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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Restoring America: What's Fair?

Here’s the Nonsense:  Marco Rubio and the establishment Republicans are right to embrace Obama’s stand regarding the deportation of young illegal aliens. It’s just not fair that those kids should suffer consequences due to decisions their parents made when they were too young to decide for themselves.
Here’s the Horse Sense:  As the old saying goes, life is not fair.  Decisions about these types of issues should not be based on emotions that affect determination of what is fair.  What is fair for one person may make something else unfair for another.  As a republic we are ruled by laws not by the emotion-driven whims of people.
President Obama has just decided to make an executive decision to circumvent the law, avoid Congress, and mandate that certain illegal aliens will not be in danger of deportation.  This, like his entire campaign, is based on his determination of fairness, not legality.  Senator Marco Rubio and establishment Republicans are embracing this decision.  Mitt Romney won’t make a definitive comment about it, which looks an awful lot like he agrees but doesn’t want to say so until he knows how it will affect his campaign.  And we are watching, as happens so often, the Republican establishment embrace the Democrat value system hoping that that will bring them the most goodwill in their efforts to regain power in the upcoming election.  But fairness to one person or group may cause unfairness or even injustice to others.
If you’ve lived in America longer than about 1 day you’ve probably heard someone say that something wasn’t fair.  It’s become the mantra of the self-seeking narcissistic culture we live in.  No longer do people want justice or what is right.  They want what is fair.  And President Obama is betting the entire success of his campaign on getting voters to vote based on emotions, not logic or legality.  Not to be outdone, it seems that the establishment Republicans are joining the emotion parade and going along to get along thinking that this will endear them to voters. 
In my new book, No Tomorrows: How To Halt America’s Imminent Collapse And Return To The American Dream – And Why It Must Start With The 2012 Elections, I analyze what the core problems are in America and how to fix them.  This idea that we should base things on feelings shows a lack of understanding of true leadership.  True leaders do not make decisions based on emotion.  But these people on both sides of the aisle would have us think it’s the right thing to do.  If we do, however, are we really being fair?  True leaders realize that we legislate what is right, not what is fair.  Inevitably some things will be unfair.  Laws are about what’s best for our society, not about what’s fair to one group versus another.
If you’re around me very long you’ll hear what my father preached to me my entire life:  Life is not fair.  I can’t count the number of times he would remind me that life is not fair and it would be a very rare case where it could be.  And you know what?  He was right.  And when I was young I didn’t understand that but as I got older I began to realize that not only was he right, but I was thankful he’d woken me up to that reality of life.  It made me stronger.  But more importantly, it made me realize that if you try to make something fair for someone you are most likely making something unfair for someone else.
Right now we have a president and a bunch of politicians, along with the media, trying to tell us that it’s not fair that children of illegal immigrants won’t be deported if they were brought here when they were young and have since met some simple requirements.  
But wait a minute.  Parents make decisions, or have decisions made for them, all the time that impact their children’s lives.  We don’t try to make everything fair for them.  Why should this be the exception?
It’s not fair that childrens’ future is dependent on decisions their parents made.  Let’s assume that a child is a gifted athlete.  He is growing up in a community with great athletic teams and coaches.  Their schools are constantly scouted by colleges and professionals because of what this community has built in the area of athletics. Because of this student’s ability and the community he is in he has tremendous opportunity for his future. 
But all of a sudden his parents need to move because of a family medical problem, or a divorce, or someone gets transferred in their job, or any of a number of reasons.  The new community they move to doesn’t offer anywhere near the opportunities that the old one did.  It could be said that that is unfair to the child.
Should we taxpayers foot the bill to make it fair?  How much fairness should we have to provide?  Should we have to provide the costs to his parents to cover what it would cost them to leave the child in the original community so he still has the same opportunity?  Should we have to provide the child the cost of college at a school with a great program in that sport in which he excels since his lack of opportunity cost him the chance at a scholarship? Should we have to pay that child the lifetime income he would have made had he gotten into professional sports but didn’t have the same opportunities because of that move?
Or let’s say there’s a child who is fascinated from the time they are young with a foreign country, we’ll say France for this example.  She takes French classes and excels at the language.  She also studies French culture and history and excels at that.  Then in high school she has the chance to study in France as a foreign exchange student.  But her parents are not comfortable with their child travelling so far from home to a foreign land while she is still a minor.  So she misses that opportunity and, as a result, may not have the opportunity to work in the U. S. Embassy in France, or even worse, she doesn’t become the U. S. Ambassador to France.  All because her parents were so cruel by not letting her be a foreign exchange student!  Should we taxpayers have to pay for all of that lost opportunity? 
The list of examples could go on and on, but the point is that parents often make decisions and families are subject to the consequences of those decisions, good or bad.  Why should American taxpayers have to pay for those decisions?  Who will determine who lost an opportunity and who didn’t?  Who will determine how much it’s worth that we taxpayers would have to pay?  Where is the line drawn between who deserves to have their situation “made fair” and who shouldn’t?  Who determines what is a “fair” solution to a situation?  Who decides how much all that unfairness is worth?
When I was in college I was not only going to school full time and working full time but both of my parents got ill and were in different hospitals at the same time.  They lived about 30 miles from where I went to school.  I literally spent my days running between work, school, and hospitals.  Sleep was very scarce.  This went on for a couple of months.  Should I have gotten special treatment or compensation to make up for what happened?  Where was the government to say that my life wasn’t fair and to make it right?  (Thankfully the government was not around to stick their nose into it and I was able to learn, adapt, and succeed.)
In essence that’s what people like President Obama and Senator Rubio are expecting the taxpayers to do.  So what if some kid got the short end of the stick and their parents made a bad decision and brought them here illegally and now they’ve got a problem.  Like all of us, we have to deal with life and things that happen.
I’m open to discussing the possibility of allowing those kids a temporary stay here to go through the legal processes of citizenship that meet the same requirements that EVERY immigrant has to follow within a short and certain timeframe.  And that should only be a consideration if their parents who brought them here are deported.  The parents would certainly be allowed to go through the legal process to come back, but they would start back in their home country and get in line like everyone else. 
We’re supposed to be a nation of laws.  That’s what a republic is.  But our president keeps saying we’re a democracy because he doesn’t want a republic.  He knows that a republic means we are a nation of laws, a nation where right and wrong are clearly defined and everyone is treated the same under the law. 
A democracy is the rule of the majority.  The problem with that is that if the whims of the majority sway because of some emotional current circumstances then there is nothing to hold them accountable to logic and reason to make good long-term decisions. 
We are a democratic republic.  In a republic the laws (those would be our constitution) set guidelines.  Those guidelines keep things moving on an even keel through a specific process.  The majority can change them, but it is a longer process to do so and that acts as a check-and-balance system to keep the nation from making rash decisions.
And one more thing.  If it’s “fair” to give those kids a break like the president and a few others on both sides of the aisle are calling for, then what about the unfairness of what it does to other Americans? 
We are in the worst economy since the Great Depression.  We have high unemployment nationwide, especially among the younger generation and certain ethnic groups.  If the president’s plan is implemented there will be an additional 800,000 young people fighting to get those same jobs that those who are here legally are entitled to have opportunity to get.  How is it fair to them to have those who are illegal given special privileges and thereby reduce even further any opportunity they have at finding work?  
Oh, wait!  I just realized that allowing the president to get away with this illegal move he is trying to make (interesting that he’s acting illegally to help illegal aliens) will simply make those young people who are legal into another group that has had it unfair.  I guess the next thing the president will do is come up with another program to help them because things have been unfair for them, too.