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Monday, May 14, 2012

Elections And The Tea Party

Here’s the Nonsense:  Former Senator Arlen Specter is complaining about the impact conservative groups like the Tea Party are having on elections.  He’s right.  They need to learn to stay in line, move to the left, and compromise if Washington is going to work.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Former Senator Arlen Specter is just like the other Democrats and establishment Republicans in Washington.  He’s out of touch with Americans.  Voters are fed up with the mess politicians have created in Washington and they’re taking America back.

Lately we’re hearing a lot of whining from people like Dick Lugar, Arlen Specter, and Orrin Hatch.  They see the movement of conservatives, much of which is through Tea Party activities, as a threat to the good ol’ boy network of established power in Washington.  Many politicians are feeling the pressure from Tea Party groups. Many more will follow.  The Tea Party is not a protest movement, it’s a revolution and what happened in 2010 was only the beginning.

On Saturday former Senator Arlen Specter said in an interview that the Tea Party is “cannibalizing” the Republican Party.  He went on to express that the challenge to such incumbents as Orrin Hatch is destructive and pleaded with voters to stop the destruction.  Let me respond with a letter to Senator Specter (but you can fill in the name of any Democrat or establishment Republican because they all need to understand this).

Dear Arlen (I thought I’d skip the formality of using titles and just talk to you man to man.), 

I’m not sure why you’re whining about Orrin Hatch and Dick Lugar having problems because of the Tea Party.  After all, you’re a Democrat (Or did you forget about abandoning any principles you may have had by leaving the Republicans to become a Democrat solely to save your Senate seat?) and I’m not sure why the Democrats would care if the Republicans are divided… unless you and others like you are beginning to realize that Americans aren’t just going to hold accountable the Republicans, but everyone in Congress who has helped take this nation from the most prosperous nation on the planet to the most indebted.

Arlen, you’re a perfect example of someone who’s worn out their welcome with Americans to serve in Congress.  The idea that you are now trying to tell Americans that to get rid of Orrin Hatch, or any other politician because of the success of the Tea Party, is a mistake and will hurt government just reinforces those feelings.  Exactly what is it that will be lost by losing people like you, Dick Lugar, and Orrin Hatch? 

Let’s see…. Oh yes, we’ll lose people who have become so used to having their power in Congress that they consider it offensive to have to run again and account to the voters for their record.  They seem to feel that an election is supposed to be a coronation ceremony for them instead of a time of accountability. 

And they’ll have to have to account for the terrible mess they’ve made of our government.

They’ll have to account for taking our nation so far into debt that there’s a very real chance we may never be able to get out of it. 

They’ll have to account for all the children and grandchildren in our nation who will not face a future that’s anywhere near as bright as it was when they took power.  Their chance for the American Dream is gone unless we do something immediately.

Here’s a message to you, Arlen, and all your cronies:  American voters have had it!  America can’t afford you anymore.  You have absolutely no clue about the national debt and what you’ve done to this country.  That brilliant education you got at the University of Pennsylvania and Yale Law School obviously did you no good when it came to understanding something as simple as a budget and debt.

You entered Congress in 1981.  The year-ending 1980, the year prior to your starting your career there, the national debt was over $930 billion which was 33.3% of GDP.  Four decades later, the year ending 2010, the last year you were in Congress, the national debt was over $14 trillion which was 95.1% of GDP. 

Sure, you didn’t run that debt up all by yourself.  And I’m sure somewhere in there we could even show that you probably didn’t vote for every single increase to the national debt.  You probably actually voted for some cuts here and there.  But nothing is more destructive than debt.  Nothing steals the future more than debt. 

You and your good ol’ boy network in Congress were supposed to be the guardians of America’s future.  You were supposed to be the watchmen on the wall.  But instead you fell asleep while on duty.  You allowed America’s future to be stolen. 

For families debt and financial problems are the number one cause of marital problems.  It destroys families.  And now, our “national family” is coming apart at the seams and debt is at the center of it. 

In families we must look at those who are the leaders and hold them accountable for poor leadership and the ruination of a family’s financial situation.  Arlen, you and your buddies were in charge.  You were supposed to be the leaders.  You failed miserably.  All of you did. 

In a family the leader’s responsibility if they are in financial trouble is to do whatever it takes, even if it means taking drastic action, to stop the insanity and save the family by getting the finances under control.  In our nation it is the leaders who bear that responsibility and all of you failed.  You kept driving us further and further into debt and now the very foundations of our nation are beginning to crumble because of it. 

Arlen, you think the Tea Party is out of touch, but the reality is that you and your cohorts are the ones who are out of touch.  The Tea Party is very much in touch with true Americans who love their country and recognize the damage you’ve done and want it stopped.  Clearly they are the adults in this situation and it’s time for the adults to take over and fix the mess you made. 

And no, the Tea Party is not a bunch of crazy far-right Republicans.  It’s been pointed out that over 40% of the Tea Party is made up of Democrats and Independents.  And as for being far-right, the fact is that the entire country has moved so far to the left, both Democrat and Republican, in recent decades that the political parties of today would be unrecognizable to Americans of past generations.  Today John Kennedy would be far too conservative to be in the Democrat Party.

The House and Senate of today, the ones you have helped shaped by your actions, votes, and good ol’ boy deals, has succeeded in pushing America down a path of destruction that has such momentum now that it will take every bit of strength we can muster as a nation to turn it around.  Our current Congress must cut spending but has  little political will to reduce spending on entitlements by limiting them mainly to persons in need.  If we don’t do that, we don’t stand a chance.  But you and your friends seem to think we can continue to mount up debt and make no real efforts at solutions and we’ll get by okay.  All that politicians like you want is to maintain political power throughout your lives.  You don’t care what happens after you’re gone.  

Ron Paul said today that he will no longer compete in any of the future GOP Primaries, leaving Mitt Romney as the only candidate for the GOP nomination.  Mitt Romney has expressed an understanding of the need to cut spending.  We can only hope that Ron Paul has had enough of an impact in the race to have affected Mitt Romney's understanding of the need to cut spending more quickly.

Arlen, you and your ilk think that the Tea Party expects a politician to vote 100% with the Republican Party. That is wrong.  The Republican Party is part of the problem.  Just because someone has given a Senator or Representative a “90% conservative rating” means nothing.  Those people don’t even understand what a conservative really is.  Conservatives are for smaller government, not government as usual.  We are for responsible government, something our Congress hasn’t known in any of our lifetimes.  We are for government that respects and adheres to the Constitution, something so far removed from the minds of the vast majority in Congress that’s it’s frightening.

The Tea Party represents the core of America.  Unlike the false image that people like you and the media portray, it is not an extremist group, it is the core of American values.  They want more freedoms for all Americans.  They want more prosperity for all Americans.  They want America to be what it was created to be so that every American, no matter what their background, can have the same opportunity as any other American.  They want the same rights and the same American Dream for every American whether you were born a citizen in a family that has been here since the country was founded or whether you became a citizen yesterday after working hard to come here and go through our legal citizenship process.  Once you’re a citizen you are as much a part of the American family as anyone else.  There are no “pedigrees” in America because we’re a family of equals.

Arlen, if you knew that, then you’ve forgotten it.  But the American voters in the Tea Party haven’t forgotten any of it and 2010 was just the beginning of Americans taking their country back.  It’s time for the good ol’ boys in Congress to either return to serving the people or start packing their bags.