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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Obama’s Foreign Policy Gets America’s Enemies To Endorse Him

Here’s the Nonsense:  While domestically President Obama has had a rough 4 years and may not have accomplished as much as he wanted because of the mess he inherited, we can be proud of his performance in the area of foreign policy.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  There is no area in which the president has improved things for America, and foreign policy is no exception.  It’s time for change in Washington before we no longer will be able to make a change.

Say what you will, but President Obama’s foreign policy has done no good for America around the world.  Something is terribly wrong when those who support the president’s reelection bid include world leaders whose greatest desire is to, at the least, see America diminished in world influence and at the worst, would like to see the America of history as the world’s greatest beacon of freedom destroyed.  Yet that’s what has happened in the almost 4 years of Obama’s presidency.  Russia’s Putin, Cuba’s Castro, and Venezuela’s Chavez have endorsed Obama’s reelection.  Even China has made it clear they can work better with Obama (translated that means that they can get more of what they want, which will not be good for America).  As American citizens and voters we must ask ourselves why we would vote for a second term for a man who has gotten America’s enemies to endorse his reelection.

On Monday night, Oct. 22nd Obama and Romney will face off for their third and final debate of the presidential campaign.  Obama thinks foreign policy is one of his strong points, but getting America’s foes to support you doesn’t make you a great leader or foreign policy success.  Rather, it shows your weakness.  Obama thinks that successful foreign policy is to get others to like you.  Well Mr. President, your lack of understanding the simple fact that respect is more important than friendship should be enough to make voters run away from you screaming.  Friendship without respect is not friendship, it’s opening yourself to manipulation.  Friendship comes out of respect, not vice versa.  And no, the death of Osama bin Laden is not the great claim that you make it out to be.  You simply approved the order to complete a job that the military had been working on since long before you arrived.

This debate is important, but no matter how Obama or Romney do in the debate, Obama’s record should be more than enough for voters to avoid the mistake of granting him a second term.  This nation cannot afford 4 more years of this president whether it be in regards to economics, national security, or in any other area.  By no measure has he made things better for America.  It’s time for change in Washington.