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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do We Believe Bill Clinton Now Or Then?

Here’s the Nonsense:  Last night at the DNC Bill Clinton embraced Barack Obama’s plans and policies to fix our economy.  Clinton’s record is one of success and we should listen to him.
Here’s the Horse Sense:  Bill Clinton may be a popular politician, but that doesn’t mean he has the answers.  His record, if looked at in totality, shows his advice is questionable at best.
Last night Bill Clinton nominated Barack Obama for a second term as president.  Clinton’s long, meandering speech that mostly was praise to himself periodically mentioned Obama and tried to somehow tie him to Clinton’s legacy.  But the two could not be further apart in their records.  During the Clinton presidency there was economic stability and prosperity, quite the opposite of Obama’s record of failure and despair.  Should we now believe Clinton’s embracing of Obama’s policy, or should we believe him when his own policy was the opposite and showed economic success?
The fact is that Clinton’s politics, including his economic policies were very much to the left when he was first elected.  But they weren’t working in the first years of his presidency.  Then in 1994 voters voted in a Republican Congress who cut taxes and deregulated and after that the economy took off.  Clinton claimed the success as part of his legacy and the Democrats have happily assigned it to him while continually neglecting to mention Clinton’s rightward move when he lost control to Congress.  And, as usual, the Republicans have no knowledge of or ability to market their successes and have allowed the Democrats to take ownership of the economic prosperity under false pretenses.  However, to Bill Clinton’s credit, he was willing to move to the right, unlike Barack Obama.  Most likely Clinton's move to the right was a way for him to save face and get reelected.
So when Bill Clinton claims success for the economy during his administration it has always been assumed that his views moved to the right when he was forced to the right by the Republicans.  However, last night we finally saw the truth, that he twists the story of his success to claim credit for the results of the Republican Congress while he actually believes in his own failed policies.  That's why last night he didn't mention his move to the right and acceptance of the Republican's policies to save the economy.  That’s why he can support Barack Obama’s policies because in his heart that’s what he truly believes.
Bill Clinton has always been known as one who twists the truth.  Being found guilty of perjury and losing his law license among the many other instances that have been talked about over the years proves that.  For some reason there are still people who believe in him and trust him, but his record on truth is nothing short of dismal.
In answer to my initial question of when we should believe him, the answer is quite simply that you really can’t ever do so.  His speech before the DNC regarding Barack Obama was for political gain and nothing else.  The failed policies of Barack Obama will not get any better results just because Bill Clinton steps to the microphone and says he likes them.  Failure is failure.
Mitt Romney’s proven record of success in business gives him the same mindset about how to fix the economy as we’ve seen work numerous times before.  Calvin Coolidge used those methods and they worked.  John F. Kennedy used those methods and they worked.  Ronald Reagan used those methods and they worked.  And the Republican controlled House of Representatives in the 1990s forced Bill Clinton to use those methods and they worked (in spite of Clinton’s disbelief in them).
In my new book, No Tomorrows: How To Halt America’s Imminent Collapse And Return To The American Dream – And Why It Must Start With The 2012 Elections, I address the 3 core problems destroying America and how to fix them.  One of those is our inability to choose true leaders for elected office.  True leaders seek solutions by considering past successes and use those lessons to duplicate them into future successes.  Mitt Romney plans to do just that.  Electing him and true leaders for the House and Senate in this election is critical to stop the destruction of America and restore the American Dream for the future.