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Monday, January 28, 2013

Paul Ryan Is Wrong. A Clinton Presidency Would Not Have Fixed This Fiscal Mess By Now.

Here's the Nonsense:  Paul Ryan was right when he told NBC's David Gregory that America's fiscal crisis would have been fixed by now if President Clinton was in office.  After all, President Clinton was very successful at dealing with fiscal issues.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Paul Ryan was wrong in his statement to David Gregory.  President Clinton would not have pursued the necessary changes needed to fix these problems without pressure and a plan from the Republicans.

President Bill Clinton was a left wing ideologue when he entered the presidency and tried to move the country to the left.  He would not, by nature, have moved the country to the right as he did without pressure from Gingrich's House of Representatives.  So today, the fact is that we would only be successful dealing with the fiscal crisis if we also had the Republican House led by Newt Gingrich, too.  That House and its leadership is what created the legacy that Clinton and the Democrats claim for that presidency, not the actions of Bill Clinton by himself.

Sure, President Clinton was receptive to working with House Speaker Gingrich and the Republican House, but it was because he knew he couldn't win without them.  His reelection was at the mercy of his willingness to move to the right and abandon his left wing plans.  His hands were tied and he was forced to move to the right after a very left wing start to his presidency.  Gingrich and the House Republicans of that day created a fiscal plan that resulted in enormous success during Clinton's term.  

The Republicans today have allowed the Democrats to claim credit for what happened during that term.  We now have total control of the Republican Party by the big government GOP establishment.  That's why they lose.  That's why they are spineless.  That's why they spell doom for the future.

Gingrich certainly is not the most conservative of Republicans, but he is far more conservative than most of what we have today leading the party.  He understands what made Reagan's success and he led the House in the 1990s to follow that plan and it resulted in great success.  

The answer to America's problems isn't Paul Ryan's plans, although he's on the right path, but often too timid.  America needs radical change to our spending.  Ryan understands the need to cut spending, but is too willing to see it done slowly, which will never succeed.  Serious and radical change is needed to stem the tide and begin to turn things around.  Few people are willing to say it.

Tough decisions on difficult choices to cut spending are required.  We can no longer talk about decades to get balanced budgets (if they talk about it at all).  The only way America can be saved is to start electing leaders who will refuse to sign on to the Washington "good ol' boy" bandwagon and will stand for serious and tough changes.  

Using a sailing analogy, most politicians see America as a ship sailing out to sea and maybe there are some dark clouds on the horizon in their minds.  But the fact is that America is already in the storm and taking on water.  We must stop the incoming water, start bailing out what's come on board, and turn the ship towards a safe harbor so we can recover.  If we don't, the "water" will keep pouring in and dragging us down until we are totally submerged and hit bottom.

With limited exception, America's politicians aren't trying to do that.  A few, like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, understand it and want to fix things.  But we must start now to get many, many more people like them elected in 2014 if there is going to be any chance for our nation's salvation.