks and false claims that have no substance.  They try intimidation and to make the right look foolish hoping they can embarrass them and destroy their credibility.  President Obama is a perfect example of this.  Remember when he made fun of Arizona’s concern about the illegal aliens overrunning their border?  Instead of trying to understand the problem and do his job, which is to get the federal government to look for ways to work with the states for solutions to problems (regardless of which party is in power in that state), he chose to try to belittle them and their problems even joking that they were being too extreme and the next thing they’d probably want is a moat with alligators to keep people from crossing the border illegally. 

The right might use a lot of facts for their arguments, but they are no better about their argumentative attitudes.  Sure, it might make for good ratings on radio or TV, but does it make for converts?  Does either side really think the screaming and yelling and arguments are really changing anything?  If they do then they’re not paying attention.  All those tactics do is alienate people.

If our goal is to fix this country, if our goal is to save this country from the imminent collapse that we face, then we must start to have discussions like this caller was trying to have.  We must articulate clearly, concisely, and sincerely what our plan is to get to our stated goals.  If we need to cut spending so that our nation can live within its means then we must stop always using sound bytes and begin to use true teaching methods to reach people.  Ask any good teacher how effective they could be at teaching if they only were allowed to teach in sound bytes.  Any good teacher would tell you that you can’t teach much and you can’t teach well without a serious conversation, and sound bytes does not allow that.

With the open mind that Tom had it was apparent that he’s very receptive to hearing why conservatives feel their arguments would work and the plan to achieve their goals.  But part of that conversation has to go beyond telling him what the final goal of less spending would achieve.  He has to understand that people on the right do care about all of the citizens, especially the ones in need.  He has to hear a plan that shows him that change would be a process that would not just abandon those people.  Rather, it would be a process that would help those people each step of the way so they can learn to be self-sufficient.  He has to know that his friends, family, neighbors, even that he himself will not be left on the side of the road while the rest of society passes them by to attain a better America with more opportunity.

That caller clearly saw that something is wrong in the model the left has to offer and he’s tired of it.  But he is having a hard time understanding that people on the right care about what happens to people like him.  We not only have to tell him, we have to show him.  We must articulate the plans clearly and be open to questions so that he can learn.  Once he grasps what the right has to offer compared to the failed policies he’s supported in the past that have failed him, he will embrace it and become a bigger advocate for what we have to offer than anyone could imagine.

I’m a pundit and am around these arguments between the left and right all the time.  I can tell you that very few of them get this point.  Very few of them understand that it’s not about being the most famous and popular guest on a radio or TV program or having the program with the highest ratings.  It doesn’t matter how big their ratings are if America collapses.  Rather, it’s about winning people for the conservative cause so that we really can turn America around and return to the American Dream.  

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the average guy on the street or have some platform like a talk show, this is about saving our future.  Are you winning people over through persuasion or just trying to win an argument?  If conservative values and beliefs mean anything to you then you have to desire to win people over.  If you don’t, then you really don’t get it. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

To Mitt Romney: John McCain Is The Wrong Role Model

Here’s the Nonsense:  To win the election, Mitt Romney needs to follow John McCain’s example and not use facts about Obama’s background against him.  He must remain a gentleman to keep the respect of voters. 

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Mitt Romney has chosen to use John McCain’s game plan to try to win the election.  Why would you choose a losing strategy?  It’s time for Romney to wake up, take the gloves off, and get serious about winning this election.

Support has grown for Mitt Romney as people are put their differences behind them to focus on winning the general election.  Among them is one Super PAC that wants to run advertisements educating the public about Barack Obama’s background, specifically Jeremiah Wright.  

Their reasoning is that since Obama was never vetted in the 2008 election, the public never really learned who he was.  They want to backtrack a bit and educate people who this man is so they have a clear picture to consider during the election.  But Romney will have none of it.

Romney prefers to choose a role model for his campaign like John McCain who, in the 2008 election, would not talk about Obama’s background.  And, as we all know, McCain lost in a bloodbath and this was one of the acts of sheer stupidity that caused it. 

Barack Obama will have no problem using personal attacks against his competitor.  His history shows us he’s more than willing to do so, even when the things his campaign and supporters are saying aren’t accurate or true.  For him it’s win at all costs.  Destroy their credibility by attacking them using a whole bunch of fiction mixed with a little bit of fact to make it sound plausible and make sure to outspend them so that they can't fight back.  Then the competitor's credibility with voters is gone.  Once the competition is knocked down it’s simple to win.

