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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

And The Winner Is… Or Is There Something More Important Right Now?

Here’s the Nonsense:  We’re down to the last moments of the presidential campaign and it’s important we find out what predictions the pundits have made for the election.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Not only are the predictions nothing more than speculation and educated guesses (and probably a lot of uneducated ones, too), they aren’t nearly as important as other issues we should be focusing on during these remaining hours in the campaign.
People want predictions so I’ll give in to the requests and give you mine, but first we should discuss something more important.  Ever notice that during each presidential election pundits and broadcasters are obsessed with predictions of who will win?  This is the most important election of our lifetimes, maybe even in the entire history of our nation, and we’re still stuck on childish guessing games that take the majority of our time when there’s something far more important to be considered.  With this being such an important election shouldn’t we be using these last few days and hours before the closing of the polls to make sure as many people as possible who have not voted yet are clearly aware of the real issues being fought for in this election so that they can make a good decision who to vote for?

Many a pundit have said that by now most people have made up their minds on who they are going to vote for and persuading anybody now is really impossible.  But I beg to differ.  My life has been spent in business.  From the time I was a small child my father, a successful businessman, had me learning business and was getting me involved in it.  I worked in management for an international corporation while still in high school, started my own business to put myself through school, and by 25 years old had started, built, and sold 3 businesses.  And that was just the beginning of my 38+ year business career.  Why is that important?  Because the core of success of any business is sales and I spent years learning and becoming at the top in the sales field, which has served me well throughout my life in all areas of business, not just sales.  One thing I’ve learned is that no sale is complete until the person has paid their money, signed the contract, actually made the purchase.  Until someone votes, the sale is not complete.  So all those people left out there who have not voted yet still haven’t made their “buying decision” until they do, because until they do there’s still a chance to change their mind (whether they think so or not).
As I talk to people I’m amazed how little so many people know about this election and the candidates.  So many are basing decisions on superficial factors.  Few really know the issues, who the candidates really are, the record of the candidates, or have taken the time to find out.  Yet our nation is about to collapse economically, the future of our children is at stake, and they are not taking the time to get involved. 

Some say they are just too busy, but if they were on a ship crossing the ocean and it was sinking and a crew member told them to get into a lifeboat would they respond saying that they were too busy and would deal with it later or just take their chances?  Not if they were sane.  And yet that is exactly what is happening with many voters.
We have two candidates to choose from (Let’s be honest, any third party candidate doesn’t have a true chance of winning so it’s not even worth discussing them at this point.).  We have one who is our current president and has a track record in the office for which he is running for reelection.  The other candidate is a businessman and former governor who also has a record.  We do have things to which we can compare. 

The best measure of comparison is to look at what has happened during the past 4 years in our country. 
  • Unemployment has gotten worse. 
  • Government assistance to individuals has increased. 
  • Debt has increased. 
  • The size of government has increased. 
  • More businesses have failed. 
  • Fewer businesses are being started. 
  • More people live in poverty. 
  • Our nation is less respected around the world. 
  • Relationships with our allies have weakened. 
  • Our enemies have taken advantage of new weaknesses they’ve found in our nation. 
  • Our military is being stripped of its strength. 
  • Those serving our nation, military or otherwise, have found they can no longer count on America to protect them and stand with them, which is a first in all of American history. 
And those are just a few things that have happened to America under President Obama.
This is because we have in Barack Obama a president who came into office with no understanding of who or what America is.  His background is from a radical upbringing and past that is anti-American with a goal of dragging America down to the level of other countries.  He was taken from Hawaii to Indonesia and went to school in his early years there.  Then he returned to America and attended school at the exclusive and expensive Punahou School in Hawaii.  During his time in Hawaii he was heavily influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Party Member, who Obama’s family directed he spend a lot of time with and who Obama grew very close to, as was documented in his autobiography when it was orignially written.  He has admitted to being a frequent drug user while in school. 

After high school Obama attended college at Occidental in California and Columbia in New York, and received his law degree from Harvard in Massachussetts.  He has admitted to always seeking out professors and other students with radical and often Marxists views to learn from.  While he is not known to have come from wealth, somehow he attended these very expensive schools but we do not know how he got into the schools academicaly or financially because he has sealed all of his records so that they are not available to the public.
His work background includes time working as a university lecturer in Chicago (contrary to the claim that he was a law professor, it's said the only records are that he was a lecturer), a limited time with a law firm in Chicago, working as a community organizer in Chicago, which seems to be what he feels is his greatest achievement. 

