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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's Missing In This Election Contest

Here’s the Nonsense:  Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are doing their best to offer voters good choices to solve America’s problems.
Here’s the Horse Sense:  This election is severely lacking in substance.  On one hand you have the dishonesty of the Obama campaign offering nothing but the same old song and dance of no solutions that work.  On the other hand you have a lack of content in the Romney campaign that doesn’t really show voters what Mitt has to offer to America.  So voters are left without the choice of a candidate that is showing them solutions that will fix the problems plaguing our nation.
Ed Rollins, political consultant and former Reagan ’84 Campaign Director, was interviewed by Gretchen Carlson on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show.  As they discussed the current presidential race and compared the two candidates Rollins said to Carlson that there was something missing on both sides in the campaign.  Rollins said that it was the word “leadership.”  In my new book, No Tomorrows: How To Halt America’s Imminent Collapse And Return To The American Dream – And Why It Must Start With The 2012 Elections, lack of leadership and the inability to choose true leaders is a key factor I talk about when discussing the 3 core problems that will cause the collapse of our nation before the end of the next presidential term if we don’t deal with it immediately. 
Contrary to what the pundits, media, and mind-numbed kool-aid drinking followers of either candidate believe, this election is severely lacking in content.  Therefore it is hard for voters to get legitimately enthusiastic about either candidate as offering solutions for an America in trouble. 
Obama is offering twisted and dishonest rhetoric that is a repeat of his more taxes, more government, and less freedoms message and he packages that with false claims about Romney that try to demonize Romney’s credibility (this is Obama's typical use of  Alinsky tactics). 
Romney is trying to offer an alternative but gives voters no message of any significant content.  He says he’ll fix things but does not tell us how.  His answers may be sincere, but they are not substantive enough for the American people to grasp that he truly has solutions. 
No one is showing leadership in these campaigns.  President Obama has done nothing in his time in office or in his campaign that shows he’s got any leadership ability.  He continually says things like “We don’t want to return to the same old failed policies that got us here in the first place.”  He wants voters to think that everything is President Bush’s fault and that if you don’t vote for him things won’t get better because the only alternative to an Obama presidency is a Bush presidency.  The fact is that Mitt Romney is not suggesting a return to policies that failed.  Mitt Romney wants to fix things.  What we’re really seeing is President Obama proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is not a true leader and, therefore, totally inadequate and unqualified to lead anything, let alone the country. 

And Mitt Romney has shown a few small examples of leadership, but not the kind of things necessary to be seriously considered for the position of leader of the nation.  Some of the things we’ve learned about him certainly represent leadership material. But we are still working mostly in a vacuum.  To date his most saleable characteristic is that he is not Barack Obama.

Clearly Romney’s campaign has no one in it who understands sales and marketing (which is no surprise because Republicans have proven over and over again that they are terrible at sales and marketing).  They may think they have such understanding, but if they truly understood it the Romney campaign would be operating differently. 

I think I can offer the Romney campaign some advice.  One of my earlier books, You Sold Me at Hello:  How to Get People to Buy Without Being a Salesman, was a business book and I was privileged to have it win an award for Best New Sales Advice Book of 2010.  In it I showed what the art of persuasion is really all about.  The Romney campaign could learn a few lessons from it.  They do not act like they realize that this campaign is a war and their competitor truly sees them as an enemy, not a competitor.  They think being polite and nice and politically correct will win them favor with the media and the voters. 

I’ve got news for them.  They had better realize that their competitor will pull every trick he can think of to beat them.  The Obama campaign sees this contest as a war and believes that everything is fair (i.e.;  all is fair in love and war).  The Obama campaign will take no prisoners and not care who they destroy in their effort to win this race. 

The Romney campaign needs to start by showcasing any and all leadership qualities that Mitt Romney possesses if they want to win.  That includes such things as telling people examples of Mitt’s leadership skills and how they’ve worked effectively to achieve successful results in his life experiences.  They need to have people who Mitt has gone above and beyond for in his life to help them tell those stories.  They need to show example after example of situations where Mitt’s involvement was what caused circumstances to turn around and move to better outcomes.  They need to break Mitt’s personal rule of not talking about the good things he’s done and they need to tell those stories.  (After all, who’s going to toot his horn if he doesn’t?  Certainly not the media, and not his competitor enemy.)    

And they may not like it, but they must pull out all stops and start using Obama’s words and actions against him.   Romney had adequate performance in the debates during the primaries.  But let’s face it, he won the most primaries by outspending and attacking his Republican competitors, not by his debate performance or his message.  He has not been willing to do this same thing to his Democrat competitor, President Obama.  This is no time to be a nice guy. 

While I hate negative campaigns, this really is not a campaign. President Obama has decided it’s a war and you can’t win a war unless you’re willing to fight like it’s a war.  Mitt Romney needs to remember that he’s fighting a Chicago political machine and they are legendary for the way they fight.  Romney must not forget that. 

But unlike the Obama campaign, fighting like it’s a war does not mean the Romney campaign has to be deceptive and dishonest like their enemy.  What they have to do is be so straightforward with the truth that it sets them apart and puts their enemy on notice.  Romney must be willing to call the president on his actions and words and continually use those words against him.  Every time a lie is told about him, Romney needs to counter it fast and loud with the truth.  Let the president sink himself.  He certainly says enough ridiculous things do to that.

Mitt Romney can run away with this election but not if he doesn’t dig in and fight like everything depends on it.  The voters need to see a man who will fly the banner of truth over his campaign while fighting as though the survival of America depends on it.  And by the way, our survival really does depend on it.  As I write in No Tomorrows, our nation faces imminent collapse if we don’t start to fix America with this election.  We cannot survive another 4 years on the path we’re on.