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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Biden And Obama Debate Performances Prove They Have No Substance

Here’s the Nonsense:  Vice President Biden controlled the debate tonight with his vast knowledge of the facts coupled with his experience and professionalism.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Vice President Biden proved his lack of substance, professionalism, and qualification for his job during his debate performance tonight.

The VP debate was Joe Biden’s chance to turn things around for the Obama/Biden campaign after Obama’s pitiful performance last week at the debate in Denver.  Rather than accomplishing that task, Biden proved that he and Obama  have no substance to their arguments.

As I watched tonight’s Vice Presidential debate I immediately saw what I thought would be the basis for what I am writing now.  I thought it would be about the disrespect and condescending attitude that Vice President Biden showed for Congressman Ryan through his smirking and laughing antics while Ryan was speaking.  Throughout the debate those actions were the thing that stood out so much that I thought they would be the things to write about.  After all, people on both sides of the aisle were talking about them.  Whether it was Politico noting the Twitter comments about the condescension of Biden towards Ryan, Breitbart reporting on Biden making a jerk of himself, or one of the many other news outlets reporting on it, it seemed that the moment the debate was over there were stories popping up everywhere about that issue.

Certainly I could have commented about that, but never wanting to be where everyone else is when I’m writing (unless I write about it first), I decided to approach this from another, and probably more important angle.   

No, not an angle that would talk about the numerous distortions, twists of fact, and outright contradictions Biden gave as he answered questions.  Things like his answer about Benghazi security that contradicted the State Department’s position are easy stories that will be picked up by outlets like does here.

And not an angle that would focus on Biden’s mistakes or gaffes like saying that the Obama Administration saved the auto industry and 1 million jobs so that 200,000 people are working today. 
I’m still not sure what he meant by that comment.  I guess the 1 million jobs that were saved were only given to 200,000 people so that means they each got 5 jobs?  Or maybe they saved 1 million jobs but then lost 800,000 of them and now there’s only 200,000 people still employed?  I’ve got a suggestion.  Instead of trying to manipulate facts to such a distorted level, why not just admit that the American taxpayers paid to save the auto workers union because it’s such a substantial Democrat voting block?  Well, I digress.  Let me get back to the subject at hand….
Actually I’m talking about something very simple, yet very easily missed if we’re not watching closely.  I can’t help noticing it over and over in this campaign.  Whether it is the vice president or the president, it seems to be the same.  In fact, I even addressed this in my post last week about the presidential debate when I said that the “president is in so far over his head that he doesn’t know where to turn except to propaganda.  And then he hopes that propaganda will be strong enough to bail him out.”  He has no substance to back up his positions so he keeps repeating talking points from his campaign speeches. 
Even listening to his 2008 campaign speeches next to his 2012 campaign speeches reveal that he’s repeating the same old worn out message. 
Tonight Biden proved he’s no better.  Instead of having actual facts to back up his points he was focused only on controlling the debate by rudely smirking, laughing, and interrupting Paul Ryan.  The moderator continually allowed him to do so and the cameras filming the debate regularly showed a split screen with Biden making his smirking faces and laughing while Ryan was speaking yet going to full screen on Biden most of the time he spoke.
Those in charge of filming the debate and Biden’s campaign advisors who trained him for the debate must have thought this would be a real way to do damage to Ryan.  (You can decide for yourself whether you think there was any collusion to try to make Ryan look bad on the part of those two parties.)  Add a moderator who clearly wouldn’t do her job and Ryan’s job was even harder.
Charles Krauthammer made a good point about the impact of it when he said:  “If you read the transcript, I think it’s dead even. If you heard it on radio, Biden won. If you watched it on television, he lost.”
Regardless of what was planned or done, what ended up happening was not only that Biden’s actions backfired, but it also showed that this was all he had for arguments.  Like his boss, the president, he has no way to address the arguments with facts.  So he relies on other means hoping he’ll be able to overpower the facts of his opponent with something else less substantive.
Some will say that Biden won tonight.  Some will say Ryan won tonight.  I’d say the American people can get a win out of tonight if they use it to realize that the Romney/Ryan campaign have substantive answers while the Obama/Biden campaign only have rhetoric.  And the rhetoric of the Obama/Biden record is there only to cover up and confuse so that voters don’t focus on their failed record.
We can have decades or even generations of a devastating and debilitating economy by reelecting the current administration or we can have a new administration that wants to return America to its greatness and once again give every American the hope of achieving the American Dream because they have a plan to turn this nation around, create jobs, and get our economy moving again.  America’s hope lies with a Romney/Ryan ticket being elected next month along with winning the Senate and retaining the House for the Republicans.