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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Immigration Proves Rubio Is Not The Conservative Many Think He Is

Here's the Nonsense:  Marco Rubio has a great future leading the conservative movement and probably as the GOP presidential candidate for 2016.  We need to get behind him.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Rubio may or may not have a great future. He speaks well, has good positions on some issues, but is inexperienced just like Obama was and has shown his moderate side with the immigration reform package he's signed on to. 

The group of 8 senators who have just announced their immigration reform plans are proposing nothing new.  They simply want to offer amnestry to illegal aliens in our country.  The GOP members of the group think that this will endear Hispanics to the GOP and bring waves of voters to the party to support them in future elections.  Marco Rubio is one of them and he is just as wrong as the other members of the group.

Democrats know that Hispanic immigrants tend to lean towards supporting Democrat candidates.  The GOP thinks that the reason is because they come to America to puruse the American Dream.  But it's not true.  No matter how many times liberal Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham say it, it doesn't make it so.  National Review reported that Hispanics relate more to Democrat policies than Republican policies.  Only 7% of those polled objected to the Republican immigration viewpoint.  The article said, "The idea of the 'social issues' Hispanic voter is also a mirage.  A majority of Hispanics now support gay marriage, a Pew Research Center poll from last month found.  The Hispanic out-of-wedlock birth rate is 53 percent, about twice that of whites."

Studies have shown that the majority of Hispanics do not see immigration as the primary issue in voting.  Rather, they see government aid programs as security and that is their top issue.  Opening the door to amnesty for illegals will do nothing but allow people who've broken the law to become legal while many other people take years to go through the process legally and do the right thing.

I don't know about you, but I'd prefer to have immigrants who want to start their time in America by doing things legally, not illegally.

This idea that people who were brought here illegally as minors by their parents and need special treatment is ridiculous.  If a family became illegal squatters in someone's home they would be removed and have to face legal consequences.  Their children would not be allowed to become the owners of the home because they were brought there as minors.

There are consequences for breaking the law.  If people pay those legal consequences, then they should be given a fair chance to try again, but this time legally.  All this immigration bill does is waive responsibility and allow people who've broken the law to get a free pass. 

This is not what America is about.  This is the kind of thing that is dragging our nation down and will continue to weaken it.

Whether it's Marco Rubio or anyone else, this is not what we want in leaders.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Paul Ryan Is Wrong. A Clinton Presidency Would Not Have Fixed This Fiscal Mess By Now.

Here's the Nonsense:  Paul Ryan was right when he told NBC's David Gregory that America's fiscal crisis would have been fixed by now if President Clinton was in office.  After all, President Clinton was very successful at dealing with fiscal issues.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Paul Ryan was wrong in his statement to David Gregory.  President Clinton would not have pursued the necessary changes needed to fix these problems without pressure and a plan from the Republicans.

President Bill Clinton was a left wing ideologue when he entered the presidency and tried to move the country to the left.  He would not, by nature, have moved the country to the right as he did without pressure from Gingrich's House of Representatives.  So today, the fact is that we would only be successful dealing with the fiscal crisis if we also had the Republican House led by Newt Gingrich, too.  That House and its leadership is what created the legacy that Clinton and the Democrats claim for that presidency, not the actions of Bill Clinton by himself.

Sure, President Clinton was receptive to working with House Speaker Gingrich and the Republican House, but it was because he knew he couldn't win without them.  His reelection was at the mercy of his willingness to move to the right and abandon his left wing plans.  His hands were tied and he was forced to move to the right after a very left wing start to his presidency.  Gingrich and the House Republicans of that day created a fiscal plan that resulted in enormous success during Clinton's term.  

The Republicans today have allowed the Democrats to claim credit for what happened during that term.  We now have total control of the Republican Party by the big government GOP establishment.  That's why they lose.  That's why they are spineless.  That's why they spell doom for the future.

Gingrich certainly is not the most conservative of Republicans, but he is far more conservative than most of what we have today leading the party.  He understands what made Reagan's success and he led the House in the 1990s to follow that plan and it resulted in great success.  

The answer to America's problems isn't Paul Ryan's plans, although he's on the right path, but often too timid.  America needs radical change to our spending.  Ryan understands the need to cut spending, but is too willing to see it done slowly, which will never succeed.  Serious and radical change is needed to stem the tide and begin to turn things around.  Few people are willing to say it.

Tough decisions on difficult choices to cut spending are required.  We can no longer talk about decades to get balanced budgets (if they talk about it at all).  The only way America can be saved is to start electing leaders who will refuse to sign on to the Washington "good ol' boy" bandwagon and will stand for serious and tough changes.  

