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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

To Mitt Romney: John McCain Is The Wrong Role Model

Here’s the Nonsense:  To win the election, Mitt Romney needs to follow John McCain’s example and not use facts about Obama’s background against him.  He must remain a gentleman to keep the respect of voters. 

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Mitt Romney has chosen to use John McCain’s game plan to try to win the election.  Why would you choose a losing strategy?  It’s time for Romney to wake up, take the gloves off, and get serious about winning this election.

Support has grown for Mitt Romney as people are put their differences behind them to focus on winning the general election.  Among them is one Super PAC that wants to run advertisements educating the public about Barack Obama’s background, specifically Jeremiah Wright.  

Their reasoning is that since Obama was never vetted in the 2008 election, the public never really learned who he was.  They want to backtrack a bit and educate people who this man is so they have a clear picture to consider during the election.  But Romney will have none of it.

Romney prefers to choose a role model for his campaign like John McCain who, in the 2008 election, would not talk about Obama’s background.  And, as we all know, McCain lost in a bloodbath and this was one of the acts of sheer stupidity that caused it. 

Barack Obama will have no problem using personal attacks against his competitor.  His history shows us he’s more than willing to do so, even when the things his campaign and supporters are saying aren’t accurate or true.  For him it’s win at all costs.  Destroy their credibility by attacking them using a whole bunch of fiction mixed with a little bit of fact to make it sound plausible and make sure to outspend them so that they can't fight back.  Then the competitor's credibility with voters is gone.  Once the competition is knocked down it’s simple to win.

Mitt Romney fully understands those kinds of tactics.  After all, he used them against his GOP competitors in the primaries, often bashing them with attack ads and spending up to 12 times as much money as they did so that he could win the primaries.  There was no hesitation whatsoever in running attack after attack against other Republicans.  

But now he prefers to use McCain’s methods of losing against Obama.  He’s got history from the most recent presidential election against THE SAME competitor showing him what will happen and he still embraces it.  I guess he’s forgotten the old adage that nice guys finish last.

Now I’m not suggesting he use fiction, twisted truths, or as I prefer to call them, lies, to win.  But there is so much truth out there that he can use to inform and educate the public that between the president’s record during his first 3 years in office and adding the knowledge of who he truly is should make the election a slam dunk.

But it seems that Mitt Romney either wants to go down in history with the likes of Bob Dole and John McCain as a loser in the general election, or he simply has decided for some reason to take a dive and lose the election and knows that this tactic will guarantee it.

Nothing would be worse for voters than to end up supporting a candidate that doesn’t have the desire to win.

John McCain may be a war hero, but he’s no hero in winning presidential elections.  The establishment GOP needs to learn that they don’t have the formula for success.  They have people who think that a candidate like Romney can win because he’s a rich businessman, but they ignore his weak record in politics with his history of left-leaning policies and performance.  That alone makes this a tough election fight.  Then to weaken his chances they make it even more difficult to win by adopting the idea that they should not allow their supporters to run ads that are simply stating the truth about his competitor. 

There is a word for people like this:  fool.  It’s a good word.  A simple word.  An easy word that even a child can understand.  But these advisors and consultants giving Romney this advice aren’t smart enough to understand it.

The next thing they will do is make sure they choose a vice presidential running mate that is another moderate instead of a true conservative thereby making sure they lose their appeal to independents and conservatives.

The establishment Republicans are experts at losing elections.  When the party embraces true conservative positions they win most races.  But when they decide to pander to the center and center-left they are doing nothing to help their party and, worse, their country. 

On Sunday, May 20, 2012 on Fox News Sunday it was reported that a breakdown of where the Obama campaign stood compared to Romney’s campaign showed Obama in the clear lead to win the election.  They reminded viewers that it takes 270 electoral votes to win the White House.  The map they showed and commentary along with it said that Obama currently controls enough states to give him 290 electoral votes.  A Republican spokesman commented that the data was collected for information on some states had changed since it was gathered for this example.  Therefore, he pointed out, that a couple of states were more likely in play today than being solidly for Obama as they were when the data was collected by Fox.  But being in play does not mean that those states have moved to Romney.

The election is quite a distance off, but this is the most important election in modern American history.  The future of our country stands in the balance.  We have two candidates to choose between.  One is a president who will continue to spend us into oblivion while changing our laws and structure of our country to change citizens’ rights and freedoms to be far more restrictive than they have ever been before.  The challenger is a man who would allow the slowing of the destruction to our nation and buy us some time to still turn it around and save it.  He is not perfect, but he would give us a fighting chance.

Mitt Romney needs to understand that this is the fight of our lifetime.  This is the last chance we have to stop the collapse of our nation and save the American Dream for our children.  It must start with this election because if it doesn’t we won’t get a second chance. 

It’s time to get serious, take the gloves off, and fight to save this nation.  Mitt Romney needs to quit listening to the consultants that give the same kind of advice they gave John McCain and start listening to strong conservative voices that can guide him to solid victory.