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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Tea Party Is Back And Growing Stronger

Here’s the Nonsense:  The Tea Party had its 15 minutes of fame in the 2010 election and has been dwindling ever since.  It’s time for those annoying people to give up, go home, and accept that the establishment political powerhouse is what controls politics in America.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  The Tea Party is not only still around, it is prospering as more and more Americans are realizing that this government is out of control on both sides of the aisle.  Their impact in the upcoming November elections will be gigantic. 
Contrary to the desires of the mainstream media, Democrats, and establishment Republicans, the Tea Party and other like-minded groups are growing and prospering.  Their detractors thought that the rallies a few years ago were all the Tea Party was good for.  Their detractors think the movement is dying when, in reality, they’ve only just begun to grow.
The establishment political powerhouse in America is made up of the Democrats, establishment Republicans (also know as the country club Republicans), and their cheerleaders which are the mainstream media.  They have controlled the political process in America for generations.  They don’t really believe that anything can come along to challenge their power, authority, or control. 
When the Tea Party started a few years ago the establishment watched the rallies and thought they’d go away.  And to aid in their demise they started attacking them as radicals and racists.  They think the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement are the same from different ends of the political spectrum.  But they are wrong.  The Tea Party is a conviction-driven movement of citizens who have actually developed a plan and are moving it forward for the betterment of America.  They aren’t just about rallies (which their detractors think are the same as Occupy’s protests).  They are about a plan to save America and bring it back under control of the citizens. 
Recent wins in primaries around the nation are showing us that the Tea Party is having a huge impact once again, just like in 2010.  Americans are fed up and joining together to end the good ol’ boy political network in Washington.  They realize this is a long term project and can’t happen in one election cycle.  But unlike the Occupy Movement, they are more than just about a public rally to gain attention.  From their inception these groups have made plans and been executing them to move America back to its conservative roots.  They see that America has moved far to the left and desire to bring back balance to the political process.  That’s also why so many Tea Party members are not Republicans, but come from Democrat or Independent backgrounds.  They are truly the coming together of American citizens who are setting petty differences aside to work for the future of their children by trying to return America to the country it once was.
The Tea Party has been working hard since their beginning to reach out to people of all backgrounds and come together under the banner of what’s best for America’s future, not “how can we divide ourselves more” which is what the establishment political machine in Washington has done and continues to do.  They talk about things that most all Americans can relate to.  Such things as high taxes, distrust of government, political corruption, and wasteful spending are concerns of citizens who have traditionally embraced both parties.  But the Tea Party understands that these are issues that bring people together, not divide them.  And their work to bring citizens together to work to fix those types of problems is why people of all backgrounds are joining in.  They’ve even been successful in getting strange bedfellows working together.  For example, in Georgia they fought a tax increase for a transportation bill and worked side by side with the NAACP and the Sierra Club.  They were outspent 266 to 1 and still won getting the bill to go down in defeat.
Contrary to what the mainstream  media would have you believe, the Tea Party is made up of people of all backgrounds and ethnic groups.  In fact, the attempts by the media and Democrats to depict the Tea Party as racist ignores the obvious fact that many ethnic groups are involved in these groups and many of the new heroes and rising stars in their leadership are people who are members of ethnic minorities.  The claim that they’re racist makes the accusers look more and more foolish as people realize who the people are that make up the Tea Party.  As America’s greatness has come from its inclusiveness of people from all backgrounds as they came to this country to seek a better future, the Tea Party is a mirror image of that same blending of peoples from different backgrounds ethnically and culturally.
The real message to the establishment politicians of both parties and to the mainstream media is that Americans want their country back and they’re not going to sit back and watch as it continues down the destructive path it is on.  In my new book, No Tomorrows:  How To Halt America’s Imminent Collapse And Return To The American Dream – And Why It Must Start With The 2012 Elections, I address the 3 core problems that are destroying America and how to fix them to turn the nation around.  One of those is our choice of leaders and how to choose the right people to lead.  The Tea Party recognizes this quite clearly and they give us hope for the future as we see the people they are pushing to the forefront of the political process.
There’s a lot of work to do, especially in the next 3 months before this upcoming election.  But with hard work and the efforts of the Tea Party types of groups we can see control of the political process returned to the American people.  It’s critical that everyone get involved and work hard.  The damage that has been done to our nation by the current group of politicians is about to destroy our nation.  This election is our last chance to start the turn around of the country.  We cannot miss this opportunity.