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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

They Want You To Think The Election Is Over

Here’s the Nonsense: There is no doubt that President Obama will win the election so Mitt Romney might as well quit and go home.  The media reports and the polls clearly say that Obama has it in the bag. 

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Yogi Berra was right.  It ain’t over till it’s over.  And this election is far from over.  What the media are telling us is only part of the story, they don’t want you to know the rest of the information.

The general election campaign technically started after the Republican and Democrat national conventions.  We are halfway down the two month path from President Obama’s September 6th nomination acceptance speech at the DNC and Election Day November 6th.  Yet the media, the Democrats, and even some of the establishment Republicans want us all to accept the nonsensical idea that the election is over and President Obama has won.  They want us all to think that Mitt Romney should pack his bags and go home.  They want you to forget that this is only the halfway point in the contest.  They want you to think the election is over.

But halfway is nothing.  Many contests in life ebb and flow.  Whether it be in sports where games can turn around in the last minutes or even seconds of the game or in much more serious events like war, the end is often not known until the very end.  We never know when the turning point in a contest may come.  Sometimes they come early, sometimes late, but what often makes the difference is the drive and tenacity of those in the contest.  Yogi Berra was right when he said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

From the very beginning Americans have known you often have to go through hard times to get to victory.  Americans were struggling to survive during the American Revolution.  Supplies were so scarce that many of the troops were hardly clothed, short on food and shelter, and in need of weapons.  We know that at times the troops were eating soup made of burnt leaves and dirt.  The list of hardships goes far beyond what most of us will ever experience.  But George Washington turned those struggling troops into a highly skilled fighting force. 

That fighting force was looking as if they had little chance at surviving after suffering many defeats at the hands of the British.  But then the Battle of Saratoga began and the Colonial Army defeated the British, forcing them to surrender.  This success gave the American forces a huge supply of captured weapons they could use. 

That victory also caused the French to see the potential for victory of the colonists.  They had been watching closely to determine if they should support America’s cause in the war.  With the success in Saratoga they could see that the pleas for support being made by the Americans was worth their involvement.  Their financial support was estimated to provide 90% of the gun powder needed by the colonies for two years.  That, along with their naval support gave the colonists the edge they needed to eventually win the war.

The American Colonial Army won the war because they fought when there was no hope and kept on fighting until there was hope.  In my new book, No Tomorrows: How To Halt America’s Imminent Collapse And Return To The American Dream – And Why It Must Start With The 2012 Elections, I use many examples from American history to help us understand what we need to do to fix the problems we face today in America.  As many problems as our nation faces today, there are 3 core problems that must be fixed to keep our nation from collapse and turn it around.  I identify those problems and show their solutions to help Americans understand that while we have a daunting task facing us, we can fix the problems our nation faces and rebuild the American dream for the future.

The mainstream media and politicians would have us believe that the election is already won by President Obama.  They come up with stories and polls to paint a picture of victory for Obama and doom for Romney.  Yet we also see stories like this: is reporting that the independents are swinging towards Romney with these poll results:

Ohio – Leads Among Independents
Ohio Newspaper Organization – Romney +28
CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac – Romney +1
American Research Group – Romney +16
Fox News – Romney +4
We Ask America – Romney +3
Public Policy Polling – Romney +2

Florida - Leads Among Independents
CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac – Romney +3
Gravis Marketing – Romney +4
We Ask America – Romney +2
American Research Group – Romney +1
Florida Times Union – Romney +4
Fox News – Obama +2

And Fox News reported that Romney is ahead with middle class families by 14 points. is reporting that “…Mitt Romney has a 48-42 advantage over Barack Obama on the question of which candidate would be tougher on terrorism.” reports on the trust of voters regarding the economy for Romney vs. Obama with a headline that reads:  “Polls:  Romney Leads Obama 51% To 44% In Trust To Handling The Economy” 

Even though we see positive stories like those, we are continually told that Romney is losing to Obama in the polls.  I was introduced this past week to a website I had not been familiar with before.  It is  The major national polls skew their polls to reflect what the pollsters believe will make a more accurate account of what the nation feels.  Most polls use a model that skews the polls to assume that voter turnout for 2012 will be the same as 2008 or even stronger for the Democrats.  The problem with this is that Obama is having trouble getting his base fired up and many in his base say they don’t plan to vote.  (Rasmussen polls use a hybrid they developed that is a mixture of 2008 and 2004 voter turnout.  But no one is considering the turnout in 2010, which was dramatically different than either 2008 or 2004.) changes the skewing so you can see a more accurate representation of what those polled really said.  I have heard that there are some imperfections in their model, too, but that they may very well be more accurate.  What is interesting is that when they unskew the polls Romney advances dramatically in the results.  Currently they are showing Romney averages an 7.4 point lead over Obama.