Mitt Romney fully understands those kinds of tactics.  After all, he used them against his GOP competitors in the primaries, often bashing them with attack ads and spending up to 12 times as much money as they did so that he could win the primaries.  There was no hesitation whatsoever in running attack after attack against other Republicans.  

But now he prefers to use McCain’s methods of losing against Obama.  He’s got history from the most recent presidential election against THE SAME competitor showing him what will happen and he still embraces it.  I guess he’s forgotten the old adage that nice guys finish last.

Now I’m not suggesting he use fiction, twisted truths, or as I prefer to call them, lies, to win.  But there is so much truth out there that he can use to inform and educate the public that between the president’s record during his first 3 years in office and adding the knowledge of who he truly is should make the election a slam dunk.

But it seems that Mitt Romney either wants to go down in history with the likes of Bob Dole and John McCain as a loser in the general election, or he simply has decided for some reason to take a dive and lose the election and knows that this tactic will guarantee it.

Nothing would be worse for voters than to end up supporting a candidate that doesn’t have the desire to win.

John McCain may be a war hero, but he’s no hero in winning presidential elections.  The establishment GOP needs to learn that they don’t have the formula for success.  They have people who think that a candidate like Romney can win because he’s a rich businessman, but they ignore his weak record in politics with his history of left-leaning policies and performance.  That alone makes this a tough election fight.  Then to weaken his chances they make it even more difficult to win by adopting the idea that they should not allow their supporters to run ads that are simply stating the truth about his competitor. 

There is a word for people like this:  fool.  It’s a good word.  A simple word.  An easy word that even a child can understand.  But these advisors and consultants giving Romney this advice aren’t smart enough to understand it.

The next thing they will do is make sure they choose a vice presidential running mate that is another moderate instead of a true conservative thereby making sure they lose their appeal to independents and conservatives.

The establishment Republicans are experts at losing elections.  When the party embraces true conservative positions they win most races.  But when they decide to pander to the center and center-left they are doing nothing to help their party and, worse, their country. 

On Sunday, May 20, 2012 on Fox News Sunday it was reported that a breakdown of where the Obama campaign stood compared to Romney’s campaign showed Obama in the clear lead to win the election.  They reminded viewers that it takes 270 electoral votes to win the White House.  The map they showed and commentary along with it said that Obama currently controls enough states to give him 290 electoral votes.  A Republican spokesman commented that the data was collected for information on some states had changed since it was gathered for this example.  Therefore, he pointed out, that a couple of states were more likely in play today than being solidly for Obama as they were when the data was collected by Fox.  But being in play does not mean that those states have moved to Romney.

The election is quite a distance off, but this is the most important election in modern American history.  The future of our country stands in the balance.  We have two candidates to choose between.  One is a president who will continue to spend us into oblivion while changing our laws and structure of our country to change citizens’ rights and freedoms to be far more restrictive than they have ever been before.  The challenger is a man who would allow the slowing of the destruction to our nation and buy us some time to still turn it around and save it.  He is not perfect, but he would give us a fighting chance.

Mitt Romney needs to understand that this is the fight of our lifetime.  This is the last chance we have to stop the collapse of our nation and save the American Dream for our children.  It must start with this election because if it doesn’t we won’t get a second chance. 

It’s time to get serious, take the gloves off, and fight to save this nation.  Mitt Romney needs to quit listening to the consultants that give the same kind of advice they gave John McCain and start listening to strong conservative voices that can guide him to solid victory. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Does The Treatment Of Obama’s Illegal Alien Half-Uncle Represent The Real Problem With Immigration?

Here’s the Nonsense:  President Obama’s half-uncle should get special treatment.  He’s related to the president and is entitled to that treatment.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  The treatment of President Obama’s relative may or may not be special, but the real problem with immigration is not about that.

The Boston Herald is reporting that Onyango Obama, the half-uncle of President Obama, has gotten his drivers license back after a suspension for drunk driving.  Onyango Obama lives in Massachusetts as an illegal alien.  (Massachusetts does not check immigration status when issuing drivers licenses.)  A deportation order was issued in 1992 for him because he did not renew his visa.  Somehow he’s still here.  He lives openly in this country and even has a social security number.

Onyango’s attorney says they are fighting the deportation order and expect it to take years.  It is believed that they will argue that his returning to Kenya would put him in danger.

