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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama's Apologies Should Be To America, Not Other Nations

Here’s the Nonsense:  President Obama’s apologies to Muslim nations is a good way to build friendships with them.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  President Obama’s apologies to Muslim nations has done nothing other than reinforce that America has weak leadership and that our nation is like a dog that’s all bark and no bite.  We need leadership that demands respect first and builds friendships after respect is established. 

How’s that apology thing workin’ out for you Barack? We have a president who went on an apology tour of the Muslim world when he first got into office.  Somehow he thought that that would endear the Muslim nations to him and help relations between those countries and America.  Yet with all the apologetic actions he’s taken during his term as president, it seems that those countries are more hateful towards America than ever before.  So has President Obama learned anything from all of this or is he living Einstein’s definition of insanity?  Obama's Apologies Should Be To America, Not Other Nations

Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.  It seems that that’s how President Obama and his administration are handling foreign relations.  In fact, it’s how they’re handling everything.  And the results are that things just keep getting worse. 

If the attacks on our embassies in the Middle East along with the deaths of American citizens wasn’t enough, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton essentially apologized to those who attacked us, thereby repeating the actions this administration has shown throughout their term in office.  It is insulting that someone would apologize for being American, which is essentially what President Obama did when he didn’t stand up and defend America and our Constitution against these direct attacks on us and our sovereign soil. 

He continues to apologize for America and we continue to be laughed at around the world.  We are looking just like we did to the world when Jimmy Carter was president (another pitiful failure of a presidency).  Now, since he’s already proven himself a bigger failure than Mr. Carter, President Obama seems to want to make sure there’s no doubt that he can do an even worse job than he’s already done. 

The film that we’re told offended Muslims and upon which the Obama administration blamed the uprisings is still the scapegoat of choice for Obama.  Even though it’s now been admitted that the film was not to blame and that Al Qaeda was behind the attack that left Americans dead, the president won’t pass up another opportunity to make America look weak to the world.  He plans to speak to the U. N. and condemn the film and filmmaker, which is, in essence, another apology.  

If that isn’t enough, he plans to release or transfer about 30% of the Guantanamo detainees.  He must think this is another chance to show the Muslim world that he is doing them a kindness.  

These ridiculous actions will do no good in improving relations with that  part of the world.  Why did Jimmy Carter have no success in getting the Iranian hostages released during his term?  Because they didn’t respect him.  But when Ronald Reagan was elected the Iranians became receptive to negotiating the release and did release them on Reagan's inauguration day.  Why?  Because they respected him.

Some would say they feared Reagan, and I believe they did.  They knew he meant business.  They knew that he was serious about the safety of Americans.  They knew they were in big trouble if they held those hostages while he was president.  That assured the safe release of those hostages. 

Respect is based on many things, one of which is fear.  A healthy fear can be a good thing.  Even a child knows how effective a healthy fear is.  When fear of punishment will be the outcome of doing something wrong it can be very effective at keeping behavior in control.  When an employee knows there’s consequences for bad behavior it helps keep their actions under control.  The relations of nations is often no different than what it is like to deal with children or employees. 

This is something that President Obama does not understand.   It is obvious there was little discipline in his upbringing and early life.  He wouldn’t have been as involved with drugs as he’s admitted he was if he was raised with appropriate discipline.  And since he never really had a job before becoming president, he hasn’t had an employer holding him accountable.  Yes, yes, I know people will say he was a community organizer (another word for promoter of social change as defined by Saul Alinsky, the socialist/Marxist whose organization trained and employed Obama as a community organizer).  And they’ll talk about being in the Illinois Senate and U. S. Senate, but by this time I don’t think anyone who is thinking clearly can say that all elected officials do much work, let alone be accountable to anyone.  It doesn’t take much to be in a job where you can get away with voting “present” all the time and suffer no repercussions.

No, President Obama’s life has been one that would give him no experience at learning how to gain respect.  Add that to his view that America isn’t an exceptional nation and since he sees us as nothing special why would he even care if he stands up for our nation?

While people are saying he has such a charismatic personality, they are accusing Mitt Romney of being mannequin-like and saying he’s running his campaign too much like a CEO.  

Mitt Romney is a CEO, so what would you expect him to do?  And because his campaign may not fall into the superficial sound-byte style of running for office that every worthless politician runs, maybe we’re looking at the wrong criteria for our leaders.  In my new book, No Tomorrows: How To Halt America’s Imminent Collapse And Return To The American Dream – And Why It Must Start With The 2012 Elections, one of the core problems that I identify our nation faces sets us up for imminent collapse is that we don’t choose true leaders.  We use all the wrong criteria for choosing them. 

Even if people are right about Mitt Romney having a lack of personality (which I absolutely disagree with), wouldn’t you rather have someone who knows how to run something successfully and has a remarkable track record of past successes instead of a person who not only has no real work experience, but also has a record of nothing but failure?

If you think personality is so important let’s look at it another way.  If you needed heart surgery would you rather have a doctor with a great personality but a terrible record of success or a doctor with little personality and yet has had tremendous successes with his patients and is considered one of the premier specialists in his field?  If my life is on the line I think I’ll take the guy with no personality.  I would hope that you would do the same.

If your business was in trouble and about to collapse would you prefer to get help to save your business from the consultant with a great personality but a terrible record of failure or the consultant who isn’t as personable but has had successes beyond the vast majority of people in business?  Once again, I’ll go with less personality.

And here’s a thought.  Maybe it’s not that Mitt doesn’t have personality, maybe he’s just a quiet guy who is very thoughtful.  Maybe his successes are based on a high intellectual ability to analyze and develop solutions.  The old saying that still waters run deep is often very true and it might very well be that that’s what we’re seeing in Mitt Romney.

We don’t need apologies to save America, we need action.  President Obama had the first two years of his administration with a Democrat-controlled House and Senate.  He could have anything he wanted and yet didn’t do anything to help America.  He only hurt our nation.  Now he blames his failures on Republicans who had absolutely no say during that time as to what was done.  Mitt Romney is the candidate that has the track record needed to turn this country around.  Let's vote for real change this time and give America its hope back.