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Sunday, March 17, 2013

John Boehner And Paul Ryan, Two Comrades In Arms?

Here's the Nonsense There are leaders in the GOP who understand that things aren't really that bad.  These are the people who can and will work with the president to bridge the divide between the parties and help America.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The leadership in the GOP should be run out of town on a rail, as the old saying goes.  John Boehner and Paul Ryan proved Sunday that they're no different in their understanding of the problems we face.  Leadership like this dooms America to failure.

On Sunday's morning political shows the GOP leadership was showing their stupidity again.  Speaker of the House John Boehner told ABC's This Week that "We do not have an immediate debt crisis.”  While he tried to save himself from embarrassment at such a stupid statement with a quick comeback:  “We have one looming because we have entitlement programs that are not sustainable in their current form. They’re going to go bankrupt,” he said. “I would argue that we do need to do something.”

As bad as it is to think that the Speaker of the House is so clueless that he actually believes this stuff, it's worse when a congressman who many think has a good chance at the 2016 presidential nomination agrees.  That's right, Paul Ryan was on Face the Nation on CBS on Sunday agreeing with Boehner:   “We do not have a debt issue right now, but we see it coming. So let’s get ahead of this crisis.”

Obviously these guys don't understand economics.  And if anyone tries saying that Ryan is known for economics, well, this proves he's not as sharp as many thought he was.  We are in debt so deep in America that there is a good chance we can never dig ourselves out of it.  

This does not give much hope for the GOP.  It was good that Rand Paul won the straw poll at CPAC this past week.  He's been taking a strong stand for conservatism.  Others are thrilled that Marco Rubio came in a strong second place in the poll, but the fact that he's showing his non-conservative stripes should have people taking notice.  Holy cow, even Ann Coulter noticed when she called him out for backing amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Ms. Coulter is obviously waking up a bit by not only that comment, but also a comment that she now rejects Chris Christie because of his stand on illegal immigration, too.  With her backing of him and Mitt Romney as conservatives in 2012 it made many of us wonder what she'd been smoking to come to those conclusions.

Clearly the conservatives were out in force at CPAC, which is great since it's not the conservative organization it claims to be (remember that Al Cardenas, the head of the ACU that runs CPAC, endorsed Romney as a conservative in 2012, too, and is also a big establishment GOP lobbyist in Washington).

The future of America is up for grabs right now. The GOP is reeling from the conservatives attacks against the establishment.  It's time to not only keep up those attacks and keep them on the ropes, but to push to victory and take the Republican Party back to the root values it was built upon.  This will be a long hard fight for conservatives to win, but they must push hard to do so and then, before the dust settles, turn around and demolish the left and their progressive agenda.  This is the only chance America has to rise again to its greatness.  Are you up for the fight?