So, is he getting special treatment because of who he is related to?  I would say that it doesn’t matter.  The fact is that it represents a much bigger problem, regardless of whether he is receiving special treatment.  (And let’s face it, being related to a president probably does get a person special treatment, whether they should or not.  That’s just the way things work in real life.)

This really is not about the President’s uncle getting some special treatment because of who he is.  Rather, this is about how misguided and poorly run our immigration systems are in this country.  Clearly Obama’s uncle benefited from the lax way the government handles immigration issues, but they did so long before the president was known by anyone of significance in this country Remember, the president has only been in politics a short time, starting long after 1992 when Onyango’s deportation order was issued.

The real question is if a deportation order was issued in 1992, why hasn’t this been dealt with during the past 20 years?  And worse yet, why has Congress done nothing about this type of poor performance of the Immigration Service? 

And worse yet, these types of things are not that unusual for the Immigration Service.  The irony of the President’s family getting the benefit of a poorly run Immigration Service is that it is very clear that the President and his administration don’t really care about immigration issues, other than to leave our borders so porous that our country is left with dangers that it does not need to have.  No wonder the American citizens are fed up. 

But the buck needs to stop where it should.  The Immigration Service may have its problems, but why hasn’t Congress held them accountable?  Why has this problem gotten bigger over the years and not been dealt with?  This is just one more reason why Congress needs big changes.  The elections this year are not just about the presidency.  The elections are about our entire poorly performing government.  As citizens we can stop these kinds of things by electing the right kinds of people. 

Remember that America does not have a king, we have a president who is just one person.  He can do little without Congress behind him.  Having an effective Congress is a way to hold the presidency accountable.  If you want real change in the country you need to have a strong Congress.  That is why it is critical we have change in both the House and Senate.  Some change occurred in 2010, but much more is needed.  Don’t forget that during the last debt ceiling debate only about 2 dozen representatives voted against it.  That means there are hundreds of people in the House that are not doing their job.  After all, the House controls spending.  If they don’t approve it, neither the Senate nor the president can spend the money.

Our nation is about to fall off a cliff financially.  As Senator Coburn said this past week, if we don’t make dramatic changes immediately we face a total meltdown of our financial system.  It’s time to start paying close attention to the House and Senate races, get involved, and make sure we have good, solid candidates that will help get this country back under control. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Elections And The Tea Party

Here’s the Nonsense:  Former Senator Arlen Specter is complaining about the impact conservative groups like the Tea Party are having on elections.  He’s right.  They need to learn to stay in line, move to the left, and compromise if Washington is going to work.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Former Senator Arlen Specter is just like the other Democrats and establishment Republicans in Washington.  He’s out of touch with Americans.  Voters are fed up with the mess politicians have created in Washington and they’re taking America back.

Lately we’re hearing a lot of whining from people like Dick Lugar, Arlen Specter, and Orrin Hatch.  They see the movement of conservatives, much of which is through Tea Party activities, as a threat to the good ol’ boy network of established power in Washington.  Many politicians are feeling the pressure from Tea Party groups. Many more will follow.  The Tea Party is not a protest movement, it’s a revolution and what happened in 2010 was only the beginning.

On Saturday former Senator Arlen Specter said in an interview that the Tea Party is “cannibalizing” the Republican Party.  He went on to express that the challenge to such incumbents as Orrin Hatch is destructive and pleaded with voters to stop the destruction.  Let me respond with a letter to Senator Specter (but you can fill in the name of any Democrat or establishment Republican because they all need to understand this).

Dear Arlen (I thought I’d skip the formality of using titles and just talk to you man to man.), 

I’m not sure why you’re whining about Orrin Hatch and Dick Lugar having problems because of the Tea Party.  After all, you’re a Democrat (Or did you forget about abandoning any principles you may have had by leaving the Republicans to become a Democrat solely to save your Senate seat?) and I’m not sure why the Democrats would care if the Republicans are divided… unless you and others like you are beginning to realize that Americans aren’t just going to hold accountable the Republicans, but everyone in Congress who has helped take this nation from the most prosperous nation on the planet to the most indebted.

Arlen, you’re a perfect example of someone who’s worn out their welcome with Americans to serve in Congress.  The idea that you are now trying to tell Americans that to get rid of Orrin Hatch, or any other politician because of the success of the Tea Party, is a mistake and will hurt government just reinforces those feelings.  Exactly what is it that will be lost by losing people like you, Dick Lugar, and Orrin Hatch? 