Using a sailing analogy, most politicians see America as a ship sailing out to sea and maybe there are some dark clouds on the horizon in their minds.  But the fact is that America is already in the storm and taking on water.  We must stop the incoming water, start bailing out what's come on board, and turn the ship towards a safe harbor so we can recover.  If we don't, the "water" will keep pouring in and dragging us down until we are totally submerged and hit bottom.

With limited exception, America's politicians aren't trying to do that.  A few, like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, understand it and want to fix things.  But we must start now to get many, many more people like them elected in 2014 if there is going to be any chance for our nation's salvation.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Benghazi, Accountability, And Why America Is On Its Last Legs

Here's the Nonsense:  Benghazi was a sad mistake, but if the State Department had the proper funding (and George W. Bush never was president) it never would have happened.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The Benghazi disaster is a perfect example of why our nation is failing.  These hearings were an opportunity to hold our officials accountable. This is the kind of thing that can stop the collapse of our nation.

The hearings on Benghazi, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the star witness, are nothing other than a joke. There was no attempt at finding the cause or holding anyone accountable on the part of the Democrats or most Republicans.  It was a show put on so they could say they had investigated, but in reality they only want to maintain their power.  All they did was try to blame others, in this case George W. Bush and a lack of funding seem to be the scapegoats of choice.

When Mrs. Clinton blew up in response to one question and said there was no point knowing why now she was wrong.  There certainly is a point. It's not just about making sure it doesn't happen again, it's about finding out who is responsible and holding them accountable.  But Hillary and Bill Clinton are the poster children for no accountability.  It hasn't been that long since the Clinton presidency and all the scandals that we should have forgotten them yet.

When she danced away from responsibility for information sent to her by saying that everything sent to the State Department is addressed to her and she couldn't possibly read over a million messages a year, she was wrong.  Of course she couldn't read that many messages, but part of leadership is having staff under you who know enough to sort the important things you need to see and handle the others.  If she thinks that security for our embassies in the middle east on the anniversary of 9/11 isn't important enough for her to see, then it's time to get a secretary of state who does understand it.  Because of the lack of concern we have dead Americans.  That is reason enough.

We wonder why there are no improvements in our government.  We wonder why nothing seems to change.  We wonder why, in the face of the absolute collapse of not just our economy, but our constitutional republic, nothing seems to change.  The reason is really quite simple.  It's because we've got people in leadership on BOTH sides of the aisle who are self-serving greedy fools with no real care or concern for our nation or the future of our children and no one is holding them accountable.  Benghazi is a perfect example.

Over and over again we see the lack of leadership qualifications in people in elected office.  The incompetence screams at us, but nothing is done to change things.  Oh sure, many of you reading this certainly voted for change, but it wasn't enough.  We didn't work hard enough for change.  We were too busy with our personal lives, our hobbies and leisure activities, everything but getting people involved to help implement change.  The result is that we have now lost our nation.  

No, I didn't say we are about to lose our nation, we've lost it.  Now the job we have is to try to get it back.  And that will be far more difficult than it ever would have been to save it.

A perfect example of the lack of leadership qualifications was shown today when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before Congress about Benghazi.  This fiasco was nothing more than a dog and pony show to continue to keep control of our nation in the hands of the politicians and have no accountability for anyone on either side of the aisle.  Very little leadership was shown.  A whole lot of incompetence and actions to protect their positions of power was shown.  It's no wonder why our nation is failing.

In my last two books, No Tomorrows and Many Are Called But Few Can Manage, I talk about what qualifications are required for true leaders.  While No Tomorrows dealt with our government and this last election, Many Are Called But Few Can Manage was a business book discussing the required characteristics for business leaders.  Ironically, the requirements are very much the same.  And very, very few people in leadership positions meet those qualifications, especially in government.

If there is any hope for the future of our children and grandchildren, then it is up to us to lead the way in replacing those in leadership positions with those qualified to lead.

Senator Rand Paul, in addressing Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi disaster, said he would have fired her.  He noted the lack of leadership.  He said the right things.  He took a stand and was right.  He is showing the qualities we need in our leaders.  But Mrs. Clinton and most of the politicians present at the hearing did nothing other than protect their positions, the State Department, and their own interests.  In the end, they blamed the entire Benghazi tragedy on George W. Bush and a lack of funding.  And the Republicans, for the most part, allowed that to go down as the reason for the tragedy.

America is in trouble.  America needs your help.  America cannot withstand many more attacks on the foundational structure of our constitutional republic and still have a chance to survive.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

If America's Going To Have A Future

As you can see by my previous announcement, I am not actively posting right now.  However, I just read an interview that everyone should read and I wanted to post a link to it so you can.  Breitbart has interviewed talk show host Mark Levin and what he has to say is worth the read.  Click here to read it.  This is the kind of wisdom that needs to be heeded if America is going to have a future.