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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The GOP Better Learn To Plan For The Future Or It Will Be Lost Forever

Here's the Nonsense:  There's plenty of time to worry about future elections.  Right now the GOP needs to deal with other things.

Here's the Horse Sense:  If the GOP starts working hard on future elections now they might have a chance to catch up to the Democrats who already well into their plans for those elections.

According to a report by Tony Lee at Breitbart, the White House pressured Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, New Jersey, to change his mind about running for governor in that state.  Rather, he seems to have changed his interest to a Senate seat.  This, it is said, puts New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in a very strong position not just for re-election, but also for a presidential bid in 2016.  Why would they do that when Booker is clearly the strongest challenger that Christie could face?

Booker is the outspoken mayor who challenged Obama’s attacks on businesses.  Of course he quickly walked that back when confronted by the President’s campaign.  But for a brief moment he appeared to be a Democrat with a spine who would stand for principle.  Nonetheless, that was when Booker became somewhat of a national celebrity to many because he had openly voiced his views that differed from the president.  (Don’t forget that you can save face with the left if you disown a statement you make against them and start talking about how right and good they are.)

What attracted so much attention in the media was the fact that Booker not only spoke out, but he’s black.  And it seems the media can never understand how a black person could disagree with the president.  They assume all blacks automatically agree with him and if a white person disagrees with him then they say that is proof that the white person is a racist.  I guess people aren't allowed to disagree on principle anymore.  Disagreement with the left means that you are evil.

But the real issue here is why they would back Cory Booker off of challenging Chris Christie when Booker is so highly thought of, and when it makes Christie even stronger as a potential candidate for 2016.  (Currently Chris Christie is the frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination.)  I have a few ideas about why these things are happening.

Cory Booker may be the strongest challenger that could be offered against Christie, but it would still be an uphill battle.  Christie enjoys a very high favorability rating in New Jersey.  Why would the Democrats take such a strong candidate as Booker and take a chance that he might lose a race and tarnish or weaken his image as a candidate for any other office?

And since he is such a strong potential candidate, why not use him somewhere that he can help strengthen the Democrat control in Washington?  By running him for Senate he helps continue the stranglehold that the Democrats have on the Senate, thereby making a very important part of the legislative process even more secure for their party.

But that’s not all.  If Chris Christie wins re-election as governor that’s fine.  He’s already shown he’s willing to embrace the Democrats in ways that give great credence to them.  (Anybody remember how he praised President Obama after Hurricane Sandy?  It seems that was a major factor in the final days of the campaign that helped give Obama his 2nd term.)

And since Christie, who is far from a conservative and carries the same establishment Republican mindset as people such as John Boehner, Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Bob Dole, is the leading contender for the nomination in 2016, it’s important for the Democrats to continue to build him up to make sure he runs and gets the nomination in 2016.  That will, once again, assure another Democrat victory in the presidential election.  After all, don’t you remember how the Democrats said for a long time before the Republican primaries even started that Mitt Romney was their greatest fear?  Don’t you think they were hoping that would cause the GOP to be stupid enough to choose him for the nomination? Of course that’s what they hoped.  They would much rather run against someone who is a moderate because it’s much easier to beat them than a conservative.

Democrats plan well ahead of time for their next election cycle.  Part of that planning is to start to position people to run on both sides of the aisle.  That gives them a much better chance at winning.  Establishment Republicans don’t think that way.  They have no concept of advance planning or the subtle ways in which the Democrats work.

It’s time for conservatives to start to set the stage for both the 2014 mid-term elections and the 2016 presidential election.  Right now America is lost.  We may never be able to save it, but there is a chance if we start work now.  The talk of the fiscal cliff and other issues is moot because we went past the fiscal edge long ago.  Even though it is a harder path to fix things now, if we can turn the tide in 2014 and 2016 we can see the opportunity to bring America back to its greatness.  But we cannot wait to start working toward those goals.  Work must begin today.