Let’s see…. Oh yes, we’ll lose people who have become so used to having their power in Congress that they consider it offensive to have to run again and account to the voters for their record.  They seem to feel that an election is supposed to be a coronation ceremony for them instead of a time of accountability. 

And they’ll have to have to account for the terrible mess they’ve made of our government.

They’ll have to account for taking our nation so far into debt that there’s a very real chance we may never be able to get out of it. 

They’ll have to account for all the children and grandchildren in our nation who will not face a future that’s anywhere near as bright as it was when they took power.  Their chance for the American Dream is gone unless we do something immediately.

Here’s a message to you, Arlen, and all your cronies:  American voters have had it!  America can’t afford you anymore.  You have absolutely no clue about the national debt and what you’ve done to this country.  That brilliant education you got at the University of Pennsylvania and Yale Law School obviously did you no good when it came to understanding something as simple as a budget and debt.

You entered Congress in 1981.  The year-ending 1980, the year prior to your starting your career there, the national debt was over $930 billion which was 33.3% of GDP.  Four decades later, the year ending 2010, the last year you were in Congress, the national debt was over $14 trillion which was 95.1% of GDP. 

Sure, you didn’t run that debt up all by yourself.  And I’m sure somewhere in there we could even show that you probably didn’t vote for every single increase to the national debt.  You probably actually voted for some cuts here and there.  But nothing is more destructive than debt.  Nothing steals the future more than debt. 

You and your good ol’ boy network in Congress were supposed to be the guardians of America’s future.  You were supposed to be the watchmen on the wall.  But instead you fell asleep while on duty.  You allowed America’s future to be stolen. 

For families debt and financial problems are the number one cause of marital problems.  It destroys families.  And now, our “national family” is coming apart at the seams and debt is at the center of it. 

In families we must look at those who are the leaders and hold them accountable for poor leadership and the ruination of a family’s financial situation.  Arlen, you and your buddies were in charge.  You were supposed to be the leaders.  You failed miserably.  All of you did. 

In a family the leader’s responsibility if they are in financial trouble is to do whatever it takes, even if it means taking drastic action, to stop the insanity and save the family by getting the finances under control.  In our nation it is the leaders who bear that responsibility and all of you failed.  You kept driving us further and further into debt and now the very foundations of our nation are beginning to crumble because of it. 

Arlen, you think the Tea Party is out of touch, but the reality is that you and your cohorts are the ones who are out of touch.  The Tea Party is very much in touch with true Americans who love their country and recognize the damage you’ve done and want it stopped.  Clearly they are the adults in this situation and it’s time for the adults to take over and fix the mess you made. 

And no, the Tea Party is not a bunch of crazy far-right Republicans.  It’s been pointed out that over 40% of the Tea Party is made up of Democrats and Independents.  And as for being far-right, the fact is that the entire country has moved so far to the left, both Democrat and Republican, in recent decades that the political parties of today would be unrecognizable to Americans of past generations.  Today John Kennedy would be far too conservative to be in the Democrat Party.

The House and Senate of today, the ones you have helped shaped by your actions, votes, and good ol’ boy deals, has succeeded in pushing America down a path of destruction that has such momentum now that it will take every bit of strength we can muster as a nation to turn it around.  Our current Congress must cut spending but has  little political will to reduce spending on entitlements by limiting them mainly to persons in need.  If we don’t do that, we don’t stand a chance.  But you and your friends seem to think we can continue to mount up debt and make no real efforts at solutions and we’ll get by okay.  All that politicians like you want is to maintain political power throughout your lives.  You don’t care what happens after you’re gone.  

Ron Paul said today that he will no longer compete in any of the future GOP Primaries, leaving Mitt Romney as the only candidate for the GOP nomination.  Mitt Romney has expressed an understanding of the need to cut spending.  We can only hope that Ron Paul has had enough of an impact in the race to have affected Mitt Romney's understanding of the need to cut spending more quickly.

Arlen, you and your ilk think that the Tea Party expects a politician to vote 100% with the Republican Party. That is wrong.  The Republican Party is part of the problem.  Just because someone has given a Senator or Representative a “90% conservative rating” means nothing.  Those people don’t even understand what a conservative really is.  Conservatives are for smaller government, not government as usual.  We are for responsible government, something our Congress hasn’t known in any of our lifetimes.  We are for government that respects and adheres to the Constitution, something so far removed from the minds of the vast majority in Congress that’s it’s frightening.

