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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

It Doesn’t Matter How The Supreme Court Rules On Obamacare

Here’s the Nonsense (and there’s actually two types of nonsense today so I’ll cite them both):
1.)  If the Supreme Court upholds Obamacare our problems are over and we will get all the healthcare we need.
- OR –
2.)  If the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare our problems are over because we will avoid the devastating consequences the healthcare reform law places upon us and things will be fine.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  If the Supreme Court upholds Obamacare we will face a death knell for America beyond the one we’re already facing.  If they strike it down we still face enormous problems with healthcare costs that government cannot fix. 

Whether the Supreme Court upholds or strikes down the healthcare law, America faces a difficult future with healthcare.  In my new book, No Tomorrows: How To Halt America’s Imminent Collapse And Return To The American Dream – And Why It Must Start With The 2012 Elections, I delineate the 3 core problems that America must fix to save this nation and then I discuss the solutions to those problems.  One of those problems is our economy.  If the Supreme Court upholds Obamacare there is no hope for our economy.  We already are facing imminent collapse without adding Obamacare to our overhead.  Obamacare will simply ice the cake and force us in to collapse sooner and deeper.  And if they strike Obamacare down we will still face enormous problems trying to fix the cost of healthcare and face the hard decisions that will have to be made.

I was driving along today listening to a talk radio program (what else do pundits listen to?) and heard someone say that Americans are against Obamacare but favor what’s in it.  As I listened I felt like I was hip deep in the sewage and muck that is often spewed by the liberal media. 

This is one of the biggest efforts to twist information that has come down the pike in a long time.  But I am sure this is all a part of the Obama Administrations preparation for their “Plan B” should the law be struck down.  If they can get people to think that most people like the law, then they will have no problem blaming the Court for being unfair and telling the American public that they need 4 more years to keep working on making life fair for everyone.  After all, the president seems to think everything is about fairness these days.

Plus, this will give them a starting point to begin working on a state by state basis to try to get a socialized medicine healthcare plan passed individually in each state.  And the advantage to this, even though it is a longer process to do so, is that most states do not have in their constitutions the same restrictions the U. S. Constitution has.  Therefore, they can get the states to mandate that each citizen must buy healthcare coverage.  In addition, they can even create a state run healthcare system so they can control every aspect of it.  This means that they will be able to tell you how to run your life.  They could use a healthcare bill to tell you how to live, where to live, and virtually every little detail of your life could fall under the government’s control.

But don’t let your guard down even if the law is struck down by the court.  America faces a huge problem with healthcare costs.  And they cannot easily be fixed, even by the claimed solutions Republicans have put forth as I addressed in an earlier blog post.  The difference between the two is that Obamacare takes away your liberties and destroys our economy under the guise of healthcare reform when in actuality it is going to cost more money than our current system, not insure as many people as they claim, and impact our lives in a total and permanent way.  The Republicans solution, while not great, at least allows us to maintain our freedoms, control costs a little more, and give us time to continue to work toward solutions. 

No, don’t let anyone fool you.  The Supreme Court decision is critical as to whether we can hope to retain our freedoms in this country and to help buy us time to try to turn our economy around and avoid the imminent collapse we face as a nation. Striking down the law is the only solution that gives America a fighting chance.  But we still have a lot of hard work in many areas to turn things around.  Our country is collapsing financially and even if we wanted to provide healthcare for everyone there is no money to do so.  We are at a time when we must decide to cut off not only luxuries, but decide between what are true necessities and what we must give up if we are to survive.