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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Twist, Manipulate, & Pervert To Make Us Feel Better, But Don't Fix Anything

Here's the Nonsense:  The government must change the way they measure economic indicators so we can really understand all the good things they are doing for us.

Here's the Horse Sense The government is deceiving us once again all to create the illusion things are getting better.  In reality they are using it to cover up something far more sinister.

When all else fails, change the rules.  Since this administration has no plans to fix our economy, they have to keep us dumbed down and appeased.  So, they change the rules.  They twist, manipulate, and pervert anything they can to make us think things are fine.  They don't fix anything.  A perfect example is their current plan to change the way they calculate the Gross Domestic Product as reported by The Daily Caller.  By changing how they determine the measurements they can fool us into thinking things are better when in reality they are not.

Many want to think that things are just so bad they can't be fixed.  Others want to blame George W. Bush and say that this administration inherited such bad problems that things can't be fixed that fast.  And even though the Bush administration certainly is responsible for a portion of our mess, they are in no way responsible for the majority of it.  This administration has made it worse and continues down the path to destroy our economy.  

They have no plan to fix things because they don't want to fix things.  They are progressives and the progressive mindset believes that America needs to be brought down a few notches.  They think we have had it too good and they want us brought more to the level of the rest of the world.  Don't believe me?  Read Saul Alinsky and you'll understand what I'm saying.  After all, Alinsky's organization trained Barack Obama and taught him that the capitalist system in America must be overthrown.  Then they taught him how they were doing it without revolution.  If you want to understand more about that read my last book written for the 2012 election, No Tomorrows:  How To Halt America's Imminent Collapse And Return To The American Dream, or any of a number of good books on the subject.

The point of this writing is to remind us that what we are seeing from this administration is part of their plan.  It's smoke and mirrors (and you thought Barack's smoking was just cigarettes!).  It's all designed to deflect attention and get us thinking about other things while they continue to take down our system.

This time they are getting tired of the complaints about the economy so they needed to find a way to deflect attention from it.  What better way than to rewrite history and revamp the methodology they use to calculate a key economic indicator:  the GDP?  And they aren't just rewriting it for the five years they've been in control.  No, they plan to go all the way back to 1929 so that everything fits nice and neat.  They will cause the economy to look like it's in much better shape and improving much more than it is.  Then they can point to it and say, "See, we told you things are getting better."  And all the while the people are still suffering, just under a new, manipulated set of numbers that allows them to brush us off and ignore us as disgruntled troublemakers.

And if you think the media will see what's going on and speak out, think again.  The mainstream media is so sold out to the ideology of this administration that they have abandoned their job as watchdogs of a free society.  They should not take either side, but rather should protect us by reporting the truth and uncovering dishonesty so that we, the voters, can hold our elected officials accountable.  But they don't.  They simply carry the water for this administration and when everything does collapse I guarantee they will be standing there wondering what happened.  They are the most disgusting type of people and we should reject them along with the politicians on both sides of the political aisle that support this destruction of our nation.

Sadly this type of action on the part of government is not new.  It's just worse now and at a time when we cannot afford dishonesty.  We need truth to guide us to do what is right, not lies to distract us and allow us to fail.  During Bill Clinton's presidency they played this game with the unemployment calculations.  They did this to make things look better.  Go to and see the real numbers and it will unsettle you.  If measured correctly and under the old methodology used before Clinton changed it, unemployment today is about double what they tell us it is.

Playing these games and deceiving the public is like telling a person who is terminally ill that they are better when, in reality, they are not.  They are dying and telling them they are better by using twisted, perverted, manipulated test results doesn't change their health.  They're still dying and even if they believe the manipulated test results it does not change the fact that they are going to end up dead.  The only benefit to this is that if the patient buys it then they will, at least temporarily, complain a little less.  It's easier on the doctors, not the patients.

That's all this government is doing. They're making it easier on themselves, not the public.  We will ultimately pay the price as we watch our nation collapse economically.  Maybe many people won't see it coming as fast as it really is approaching or even see it at all, but it will still collapse in the end.

Their plan is to collapse our economic system and when it is in shambles they will step forward and claim they have a better, fairer system to replace it.  And with a populace that has lost most everything and is scared, broke, and hungry they will eagerly embrace whatever solution is offered by these charlatans.  And in doing so they will hasten our demise and end any chance that our children and grandchildren will live in the free society with which we have been blessed.  They will never have the opportunities that we have had and never enjoy the fruits of their labors the way we have.

But our leaders (and that includes many in both political parties) think that that is the "fair" thing to do.  They want fairness for everyone, which means that many will have to give up what they've earned and worked for so that others can benefit without having earned what they will get.  

I don't want fairness.  I want excellence.  Excellence demands that you reject what doesn't work and embrace what does work.  The economic methods that these fools who lead us are using have been proven wrong and yet they still embrace them.  

Excellence does not mean things will be unfair.  Rather, excellence makes things more fair because it causes each to have the opportunity to  be their best.  It allows one to excel and when they do they can share that with others who are less fortunate and help them excel, too.  That's what America is about and that's what our leaders are keeping us from doing.  If we elect true leaders, not the kind of people we have in office now, they will put in place the things necessary for us to excel and when we do, we can share that with others who desire to excel, too.

