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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Next Step: Tracking What's In Your Packages

Here's the Nonsense:  The government is insisting that FedEx and UPS know what's in the packages they ship.  Holding them accountable if there's anything illegal is a good way to help reduce crime.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The government is telling FedEx and UPS they must police what is shipped through their services.  This is about more than making sure illegal items are not shipped, it's potentially about freedom.

The next step in the invasion of American citizens' lives is happening.  FedEx and UPS are now being told that they must police the contents of sealed packages that they ship.  Specifically, at this point, the government wants these companies to make sure no illegal prescriptions are being shipped.  WND reported that FedEx spokesman Patrick Fitgerald said:  “What is unusual and really disturbing is it became clear to us along the way that FedEx was being targeted for some level criminal activity as it relates to these medicines that are being shipped from pharmacies, and we find it to be completely absurd because it’s really not our role,” Fitzgerald said. “We have no way of knowing what is legal and not within the packages that we’re picking up and delivering in this situation.”

He went on to say:  “At the heart of the investigation are sealed packages that are being sent by, as far as we can tell, licensed pharmacies. These are medicines with legal prescriptions written by licensed physicians. So it’s difficult for us to understand where we would have some role in this. We are a transportation company that picks up and delivers close to 10 million packages every day. They are sealed packages, so we have no way of knowing specifically what’s inside and we have no interest in violating the privacy rights of our customers,” Fitzgerald said.

As troubling as this information is, it's just the tip of another iceberg with our government.  Sure, it's obvious that they are expecting these companies to do something that is, in reality, impossible.  But what's worse is what it implies. 

This action implies that in the future they may expect companies to police what you are ordering on Ebay or Amazon.  If you order a book they don't like, will you be in trouble?  If you order some camping gear will you be seen as a radical conservative doomsday prepper?  If you order some camo clothing will you be seen as some right wing radical?  Where does this end?

America is in trouble and there's no stopping a government clampdown on freedom unless it's done early in the process.  If allowed to go too far it will not stop and you will see a tyranny unleashed on America like you cannot imagine. 

Citizens need to put pressure on their elected representatives for this type of action to stop.  The politicians are the only path to turn this around.  This is why it's so important to elect the right kind of people, which is something we have rarely done in the past.

If you care about your freedoms and those of your children and grandchildren then it's time to tell our politicians to stop this out of control government or they will be replaced in the 2014 elections.