We need to remember that as a community organizer he was trained in Saul Alinsky’s methods and ideas to overthrow our capitalist system and turn us into a socialist marxist style government. This philosophy teaches that America is a nation of thieves.  It considers us guilty of stealing all the successes our citizens and our nation have had instead of our true history of offering more opportunity than any nation on earth and having achieved greater deeds and successes and freed more people than any nation in history that has all come about because of hard work and integrity.  They believes only an elite few, of which Obama is one, deserve a better life and the rest of us never built anything.  Any successes we have had are because we have stolen from the hard work of others.
After working as a community organizer Obama was elected as a State Senator in Illinois and then a U. S. Senator from Illinois before running for president.

His opponent, Mitt Romney, not only believes in the greatness of America, he’s lived it.  He loves America and wants all the opportunity from which he’s personally benefited to be available to all citizens.  He believes in the American Dream because he’s lived it.  He’s been so successful that if he were to be elected to be president he would be the second or third most wealthy man to ever hold the office.  Depending on his actual net worth and adjusting past presidents’ wealth to 2011 dollars, it’s been estimated Romney is worth between $190 and $250 million.  For those who are interested, George Washington was the richest with a net worth of over $540 million in 2011 dollars.  Thomas Jefferson was second in wealth with a net worth of $218 million followed by Theodore Roosevelt at $128 million, also in 2011 dollars. 
While he started out poor and working in the construction industry, Mitt Romney’s father became very successful and wealthy.  He was head of American Motors and governor of Michigan.  When Mitt received his inheritance he gave it away and worked to earn his own success.  He received degrees in law and business from Harvard.  He started his own company, Bain Capital, and built it to a huge success making millions by taking over struggling companies and making them successful.  During his time there thousands of jobs were created.  After leaving the firm and turned the struggling Winter Olympics around to become a success and also became governor of Massachussetts.  As governor he turned the state around financially taking it from deficits to surpluses all four years he was in office.    

The bottom line is that Barack Obama has never worked in a position where he had to create jobs, meet a payroll, handle a budget, or anything similar to what is the lifeblood of America’s economy which is business.  Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has spent his life working in business and jobs where the skills needed to make an economy work are the foremost requirement.  And he’s been successful at it time after time.
Yes, there are many other things we could say, in fact we could write a book about their qualifications but the space and time is too limited now.  Certainly we should consider facts like Romney’s giving huge amounts to charity and personal stories of how he’s helped numerous people throughout his life while keeping those stories quiet because he doesn’t believe that doing good deeds should be broadcast.  Rather, good deeds are the reward in and of themselves in Mitt Romney’s eyes.

We have a nation that is about to collapse financially and is in desperate need of leadership.  President Obama has not only proven that he cannot lead, he doesn’t have the faintest idea how an economy works or how to fix one that is broken.  We have 4 years of devastation to our country that will not only continue, they will get worse if he is reelected.  His plan is to continue and increase what he’s done his first 4 years if he’s reelected.  We will not survive 4 more years of what we’ve had.  Only Mitt Romney gives us solutions and gets us on another track designed to fix this nation.  The only thing that could hold Romney back from success is if Harry Reid and the Democrats retain control of the Senate, which will mean that Romney’s hands will be tied as president.  Romney won’t even be able to repeal the economically devastating Obamacare legislation if the Democrats retain control of the Senate.
This is the message that those who have not voted need to consider, not a message about guessing who is going to win.  Predictions are interesting and fun, but they serve no purpose especially when the nation is just a few short inches from falling over a fiscal cliff from which we will never be able to return.  Making sure that that message is understood by every voter has got to be the priority until the polls close on November 6th.

And by the way, since people keep asking for a prediction I’ll humor them and give one.  However, understand that my prediction is assuming that a number of things that could happen don’t happen.  Mitt Romney has had amazing success in his campaign, especially after Americans were able to hear who he really is in his own words at the debates instead of the words the Obama campaign has used trying to create a false image of Romney to try to drive people away from him.  Once Americans saw the real Romney the turnout to his campaign stops skyrocketed with tens of thousands turning out for Romney while Obama was only getting audiences of hundreds to a few thousand.  Obama’s campaign stops are getting crowds that are as much as 20 times smaller than he got in 2008.  The interest in Obama has waned as people suffer in far worse circumstances than they were in before he took office.  They see him as having no answers while Romney does have a plan.
But there have been a number of incidents that threaten a fair and honest election.  Those include such things as:

  • Intimidation and influence of voters through such things as threats of riots and violence.
  • Illegal activities at polling places.
  • Outright voter fraud. 
So, if these types of things can be avoided and stopped, and a fair election can be had, then I have no doubt that Mitt Romney will win in a landslide. 

But with these threats and dangers to a fair and honest election we can only hope that a large enough number of people understand the issues and vote for Romney so that any fraud or threats are overidden by the sheer number of voters who turn out for Romney.  That is why this message is so important and why spending our time speculating who will win really isn’t the most important thing we should be doing with our time.