The truly selfish are not those who excel and receive the rewards of their labors.  The selfish are those who refuse to abandon their failed policies and embrace what allows us to excel all because their ideology is more important than anything else.  Fairness is not the solution to anything, excellence is.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Republicans Have The Perfect Opportunity to Win On Obamacare By Using Obama's Tactics Against Him

Here's the Nonsense:  The Republicans never get the opportunity to have the upper hand in situations like the Democrats do.

Here's the Horse Sense:  The Republicans squander most every opportunity to have the upper hand, but if they play their cards right, this time they have a golden opportunity to beat Obama at his own game.

President Obama and the Democrats have tried to make the country feel pain as they selectively choose what services to cut back while blaming it on the Sequester to make Republicans look like the bad guys.  They've hoped that the citizenry will revolt and demand that Republicans give in and spend more money that we don't have.  Now the Democrats are giving the Republicans the perfect opportunity to strike back in a bigger and more powerful way using those very tactics with Obamacare.

Politico has reported that political leaders in Washington are talking about giving themselves and their staff members a waiver so that they will be exempt from Obamacare's high costs and poor quality care.  Republican leadership is denying being part of it and saying that it's a plan by the Democrats.  But the real issue here is that a golden opportunity is facing the Republicans and they could use it to big benefit if they are strong enough to do it.

If Republicans stand strong and don't give in as they usually do to the Democrats, they could potentially force the issue by standing against the waivers.  If they succeeded, the pain that staffers and politicians would face would cause an uproar against Obamacare that would give the Republicans added leverage to repeal it.  That is exactly what Obama wants to do with the Sequester, but this would allow the Republicans more power in trying to repeal Obamacare, the biggest disaster in legislation in our nation's history.

We can only hope that the Republicans will figure this out and stand strong.  Unfortunately their record says they will once again fold and allow the Democrats to do what they want.  We all need to keep pressure on our elected officials and keep prayers going up to heaven to save this nation.  We have very little time left before it's too late to stop the downfall of our country.

UPDATE:  It's being reported that Democrats have backed off their idea of waivers for themselves, but it doesn't change the potential effectiveness of what I wrote above.  Regardless of whether they seek a waiver, the pressure that can be put on with legislators and their staff members by making them partake in Obamacare has great potential for support for repeal.  The more pain they feel from the health care program they are forcing on Americans, the sooner they'll be willing to get rid of it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Terrorism - Here's Another Way We Need To Protect Ourselves

Here's the Nonsense:  Sure, the Boston Terror attack this past week was bad, but it's a fluke.  These young people lived here for many years and should have seen how good America is and loved us.  This is a lone situation.

Here's the Horse Sense:  It's terrorism and the fact that they lived and went to school among us should tell us something is very wrong with our educational system in America.  We have allowed a "fertile field" to be created of our young peoples' minds through our educational system and it has to change.

It is blatantly clear that the Boston Marathon bombing was an act of terrorism.  Of course that term "terrorism" isn't well received by the left because it's politically incorrect, but as I stated in a previous post, political correctness endangers us and only truth can protect us.  So, whether anybody likes it or not, IT'S TERRORISM!  And I make no apologies to those who are upset with my political incorrectness.

Lead by President "Politically Correct" Obama, the left wants us to be careful not to use words like "terrorism," especially when it involves such groups as Muslims.  Heaven forbid that we might offend someone!  No, they think that it's far better to reduce our safety and make sure no one is offended.  

The fact is that truth is critical to our safety.  Avoiding these situations in the future may involve more than just security on the part of law enforcement.  It may involve changing an area of our society that could be a danger we aren't seeing.  We learn about these two young brothers who committed this act in Boston and find that they have been in this country for years going to our schools and living among us.  While many think that should cause them to embrace American values, I propose that our educational system may help cultivate their anti-American sentiments.

We have a president who wouldn't call this terrorism when it happened.  The best he could do seemed to be the second time he spoke about it when he said the authorities would investigate to see if terrorism is involved.  What kind of goofy thought pattern is that?  Even if it wasn't tied to any specific terrorist group or ideology, when someone does something like these bombers did at the Boston Marathon that's an act of terror.  If you disagree with me just ask the people who were there and see if they felt like it was an act of terror.  Only a fool would think otherwise.  

But our president can't take the chance that someone might think an act of terror happened on his watch.  No, he's more concerned about political correctness and not offending anyone or any group. He tries to dance around the issue by saying we shouldn't rush to judgement while his mainstream media supporters scream it had to be the far right extremists who did it because that's where these things come from.  Of course they forget that they have a hard time coming up with examples of where the far right have performed terrorist acts and they ignore all the times the perpetrators of these insane actions have left wing ideologies.