The Tea Party represents the core of America.  Unlike the false image that people like you and the media portray, it is not an extremist group, it is the core of American values.  They want more freedoms for all Americans.  They want more prosperity for all Americans.  They want America to be what it was created to be so that every American, no matter what their background, can have the same opportunity as any other American.  They want the same rights and the same American Dream for every American whether you were born a citizen in a family that has been here since the country was founded or whether you became a citizen yesterday after working hard to come here and go through our legal citizenship process.  Once you’re a citizen you are as much a part of the American family as anyone else.  There are no “pedigrees” in America because we’re a family of equals.

Arlen, if you knew that, then you’ve forgotten it.  But the American voters in the Tea Party haven’t forgotten any of it and 2010 was just the beginning of Americans taking their country back.  It’s time for the good ol’ boys in Congress to either return to serving the people or start packing their bags.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama And Gay Marriage: Evolution Or Flip-Flop?

Here’s the Nonsense:  After a careful thought process and examination of the issue, President Obama’s view on gay marriage has evolved over the past few years to where he now endorses it.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  President Obama does nothing without a political motive.  This isn’t about his beliefs as much as it is about winning.  

He knows that America is predominately conservative and overall opposes gay marriage.  Thirty-one states have passed amendments on marriage.  That’s why he said he was against gay marriage in 2008.  His change in position now has little or nothing to do with what he truly believes.  Rather, it has to do with winning the election.

 When he ran for the Illinois Senate Obama endorsed gay marriage.  In 2004, however, he was running for U. S. Senate and changed his view saying, “What I believe is that marriage is between a man and a woman.… What I believe, in my faith, is that a man and a woman, when they get married, are performing something before God, and it’s not simply the two persons who are meeting.”  

Obama also knows that his largest constituency, the black community, are primarily opposed to gay marriage and he didn’t want to take a stand that would alienate them.  That was the politically expedient thing to do at the time he was running for the Senate.

Now he is in another entirely different situation.  He knows that the majority of the black community will not abandon him so he can stick his neck out, endorse gay marriage, and hope to accomplish two things: 

1.)  He will solidify his support with the LGBT community and potentially pick up a few more votes and some added donations.

2.)  He will once again create a division among people over social issues in order to avoid talking about the primary issue on voters minds, which is the economy.  He wants to avoid talk of his failed record as president.

But leave it to the mainstream media to run cover for him as they usually do. They are now claiming his position on gay marriage has evolved, making him out to be a deep-thinking, caring leader who wants fairness above all for Americans.  But yet that same media claim that when Republican Mitt Romney changes his position on an issue that he is flip-flopping.  Obama is always portrayed in a positive light where change means he’s “grown” while Romney is portrayed in negative terms where change means he’s unstable and political.  The hypocrisy of the mainstream media is, as usual, overwhelming.

Obama is not new to changes in position.  Let’s refresh our memories and name a few of them:

Probably the one that jumps to the forefront in most people’s minds is Obama’s flip-flop from closing Guantanamo to leaving it open. 

Another one of his reversals came when he ordered military action in Libya.  He did not get authorization from Congress when he did it even though when he was a senator he condemned President Bush saying a president did not have constitutional authority to order a military attack without a direct threat on the U.S. 

And we can’t forget how Obama abandoned President Mubarak of Egypt even though he’d said he viewed Mubarak as a “stalwart ally” and that he’d been good for stability in that area of the world. 

Don’t forget that when Obama ran for the presidency he was against military tribunals but since then has changed his position and rescinded his order that halted military charges against military detainees in Guantanamo and now permits the resumption of tribunals.

There was also the promise Obama made a few months after his inauguration that he would continue the Bush plans to develop missile defenses in the Czech Republic and Poland but shortly thereafter he stopped the plans so he could appease Russian demands.

Obama also claimed during his presidential campaign in 2008 that he’d make the NASA space program a priority again but then just two years later he pulled the plug the rug out from under them by cancelling the plan to get America back on the moon by 2020.

And the list goes on and on.  Were all these “evolution” for the president like his views on gay marriage?  What assurance do those who support gay marriage have that he won’t once again flip-flop on the issue?  Obviously support today does not mean support tomorrow.

Political expedience is the key for why this president makes his decisions.  If you’re in a group seeking his support for an issue yours had better be politically expedient now and tomorrow or it may not remain an issue that will be supported by him.  It’s much the same as the person who marries someone only to reach the altar in the marriage ceremony and hear the person you are marrying give their vows and say “I am committed to you as long as it remains the expedient thing for me to do.”