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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Harry Reid’s Claim Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes Is An Attempt To Deflect Attention From Obama’s Record

Here’s the Nonsense:  Harry Reid claims to have credible information that Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years.  Romney better release his taxes to prove he paid them.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Harry Reid is doing nothing more than deflecting attention away from Obama and pulling an attorney’s courtroom stunt should be seen through by every voter.

Harry Reid’s claims that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes for 10 years is the same as an attorney trying to plant doubt in the minds of a jury, regardless of whether the claim is true.  Harry isn’t interested in truth.  He’s interested only in diverting attention from the real issues of the campaign that are too destructive to President Obama.

Have you ever watched a TV drama where an attorney is in a courtroom and wants to deflect attention from an issue regarding the defendant that he represents?  The attorney asks a question of a witness that implies something outrageous and causes the prosecution to immediately object.  The judge steps up and warns the defense attorney that he’s crossing a line and then tells the jury to disregard what they’ve just heard.  Do you really think that jury will be able to put out of their minds what they just heard?  Of course not.  They may think they can, but their thoughts have been tainted.  A slight doubt has been put in their minds and that’s enough to help move them to side with the defense. 

That’s exactly what Harry Reid is doing with his continued ridiculous calls for Mitt Romney’s tax returns while claiming that Mitt hasn’t paid any taxes in 10 years.  The hypocrisy of this effort when Reid’s candidate, President Obama, has more information sealed and kept hidden about his background than probably every president in U. S. history combined. 

The outrageousness of the claim should be enough for any thinking voter to reject it and only remember which side lowered themself to such a level to besmirch the name of their competitor. 

Voters need to remember that Romney's been running for elective office for years with his eye on the presidency for a long time.  He’s known for running a clean, careful business operation.  Why would a guy who's so successful and careful in his business life be so stupid as to not pay his taxes for ten years if he plans to try to be president? 

And it also needs to be remembered that Romney owned Bain as a private firm.  It has been claimed that this source of Reid’s is a Bain executive.  Information about personal taxes would not be available to people in the company, even people in management.  So why should we believe it when Reid claims his source has this knowledge?

Add to those types of questions that Reid’s not exactly been known as a man of credibility and the real question should be, “What is he trying to deflect attention from?”

The answer to that question is that he’s trying to help the President’s reelection efforts by deflecting from Obama’s terrible record, the failing economy, the joblessness in the nation, and virtually every aspect of the job he’s done while in office.

The only chance the Obama campaign has of getting the president reelected is to keep the discussion off of his record and keep focusing attention on anything else they can to hurt Romney’s credibility.

In my new book, No Tomorrows: How To Halt America’s Imminent Collapse And Return To The American Dream – And Why It Must Start With The 2012 Elections, I reveal why this is a standard tactic for the Democrats, especially Obama.  He was trained by Saul Alinsky’s organization and one of their standard tactics is to destroy credibility of competitors with truth or falsehood.  Their goal is to overthrow our capitalist system and introduce a Marxist socialist state to replace it where they determine everything about your life. They believe they know better what’s best for you than you do.  They want to control every aspect of your life.

Attention to the damage Obama’s already done to our nation must be at the forefront of discussion in this election.  Both he and those who have supported his actions in the Democrat and Republican parties need to be replaced with American patriots who will work tirelessly to help turn our nation around and stop the madness that will bring down our nation before the end of the next presidential term if we don’t do so.

And by the way, Romney should not release any more information until the president releases his school records and transcripts, medical records, and passport records.  Then maybe we'll know a little more about his background so that his qualifications for the job he's done so poorly at can be evaluated before this election.