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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Forget The Fiscal Cliff, Obama’s Bigger Goal Is Far Worse

Here’s the Nonsense:  President Obama wants to get the fiscal cliff dealt with to save America from a financial crisis and get the economy moving forward again.

Here’s the Horse Sense:  The fiscal cliff that everyone is talking about isn’t the real issue to worry about.  President Obama has economic plans for America that will result in far worse damage than anything the fiscal cliff could cause.

Everybody’s worried about the fiscal cliff, but no one is paying attention to much bigger problems.  Sure, the fiscal cliff may bear some importance, especially if the Republicans handled it right.  But it really is a phony problem that was made up by politicians to spread fear and allow them to intimidate the American people so they can be manipulated into supporting things that will do more damage to the economy and America’s future.  Yet with all that, Obama’s bigger goal is far worse for America’s future.

The fiscal cliff is not about doing what’s best for America, it’s about power and control.  But on a much bigger scale Obama’s only economic goal is to destroy the American economic system so he can replace it with something far worse.

It’s been an obvious fact for some time that the mainstream media, along with the Democrats and establishment Republicans, have sold themselves out and forsaken America’s future.  So what happened in the recent election with them should be no surprise.  But the fact that so many American citizens have sold their children’s future out in return for more benefits for themselves and/or have refused to be involved in America’s well-being by holding their government accountable is not just disappointing, it’s disgusting.

Where are the Americans who made this country the great country it once was?  Are they asleep or gone?  The intolerable rejection of the responsibilities Americans carry will have a day of accountability, and I wouldn’t want to be one of them on that day.

While the price is now far higher than it was before the election, we can still save America and turn this nation around.  But the days are very numbered and the opportunity limited to do it.  It must start with Americans realizing what we face and who it is who is trying to change America into something more reminiscent of a Marxist regime than to the America that gave us prosperity and opportunity beyond that of any nation in the history of mankind.

People don’t like to hear it, but the truth is often the hardest thing to face.  The fact is that Americans have elected into office many people who are out to destroy the unique country of America as we’ve known it.  They do not understand America’s unique and exceptional nature.  They do not understand that America has done more good for the rest of the world than any other nation in history.  From freeing more people from tyranny to rebuilding countries destroyed by war and natural disaster, America has been there to help other countries more than any other.  And America has never asked to be repaid.  Even more than through our government, Americans as a people have given more in money, time, and labor to help others both at home and abroad than any nation in history. 

Those are the character traits of a great nation, an exceptional nation like no other now or ever in world history.  And those characteristics are dying.  We have sold them and our children out for a few more benefits to keep our lives as easy as possible.  But it’s getting harder and harder for it to be easy anymore.  And that’s because of the decisions we’ve made.

Now we have in office a group of people out to destroy what is left of it.  And leading them is President Barack Obama.  A man who many think is just another liberal American, just another Democrat.  But what’s sad is that America missed who he really is.  Let me share with you in the following paragraphs some things I covered in my book, No Tomorrows: How To Halt America's Imminent Collapse And Return To The American Dream.

Barack Obama has had sealed all information about his past so that no one can see it.  From school records to medical records to work records, we have virtually no information about who he really is.  Yet over time we’ve found out a few things.  We’ve found out that he was raised by a family who embraced Marxist ideology.  He was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a card-carrying communist who taught him to embrace Marxism.  He has admitted that he sought out radicals, Marxists in friendships and as professors to sit under in college and graduate school.  And, maybe the most telltale of whether all this had an impact on him, he was a student of Saul Alinsky’s teachings and not only learned them, he then was trained by Alinsky’s organization, worked for Alinsky’s organization, and taught others those same ideals.  He said that Alinsky's teachings were more important to him even that what he learned in school at Columbia or Harvard.

Who was Saul Alinsky? His name is not familiar to many citizens, but his influence in today’s political system is huge.  Many people on the political left and in the Democrat party are advocates of Alinsky’s teachings. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both ardent followers of Alinsky. Saul Alinsky wrote a book titled Rules for Radicals to teach his followers how to infiltrate and overthrow the American system of government.  He was a Marxist who believed there was another way to overthrow the government that would be more effective than trying for a violent revolution.  He believed that all evils come from capitalists’ exploitation of wage earners and, as a result, his philosophy requires the end of capitalism and a change to a Marxist based system.

