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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why Democrats Win With A Losing Argument

Here's the Nonsense:  The Democrats are winning the argument on the fiscal cliff and other issues because they have the best solutions.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The Republicans lose over and over again because they have no idea how to market a winning argument.

The Democrats won the election with a losing argument.  They are winning the battle on the fiscal cliff with a losing argument.  The Republicans lose these things because they have no clue how to articulate a winning argument.  Winning is not always about having the best answers.  It's about articulating your answer better than your competitor.  It's like the old story about the two guys who go hiking and come across a grizzly bear.  You don't have to be the world's best runner to get away from the bear.  You just have to be a better runner than the guy you're with.  The Democrats are lousy runners who just happen to run a little faster than the Republicans.  That's why they won the election and why they are winning on the fiscal cliff argument.

The Republicans are telling people the fiscal cliff is about controlling overspending and fiscal responsibility.  The Democrats counter by saying it's about fairness.  Now let's face it, which sounds more like something you would want to embrace?  

Here's the problem:  The mainstream media believe the Democrats and pass that along as truth to the public.

Here's the bigger problem:  Most Americans believe the garbage that the mainstream media tells them and don't think for themselves.

Any thinking, responsible person would reject out of hand the ideas that the president and his party are selling.  They make absolutely no sense and have us headed on a fast track to doomsday for our nation with no recovery possible should they succeed.  But that is not what most Americans do.  Most Americans blindly accept what they're told by these people without any analysis or critical thinking.

Americans have been taught to take the easy way out.  For years Madison Avenue has sold us on the idea that you don't have to pay for things right away.  In fact, they've been so successful that it's caused people not to feel pain or effort when they buy things.  Buy it on time.  Make payments.  Don't worry about debt.  Those are the messages we, as consumers, have been sold.  When you buy something that is considered a large purchase you are rarely told the price anymore.  You're told the monthly payment.  There has probably been no industry in history as successful in a sales pitch as the banking industry.  Credit, they tell you, makes your life easy.  Just pay a little payment instead of for the whole purchase.  (Sure, you end up paying two and three times as much for things as you would if you paid cash, but it's so easy!)

The Democrats (and even the establishment Republicans) are selling us the same message:  "Blame someone else.  Don't take responsibility for the mess you've allowed this country to get into.  You don't have to pay for that, let someone else do it."   That's their message when they tell us that it's not fair that we should have to pay for things, we can just charge the rich a little more and everything will be fine.

The problem is that the Republicans are right, but no one wants to listen.  It's about spending and fiscal responsibility, but that's uncomfortable and it's a hard path to take.  It's much easier to keep our goodies and blame the rich and make them pay for it.  The problem is that the rich don't have enough money to pay for it.  Not only will Obama's solution to tax the rich not cover the cost (see my recent post that addresses how the taxes from the rich won't even scratch the surface by clicking here), taking EVERY CENT that every millionaire and billionaire in America have will not cover our budget deficit, let alone our national debt. 

The only people interested in solving this problem are the conservatives.  Not the Republicans and not the Democrats.  It's the conservatives in the Republican party who want to fix it.  The Republican leader in the House, John Boehner, and his buddies certainly don't want to fix it.  And the Democrats don't want to fix it.  Only the conservatives who happen to be Republicans are trying to fix it.  But the message of spending cuts and fiscal responsibility won't work.

Americans, unfortunately, must be "sold" what to do to fix the problems we face.  They are not willing to do the work to determine it for themselves.  So we have to hope and pray that the people with the pure motives will win in the marketplace of ideas by being more effective at selling their ideas than anyone else.  And that's not easy.  Try selling your children on cleaning their room and doing their chores instead of going out to have fun.  Guess which one wins if you leave it up to them?

We don't have a parent to tell us to clean the mess up.  We have to be convinced to do the right thing.  And that message is falling on too many deaf ears.  It is up to each of us who understand it to educate other citizens and wake them up.  If we don't do that, we will never turn this around.  You can't outsell irresponsibility and never ending freebies with a message of responsibility unless you're willing to do the work to educate people on the importance of understanding the big picture and the importance of putting the long term results over immediate gratification.

The only thing that will save America from not just the fiscal cliff, but from the long term bigger picture of our national debt and spending irresponsibility is for us to all get involved in winning our fellow citizens over.  If we don't, it will all be over for America sooner than you can imagine.