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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Obama Does Nothing To Defend Largest Persecuted Religious Group

Here's the Nonsense:  Christians are trying to get people to think they're persecuted, but it's nothing compared to what others are going through for their beliefs in the world.

Here's the Horse Sense:  More people on earth claim to be Christian than any other religion.  America is mostly made up of people who claim to be Christian.  Yet President Obama, who "claims" to be Christian shows no interest in helping them even though they are the most persecuted religious group on the planet.

It's Christmas afternoon and I decided to write this blog post today because of a story I read yesterday that I cannot get out of my mind.  The Telegraph is reporting that Christianity is almost extinct in the Middle East.  The article cites a report by the think tank Civitas which says, "It is generally accepted that many faith-based groups face discrimination or persectution to some degree.  A far less widely grasped fact is that Christians are targeted more than any other body of believers."  It goes on to say that 200 million people, or 10% of those who claim to be Christians worldwide, are "socially disadvantaged, harassed or actively oppressed for their beliefs."

The report focuses on the political view of the cause of these problems and believes that governments in the oppressive countries see Christianity as a political move being exported by America to undermine the character of their governments.  It focuses primarily on seven countries:  Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Burma, and China and also points out that 20 countries are judged to be unfree on the grounds of religious tolerance according to the human rights think tank Freedom House.  Of those 20 countries, 12 of them have a Muslim majority.  The report also says that "between half and two-thirds of the Christians in the Middle East have left the region or been killed in the past century" and the "early 21st century has seen a steady rise in the strife endured by Christians."

Everything from harassment, to where they are allowed to live, to how much money they may earn compared to Muslim counterparts, to torture and even death is the price many Christians pay for their faith around the world.

So with all his rhetoric about standing for those who are persecuted and downtrodden in the world, where is President Obama in all of this?  If he really is a Christian, as he has claimed, he should have a natural tendency to stand up for his spiritual brethren.  But does he?  Of course not!  He not only ignores Christian mistreatment and persecution around the world, he stands up for other religions more than Christianity.  But then again, he isn't really a Christian anyway.  The closest he comes is being a former attendee of a church that teaches black liberation theology, which is as far from Christian as the east is from the west.

Barack Obama attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church in Chicago (where they embrace and teach black liberation theology) for about 20 years.  When it came out in his first campaign for the White House the media ignored it and acted like Obama's claim that he became a Christian there was accepted at face value.  The media scorned anyone who dared question Obama's true commitment to his "faith" and what Wright's church was really all about.

While the topic of Wright's church has been mentioned a lot in the right wing media, many are still not familiar with what Wright was teaching.  According to  

Black liberation theology focuses on Africans in general, and African Americans in particular, being liberated from all forms of bondage and injustice, whether real or perceived, whether social, political, economic, or religious.

Black liberation theology focuses primarily on the African-American community with its goal to "make Christianity real for blacks." The primary error in black liberation theology is its focus. Black liberation theology attempts to focus Christianity on liberation from social injustice in the here and now, rather than in the afterlife. Jesus taught the exact opposite, "My kingdom is not of this world" (John 18:36). Have blacks/Africans and especially African Americans been treated unfairly, unjustly, and evilly in recent history?  Absolutely!  Should one of the results of the Gospel be the end of racism, discrimination, prejudice, and inequality? Again, yes, absolutely (Galatians 3:28)! Is deliverance from social injustice a core principle of the Gospel?  No.

The message of the Gospel is that we are all infected with sin (Romans 3:23). We are all worthy of eternal separation from God (Romans 6:23). Jesus died on the cross, taking the punishment that we deserve (1 Corinthians 5:21; 1 John 2:2), providing for our salvation. Jesus was then resurrected, demonstrating that His death was indeed a sufficient payment for the sin penalty (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). If we place our faith/trust in Jesus as Savior, all of our sins are forgiven and we will be granted entrance into Heaven after death (John 3:16). That is the Gospel. That is to be our focus. That is the cure for what is truly plaguing humanity.

When a person receives Jesus as Savior, he/she is a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), and the indwelling Holy Spirit begins the process of conforming him/her to the image of Christ (Romans 12:1-2). Only through this spiritual transformation can racism truly be conquered. Black liberation theology fails because it attacks the symptoms, without truly addressing the disease. Sin/fallenness is the disease; racism is just one of the many symptoms. The message of the Gospel is Jesus' atoning sacrifice for our sins and the salvation that is therefore available through faith. The end of racism would be a result of people truly receiving Jesus as Savior, but the end of racism is not a part of the Gospel itself.

Because of its extreme over-emphasis of racial issues, a negative result of black liberation theology is that it tends to separate the black and white Christian communities, and this is completely unbiblical. Christ came to earth to unite all who believe in Him in one universal Church, His body, of which He is the head (Ephesians 1:22-23). Members of the Body of Christ share a common bond with all other Christians, regardless of background, race, or nationality. "There should be no division in the body, but . . . its parts should have equal concern for each other" (1 Corinthians 12:25). [Note:  The term "body" here is a term referring to the church in Scripture.]  As such, we are to be of one mind, having the mind of Christ, and have one goal, glorifying God by fulfilling Christ's command to "go into all the world," telling others about Him, preaching the good news of the Gospel, and teaching others to observe His commandments (Matthew 28:19-20). Jesus reminds us that the two greatest commandments are to love God and love others as ourselves, regardless of race (Matthew 22:36-40).

Rev. Wright, along with many so-called "Christian" black leaders adhere to the phony theology of Black Liberation Theology that even claims Jesus was black.  They completely ignore the fact that Jesus was semitic, not white.  But then again, their theology teaches a Marxist viewpoint.  And Marxism is very anti-semitic.  It teaches an all-out hatred of Jews.  There is no way a Marxist could be a Christian.  After all, how could a Christian hate Jesus and be a Christian?

It seems far more logical that what Edward Klein said when he wrote his book, The Amateur, is true, That is that Obama never became a Christian, even Jeremiah Wright admits that.  In fact, Jeremiah Wright said that he told Obama he'd make him comfortable being around Christians with his (Obama's) Muslim faith.

So here we are in America, a nation that proclaims to be primarily made up of Christian people, and our own president won't even take a stand to help persecuted Christians around the world.  He'll stand up for the Palestinians who are led by the known terrorist group Hamas against Israel.  He'll lead the charge for political correctness that does not allow anything negative to be said against radical Islam, but he won't stand up for Christians.  (Don't forget such things as our government, under Obama's leadership, not referring to the Ft. Hood shooting massacre as a terrorist attack, but rather as workplace violence.)

No, when our government behaves like it does, especially our president, just look at who he is and what he believes and it becomes pretty easy to understand why he does the things he does.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ and the gift of salvation He offers to the world.  Let us be thankful that man's future depends on God and His plan, not on the plans of political leaders.