Alinsky, who was from Chicago, worked to move into positions of influence. Al Capone’s top henchman was Frank Nitti, and as Alinsky developed a close relationship with him, he saw his influence increase in the community. Alinsky also got close to the upper power structure in the Chicago Catholic church.  People such as Bishop Bernard Sheil were able to give him an air of importance and acceptance.

Alinsky also started the Industrial Areas Foundation to train radicals. He called them “community organizers” and Barack Obama became one of them.  Over the years Alinsky influenced many people in government. When President Lyndon Johnson started his War on Poverty in the 1960s, Alinsky’s radicals were able to work themselves into the program and direct government funds into Alinsky projects. But quite possibly the biggest feat he accomplished was to win over Hillary Rodham (now Hillary Rodham Clinton) through a radical church group in which she was involved. Later, she wrote about Alinsky for her senior thesis at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. Alinsky offered her a job as a community organizer but she chose to go to Yale Law School instead. She remained a close friend of Alinsky’s throughout his life and his influence on her was significant.

Barack Obama trained under Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation and taught Alinsky’s methods. He worked for some Alinsky influenced groups in Chicago, including the Developing Communities Project, ACORN, and Project Vote.  Alinsky’s philosophy has infiltrated and become the primary force of influence in the Democrat Party under the term “progressivism.”  

Beginning their movement in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, progressives believed that most of the problems in society were due to what they deemed as the injustice of capitalism, primarily economic disparity.

They believed the industrial revolution had brought about greed that had led to the problems that many people faced, and that only government intervention could rectify the imbalance.  Progressives defined the wealthy as a greedy class that lavished a leisure lifestyle on itself, and they started referring to them as the conservative class. 

In 1913 Charles Beard published An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States, which was a Marxist view of history that attacked the success of capitalism and put forth a picture of America’s founders as greedy white men who had created an America to feed their personal greed.

Progressives called for a complete transformation of government in America.  They did not want what the founders of America had put forth in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, the core belief that the job of government was to protect the liberty of the individual. Instead, they wanted it changed so that it became a government that would handle any disparity in society, from economic to social. The government, in their view, would be involved in whatever the immediate circumstances needed to be rectified.

The progressive elite (people like we see in government today that include Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) believed they were a select few who were far more qualified to decide what was best for Americans than the citizens themselves were. Unlike socialism, which was a movement of so-called common people, progressivism, though it does place the right of the government above the right of the individual, was a movement of elitists who saw themselves as intellectuals. Progressives believe in the principles of Marx, although they often call Marxism by other names and they lean heavily on the idea that they represent democracy. They believed they knew better than ordinary citizens what was best for them.  They also started referring to the Constitution as a “living” document that would evolve as the circumstances dictated. There were no absolutes in their view, but rather, the needs of the times would dictate what the Constitution should deem correct. Essentially, progressivism was the idea that situation ethics should become the law of the land.

The goal of progressivism is larger control by the state and increased size of government. It moves toward that goal through a process that evolves the system to the progressives’ planned end. The progressive moves into key positions and institutions in society and slowly takes them over to change them. The takeover includes churches, media, schools, labor unions, and government.

A few progressive leaders in American society have included such people as President Woodrow Wilson, President Theodore Roosevelt, President Franklin Roosevelt, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, Democrat presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan, Andrew Carnegie, John Dewey, NAACP cofounder W.E.B. Du Bois, Margaret Sanger, and more recently, President Lyndon Johnson, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama.

And if you think the number of people pushing the Progressive agenda is small, then you are mistaken. The Congressional Progressive Caucus is an organization of which Americans should pay attention. You can see a membership list and what they stand for at their website ( These people are representatives in our own U. S. House of Representatives. This is the group of people that Congressman Allen West was recently criticized for pointing out how their views are communist in nature.

One of the key ways to take over is to destroy the capitalist economic system by overloading it with overspending and debt.  When it collapses the progressives can then step in with a Marxist based economic model.  This is exactly the path that Barack Obama has the United States on.

The fiscal cliff is just one step in confusing and manipulating the American people and the economy to drive it to destruction.  The progressives have spent years, in fact generations, developing their plans and infiltrating American society and government.  Only an educated and committed public has a chance to stop them and keep America from failing economically.  And that is what it will take to save the future of our nation.

America blew it in the last election.  Now it will take much more hard work and sacrifice to save America.  Are you willing to do what’s necessary, or will you allow America to become broken and impoverished so that we have no legacy except debt to leave to our children and grandchildren?