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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Left Once Again Proves They Are Either Stupid Or Evil

Here's the Nonsense:  Politicians like Sen. Tom Harkin and Rep. Alan Grayson are so wise in their (respective) analyses that we don't have a spending problem and that President Obama is practical.  These are the kinds of people we need leading us out of the darkness we are in.

Here's the Horse Sense:  In reading what Harkin and Grayson each said recently I find that their views are either stupid or evil.  Either way, we shouldn't have people with such ideas in leadership.  They represent why America's politicians are out of touch with logic, reality, and common sense.  Leaders like this are why America is on its last legs.

With people like Senator Tom Harkin and Representative Alan Grayson as leaders in our elected government, we are in critical shape and there is no hope for the future without change that removes people like them from leadership.  The ideas they express should be enough to make us run from the room screaming.  It's time we replace our elected leaders with true leaders and get rid of the riff raff we have allowed into those positions because the ideas they express are either stupid or outright evil.  

In case you hadn't noticed, America is in so much trouble that it's likely we will never pull out of it.  We still have a chance, but the task to turn things around is monumental and will take every bit of effort we can muster to accomplish it.  But putting up with the ridiculous ideas we're seeing come out of Washington today is nothing but foolishness on our part as voters.  This blog talks about common sense, or what I like to refer to as horse sense.  I can tell you that my horses have more sense than most of those who've been elected as leaders.

Recently CNSNews wrote about Senator Harkin saying, "We're the richest nation in the history of the world.  That kind of begs the question doesn't it?  If we're so rich, why are we so broke?"  He went on to say, "Is it a spending problem?  No, it's because we have a misallocation of capital, a misallocation of wealth."  What kind of nonsense is that?  A family in financial trouble where they spend far more than they earn doesn't have a misallocation of wealth problem.  They have a spending problem.  Their problem isn't that they have put their wealth in the wrong place, it's that they spent more than they had.  If you make $50,000 a year and spend $80,000 your problem isn't that you put the $50,000 you earned in the wrong places, it's that you spent more than you made.  Yet the U. S. government is doing exactly that and no one seems to be demanding accountability.  Even President Obama says we don't have a spending problem (I guess his admission on Jay Leno's show that he's lost in math beyond the 7th grade level shows.).

If Sen. Harkin is really serious about what he said then he's either too stupid to understand the most basic of economics, or he's evil and wants the U. S. to overspend itself into financial collapse.  It's that simple.  There's no other excuse.

But, not to leave you thinking that he's the only one in Washington with these kinds of notions, we must look at what CNSNews also reported Rep. Grayson recently saying, too.  He said that President Obama's hallmark is "being practical."  Yes, you read it right.  If there's anything President Obama isn't it's being practical.  Grayson cited Obama's recommendation of at least 29 new government programs such as raising minimum wage to climate change as practical ideas.  

If Grayson is serious about how practical Obama's ideas are, then he, too, is either stupid or evil for the exact same reasons I pointed out regarding Harkin. 

The fact is that there's nothing practical about raising minimum wage.  If the solution to peoples' income problems were to raise the minimum wage, then we should just raise it to $100,000 a year and everyone would be fine.  But what is never addressed by the left is the fact that when you raise minimum wage you hurt business and thereby cut the number of jobs available.  Businesses only have so much money to work with.  If they have to increase wages they have to cut somewhere else.  That means quality, service, and most of all number of jobs are sacrificed because their expenses have gone up.  Free markets without minimum wages actually allow competition to drive incomes.  If you look at North Dakota where the oil fields are booming and growth is phenomenal you find a very low unemployment rate and jobs starting at $14 and $15 per hour in places like restaurants.  That's what a free market capitalist economy does when it can prosper.

His other ideas are just as ridiculous.  For example, pretending we have a climate change problem and planning on pouring trillions of tax dollars into fixing a problem that is, at best, unproven and, at worst, proven to be a fraud is foolishness.  And when you plan on it when we are already spending more than we have it's crazy.  

You do not fix debt by going further into debt.  If you could, why wouldn't they be recommending that every American in debt go as far into debt as possible because then it would get them all out of debt?

The sad part is that people listen to this drivel and don't question it.  We need citizens to step up and accept our responsibility to our nation and question this kind of nonsense.  For if these leaders really believe this stuff, then we're allowing in elected leadership people who have no common sense and that will destroy what's left of our nation.  

And if these people don't believe this but are truly planning on the destruction of the American economic system, then as citizen patriots we have an obligation to replace them with people who truly will work for the best outcomes for America.  

While only one senator, Bernie Sanders, is shown to be a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, there 5 or 6 dozen representatives who are members, and Alan Grayson is one of them which you can see here on their website.  And while Harkin may not have an official affiliation, he may embrace their viewpoints, we really don't have documented proof.

The progressives have taken control of the Democrat Party and while not all progressives are members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, there are more of them in our government than we are aware.  

Many progressives, such as our president and our recently resigned secretary of state are followers of the teachings of Saul Alinksy.  His plan was to infiltrate government and then overthrow our capitalist economic system and replace it with a system that was socialist/marxist in its design.  And one of the major steps in that process is to so overload the U. S. economic financial system with spending we cannot afford that it will collapse the system and allow them to replace it.  One of their plans to accomplish this was to get our society so hooked on government programs and spending that voters would keep demanding more and more "stuff" from government and it would result in spending ourselves to demise.

This is exactly what is happening today.  It is time to wake up and start demanding that we live within our means.  It is time to replace these types of leaders by electing leaders who are committed to fixing America's problems…and that starts with our spending problem.  Contrary to what people like Rep. Grayson and President Obama say, we do have a spending problem and it's time to face it.  If we don't we won't have an America anything like what we have known.