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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Does The Treatment Of Obama’s Illegal Alien Half-Uncle Represent The Real Problem With Immigration?

Here’s the Nonsense:  President Obama’s half-uncle should get special treatment.  He’s related to the president and is entitled to that treatment.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  The treatment of President Obama’s relative may or may not be special, but the real problem with immigration is not about that.

The Boston Herald is reporting that Onyango Obama, the half-uncle of President Obama, has gotten his drivers license back after a suspension for drunk driving.  Onyango Obama lives in Massachusetts as an illegal alien.  (Massachusetts does not check immigration status when issuing drivers licenses.)  A deportation order was issued in 1992 for him because he did not renew his visa.  Somehow he’s still here.  He lives openly in this country and even has a social security number.

Onyango’s attorney says they are fighting the deportation order and expect it to take years.  It is believed that they will argue that his returning to Kenya would put him in danger.

So, is he getting special treatment because of who he is related to?  I would say that it doesn’t matter.  The fact is that it represents a much bigger problem, regardless of whether he is receiving special treatment.  (And let’s face it, being related to a president probably does get a person special treatment, whether they should or not.  That’s just the way things work in real life.)

This really is not about the President’s uncle getting some special treatment because of who he is.  Rather, this is about how misguided and poorly run our immigration systems are in this country.  Clearly Obama’s uncle benefited from the lax way the government handles immigration issues, but they did so long before the president was known by anyone of significance in this country Remember, the president has only been in politics a short time, starting long after 1992 when Onyango’s deportation order was issued.

The real question is if a deportation order was issued in 1992, why hasn’t this been dealt with during the past 20 years?  And worse yet, why has Congress done nothing about this type of poor performance of the Immigration Service? 

And worse yet, these types of things are not that unusual for the Immigration Service.  The irony of the President’s family getting the benefit of a poorly run Immigration Service is that it is very clear that the President and his administration don’t really care about immigration issues, other than to leave our borders so porous that our country is left with dangers that it does not need to have.  No wonder the American citizens are fed up. 

But the buck needs to stop where it should.  The Immigration Service may have its problems, but why hasn’t Congress held them accountable?  Why has this problem gotten bigger over the years and not been dealt with?  This is just one more reason why Congress needs big changes.  The elections this year are not just about the presidency.  The elections are about our entire poorly performing government.  As citizens we can stop these kinds of things by electing the right kinds of people. 

Remember that America does not have a king, we have a president who is just one person.  He can do little without Congress behind him.  Having an effective Congress is a way to hold the presidency accountable.  If you want real change in the country you need to have a strong Congress.  That is why it is critical we have change in both the House and Senate.  Some change occurred in 2010, but much more is needed.  Don’t forget that during the last debt ceiling debate only about 2 dozen representatives voted against it.  That means there are hundreds of people in the House that are not doing their job.  After all, the House controls spending.  If they don’t approve it, neither the Senate nor the president can spend the money.

Our nation is about to fall off a cliff financially.  As Senator Coburn said this past week, if we don’t make dramatic changes immediately we face a total meltdown of our financial system.  It’s time to start paying close attention to the House and Senate races, get involved, and make sure we have good, solid candidates that will help get this country back under control.