This makes it all confusing as to who is accurate.  What adds even more to the questionability of polls is information learned during the John Edwards trial that came out in May.  Under oath a pollster testified that he selectively chose what information to use in making the Edwards campaign look more successful than it really was.  Politico reported:

Under oath, Hickman admitted that in the final weeks of Edwards's 2008 bid, Hickman cherry-picked public polls to make the candidate seem viable, promoted surveys that Hickman considered unreliable, and sent e-mails to campaign aides, Edwards supporters and reporters which argued that the former senator was still in the hunt —even though Hickman had already told Edwards privately that he had no real chance of winning the Democratic nomination.
It seems that this is common fare among pollsters and would bring into question what we’re seeing from them in the 2012 Presidential race, too.
So, who’s right?  I really don’t know.  I don’t think anyone does.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if the polls most of us hear about are wrong.  When we keep seeing headlines like those below, it’s hard to believe that the majority of Americans want to continue down Obama’s path of destruction.  Here are some examples:

The Washington Free Beacon reports about the inaccurate numbers in Obama’s economic plans with this headline:  "Phantom Savings:  Obama’s Debt-Reduction Plan Is Filled With Gimmicks"  

Fast and Furious is far from over with Univision releasing an explosive probe on the scandal that is said to be the holy grail of reports.  

This headline says a lot about how the public feel about what’s happening in foreign policy:

And reports that show evidence of the cover-up are discussed in this piece:

Not wanting to have it affect the election, the Democrats try to avoid accountability by trying to delay the investigation:

But Obama’s failures in foreign policy are more than just Libya:

And if we’re not in enough financial trouble, the New York Times is reporting that the Obama administration is trying to give Egypt $450 million.  

As long as they’re throwing our money around we can look a little further and find McClatchy reporting that Secretary of State Clinton has offered $45 million to the Syrian rebels

All this wasting of taxpayer’s money while Americans’ incomes have fallen $3040 during the Obama “Recovery” and you have to wonder why any thinking American would want another four years of this mess, which I might add, is sure to push us right over the cliff and into collapse of our economy. 

The president shows no concern for Americans during this terrible time of economic struggle.  Even his strongest constituency does not get help as the Washington Times reports that the Black community suffers most under president’s fiscal policies.

But let’s not forget that your taxpayer dollars are being spent not just for programs and foreign aid.  They are being spent to cover up things that could impact the president’s reelection as we see in this headline from
The administration is even offering to cover legal costs contractors may incur for not issuing the required 60 notice of potential layoffs.  This is all because the layoffs would occur on January 2, 2013 and if the contractors notify the workers according to regulations they would have to notify them just before the election by Nov. 2, 2012 (obviously seriously affecting the way those employees and their families would vote).  So the administration is offering the contractors to cover their legal costs in case they get sued for not notifying workers before the election as required by regulation.

The media doesn’t want you to know about, let alone think about these kinds of things.  We have seen numerous times how they have twisted and manipulated information so that Romney looks bad.  This headline is another example of the work they are doing:

Voters should question why someone as evil as Hugo Chavez would endorse the president for reelection.  Chavez, like the Chinese, has said that he supports Obama’s reelection.  Wouldn’t it make sense to NOT want the person your enemy wants as your leader? 

No, things are not as rosy for the president as they want you to believe.  Even students are upset about what his administration is doing to their lives as we can see by headlines like this:

It’s nonsense to think it’s all over at this point.  As the Weekly Standard points out: 

For all of the wishful thinking in the mainstream press about President Obama’s positioning 40 days before this election, Obama’s approval rating looks remarkably similar to what it was on this date in 2010 — shortly before his party lost a historic 63 House seats and 6 Senate seats.

The black community, the president’s most staunch supporters, are now facing a stand being taken by many black pastors saying that voters should reconsider voting on election day because of the president’s support of gay marriage, a position that conflicts with the biblical teachings of their churches.  

If that's not enough, a Catholic Bishop is very concerned about the votes that will be cast by people on election day and has even put a video on YouTube warning of the danger in supporting candidates who support positions that are intrinsically evil.  He says that voters may be putting their own souls in eternal danger by making the wrong choice on election day.  

I find it very interesting that people of varying religious persuasions have moral and ethical problems with Obama and the Democrats.  A message having to do with eternal judgment is certainly more serious than telling someone they disagree about school funding or some other comparatively minor issue.  I can't remember a time a presidential candidate drove the clergy to these kinds of public statements.

In a piece about assuming the election is already over, the Weekly Standard published an article titled "The Silly Mantra of Obama’s Inevitability” where they talk about how ridiculous it is to assume Obama has already won.  It's important for us to remember that we don't have to accept everything the mainstream media put out at face value.  

It’s time for American patriots to work hard and remember that battles are not won by easy, simple fights.  They are won by those who struggle through the tough times and don’t give up.  We are only half way to Election Day.  We’ve still got lots of time to win this election, and with the dishonesty of the mainstream media’s reporting Romney may already be doing a lot better than they report.  If we work hard Mitt Romney has a very good chance of winning.

Time Magazine reported on December 1, 1980, the month after the overwhelming victory of Reagan over Carter, that the results certainly weren't what was expected:

For weeks before the presidential election, the gurus of public opinion polling were nearly unanimous in their findings. In survey after survey, they agreed that the coming choice between President Jimmy Carter and Challenger Ronald Reagan was "too close to call." A few points at most, they said, separated the two major contenders.

But when the votes were counted, the former California Governor had defeated Carter by a margin of 51% to 41% in the popular vote
Work hard by talking to everyone you know and everyone you meet.  We win hearts by direct one-on-one contact.  And don’t forget the importance of winning control of the Senate and maintaining control of the House.  If the Republicans control both houses of Congress they can provide a stop-gap against a president getting out of control.  So even if President Obama did win reelection they would be able to keep him from taking the nation even further into danger.

Just remember Yogi Berra and keep saying, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”