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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arrogance, Not Truth, Will Guide Obama As He Deals With Benghazi

Here’s the Nonsense:  Obama will seek the truth of what happened in Benghazi so the families of the victims along with the nation can be assured of closure on the issue.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  Truth has nothing to do with the goals of this administration about what happened in Benghazi.  Arrogance is the tool Obama will use to deal with this mess.
Those who think that Obama will crumble under the pressure of the Benghazi investigation are dreaming.  He has always been a man of arrogance and it will get nothing but worse the more he is pushed into a corner in the search for truth. 
People who are power hungry do not take well to being challenged, especially those who’ve lived privileged lives.  And our president has certainly lived a privileged life, not the phony image put forth of him for PR purposes that makes people think his background is akin to being born in a log cabin he built himself, and raising his own food and cooking it over an open flame to feed his mother and his entire extended family (or any other tall tale they can come up with to make him seem like an American pioneer, frontiersman, and true hero). 
No, he’s not from an extremely wealthy family, but his background shows he came from at least a middle class background and most likely some level of privilege just by looking at his education.  The Punahou School in Hawaii, Columbia, and Harvard are very expensive schools.  He is not known for great grades so we can eliminate academic scholarships.  Yet he not only got accepted to those schools, they were somehow paid for.  Unless he had some source of money provided for him, how would you explain his ability to attend schools like that?  And if it was provided for him, who was the benefactor that provided it?  But that is a sideline comment about what is being discussed here.  Let’s get back to the issue at hand.
Obama has shown arrogance since the day he was first elected.  He was very unpresidential and childish in his first term when he was quick to throw in the face of the Republicans that he won and they lost and made it clear they had no place in disagreeing with him.  At one point he even told them to sit in the back of the bus.  He’s made it clear that compromise means that those who disagree with him are to change and go along with his ideas. 
What we’re seeing now is simply a repeat of what we’ve seen before, but now that he’s unencumbered from the burden of future re-election worries we can expect to see his attitude get even worse.  This is why we should not be surprised by his display of arrogance once again today.
When he gave his press conference today and was asked about Benghazi, only someone who is either blind or not paying attention could miss how indignant he looked.  His look seemed to say, “How dare you question me?”  This is the behavior that would be expected of someone who is spoiled, immature and childish, not the behavior of a president. 
When Senators McCain, Graham, and Ayotte asked today that a Watergate-style special committee of inquiry be established to streamline the investigation into Benghazi they really thought some Democrats in Congress would be interested.  They even thought the mainstream media would want to know more.  But not one Democrat has shown any interest and the mainstream media aren't much better.  In fact, when they referred to this scandal as worse than Watergate the media scoffed and practically laughed at them, even though there are serious allegations about what led to the deaths of those 4 Americans.
Why would we think that the Democrats or media (which are essentially one in the same) would be interested in shining a light of investigation on anything about this president?  The Democrats believe that covering for this president is protecting him from Republicans.  They don’t see it as covering possible wrong doing.  They see it as protecting and supporting him and showing loyalty.  Truth and right and wrong do not enter into their thoughts.  They’ve bent over backwards to support him and get him re-elected.  Why would they turn on the one they have covered for so much?  Why would we think that they ask honest questions?  They believe that loyalty to their ideology is more important than truth.  Heaven help them if they question their chosen one!
And it’s this kind of protection and support from the Democrats and media that encourages and strengthens Obama’s resolve when asked a challenging question. It’s this treatment that causes him to believe his own press.  It’s this treatment that sends him the message that does not have to be accountable.
No, there may be Republicans and conservatives who’d like answers, but they are going to face an uphill battle against not just the Democrat Party and the Obama administration.  They are going to face it from the mainstream media.  And what they need to remember are the words of Samuel Clemens who said never to pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.  Benghazi could be damaging enough to do serious and even irreparable damage to this presidency, but for it to do so they will have to work extra hard to make sure the truth gets to the public and is not swept under the rug by the media to protect the president.