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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Obama's First Compromise?

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama is really trying to help America and is open to ideas that may differ from his own to fix America's economic problems.  That's why he's meeting with Mitt Romney to see if he can find some good ideas he can use to help fix America.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Anyone who thinks that President Obama is meeting with Mitt Romney to consider some of his ideas to help the country is a fool.  Obama only does things for his own benefit, not for that of the nation.  This is only a show to be able to use it to his own political advantage.

President Obama has scheduled a private meeting for Thursday with Mitt Romney.  They will meet at the White House with no press coverage.  The Obama administration claims that they are keeping a promise made in Obama's victory speech on November 6th.  In that speech he promised to meet with Romney to consider his ideas to help America's financial crisis.

The ideas we're talking about are Romney's drastically different views than Obama's on how to avoid the fiscal cliff and get the economy moving again.  Obama has steadfastly held to the idea that increasing taxes is the answer compared to Romney's campaign position that cutting taxes would do more to stimulate the economy.

What's interesting about this meeting is that anyone might actually think it's legitimate.  Why Romney would fall for it is not clear.  President Obama has never considered any Republican ideas about anything.  His idea of meeting to consider someone's ideas is that the other person will change their position and agree with him.  Obama not only thinks he knows more than anyone else (he is known in Washington as the guy who thinks he's the smartest man in the room), he has consistently during his time in office accused Republicans of not being willing to negotiate while he doesn't move at all on his positions.  Compromise to President Obama means that the other party will change and agree with him.  So why would it be any different this time?

Republicans are truly stupid if they think there will be any movement on Obama's part.  Most likely Obama will try to convince Romney to go along with his ideas.  He may use the reasoning that it's for the country to have unity and not be so partisan, or some other guise to try to get Romney to go along with it.  Whatever happens behind closed doors, Obama will use it for his own political purposes to paint a picture of how open-minded he is.  If Romney won't go along with him he'll use it to try to show Republicans as obstructionist.  If Romney does go along with it Obama will try to use it to show that key Republicans support him.  No matter what happens behind closed doors Obama will spin it to make himself look good and Republicans look bad.

This is a man who doesn't understand the first thing about economics.  Remember, he himself said that he wasn't any good with math beyond a 7th grade level (although sadly it doesn't take even a 7th grade level of math to understand economics enough to know the economy is not being handled correctly).  He says that taxing "the rich" will fix our problems.  Yet we are a nation with a president that spends far more than $1 trillion each year than we have in income.  And he thinks that taxing the rich will fix the problem.

Obama's tax-the-rich-plan would bring in an additional $85 billion in annual revenue.  But Obama's government is spending more than $1 trillion a year more than we bring in.  Obama's solution won't even scratch the surface in dealing with our problems.  And since most people won't seriously look at the math they assume his solution will work.  The difference between $85 billion and $1 trillion is huge.  Here's a way to explain it in a more understandable way:

Instead of money, let's use time to see how different it is.  If we went back in time 85 billion seconds it would be 683 BC.  If we went back 1 trillion seconds it would be 29,700 BC.  We are in so deep that the only thing that can fix our problems is to cut spending.  And we're not doing that. 

When Congress tells us they are cutting spending they are being very dishonest about it.  Their cuts are not really cuts at all because spending keeps going up.  They use something called baseline budgeting where the government plans on an automatic increase each year in each expense.  Budgetary items are not required to be justified expenses each year.  They are automatically considered to be an expense the next year.  On top of this they get an automatic increase each year. 

When Congress says they have cut spending they are not actually cutting the amount they are spending, they are cutting the amount of increase in spending.  So if, for example, an item is increased 7% automatically and they cut that to 6%, then Congress tells us that they cut spending by 1% when, in reality, all they've done is reduced the amount of planned increase.  That is how baseline budgeting works.

If, on the other hand, they were to switch to zero-based budgeting then not only is there no automatic increase each year, each item must be justified as a legitimate expense each year.  The result is that you can control expenditures and reduce spending.  Since most people in Congress are not interested in making that kind of change, they should be replaced.  

America must hold its elected representatives accountable and starting immediately must work harder than ever to get new people to represent us in Congress in the 2014 mid-term elections.  It's our only hope... and after seeing how citizens did not do the right thing in the presidential election, it's a very slim hope that they will choose to do the right thing in the mid-terms.  We are in big trouble in America and unless citizens start to accept responsibility and hold politicians accountable there is no way to stop the collapse of our nation and save it for our children.