With all of this we have to ask how else can we protect ourselves?  It's high time we become politically incorrect and ask the hard questions that will cause us to be safe.  One of the toughest questions needs to be about a group of people who are NOT training these people to commit acts of terror, but they ARE creating a much more fertile field for extremists to plant and cultivate the seeds of their sick terrorist ideologies.  These are the educators and educational institutions in our nation.  Personally I think they are naively aiding the terrorists with their childish, uninformed anti-American sentiments they pass along when they are teaching.  I don't think they realize that they are creating a situation where these impressionable young students become receptive to such terrible acts.  Rather, in their own ignorance they are helping to prepare the fields of these young people's minds for the "weeds" of terrorist ideas to drop in and grow because they are getting our children to think of America as a bad place and not what it really is.  

Sure, most teachers in America are well-intentioned, but it only takes a small percentage to have a huge impact on our kids.  That small percentage are not terrorists themselves (although there are a few former terrorists such as Bill Ayers, his wife Bernardine Dohrn, and others).  I am talking about the convoluted mindset of many of those we allow to teach our young people.  There are a number of people in the educational field whose viewpoints are not just incorrect and uneducated (ironic that an educator's viewpoint would be uneducated, isn't it?), but they are outright anti-American.  They are so confused and ill-informed of the truth that they have developed viewpoints that are passed on to our children that create an anti-American mindset that is ripe to be influenced by evil people with bad intent.

There is certainly nothing wrong with teaching about America's mistakes and failures.  Truth means we face everything, not just the good things.  But critical thinking is different than being critical with no correct factual basis for the criticism.  For example, was America a nation where slavery was legal?  Yes, it was and we should face it and all that goes along with it.  But we should also teach about the abolitionist movement and the hard work that was done to rid the nation of slavery.  That includes the efforts of the founders to set up the nation so that they could break away from England and then, later, as an independent nation work towards ridding our nation of that terrible practice.  The truth about what happened in America with slavery is far from a simple discussion, but the left would have us believe that a group of evil white men founded this country with the idea that slavery was acceptable.  There is no consideration that their plan was to unite the colonies so they could win the war, which they believed meant that the issue of slavery would have to be dealt with later.  Were they right in waiting to address it?  That's a legitimate question for discussion, but the answer is one that has to include a discussion of what they did and why they did it.  This is a perfect example of teaching the truth about America without teaching that is simply critical of America because we're trying to judge a situation centuries ago by today's standards.  But this is not what's happening in many of our schools, colleges and universities throughout our nation.

Our nation is in dire trouble in many areas.  One of those areas is the area of education, which has been sold out to anti-American values that teach our children false notions about who America really is.  There is little teaching of America's uniqueness in the world.  Instead you have people teaching that America is a nation founded by evil people (specifically evil white men) that have acted as imperialists to steal their own and our nation's wealth from others.  There is no honesty in their teaching and their is no understanding of all the good that America has done throughout the world.

This is one of the key areas where America is failing.  And because we've allowed these people to teach our children and influence them, we now have generations coming up that are not only ill-prepared to defend America and the freedoms we enjoy, but they are ready to forsake it and change it to a system that is taking away their freedoms and opportunities for the future.

When we see two young brothers in Boston commit such a horrid terrorist act as they did at the marathon, we certainly can see that the time they spent living and going to school here in America did nothing to cause them to see the greatness of our nation and embrace it.  Instead, they were willing to embrace anti-American values and turn against us to try to destroy us.  If our educational system were really doing its job effectively it should be winning foreign students over to American values so that they abandon the convoluted notions they may come here with already.  We should not be whitewashing our history or creating a "sales pitch" for America.  But when the truth is told in its entirety, it is very easy to show how America, with all its faults, is still the best hope for mankind.  If our educational system isn't doing that and turning out young people whose hearts believe in America and want nothing other than to make our nation even greater, then we have failed.

No nation in the history of mankind has done so much for its own citizens and the world.  No nation's citizens give as much from their own pockets to help others when disaster and tragedy strike, even when that disaster or tragedy strikes in other nations.  No people give like Americans give.  There is no comparison anywhere on earth.  America is unique.  

But our uniqueness, our greatness is dying because we're allowing our young people to be influenced by such poisoned thinking from educators and an educational system that is destroying them.  

People brag about getting a degree from some certain school, especially Ivy League schools.  But those schools have fallen far from the place where most of them were founded.  Their values are no longer what they once were.  Now, their "enlightened" thought is nothing but anti-American thought.  There is no critical thinking, except thinking that's critical of America.  

Look at the people who have been elected to lead our nation and notice how many of them have progressive, anti-American values.  It's a huge number and they bow at the alter of political correctness.  That means they prefer that to truth.  And the only thing anyone can ever truly count on is truth.  Nothing else will stand over time.  

It's time to take our nation back by electing new leadership at all levels and on both sides of the political aisle starting in 2014.  But we must also prepare our nation's future leaders and that has to start with a complete overhaul of our educational system.  Too many schools are filled with not just poor teachers, but teachers with bad ideologies.  Our future is being formed by these people and institutions as they influence our children.  I dare say most of these people couldn't pass a test that measures common sense.  

And these people are just like most of the people in leadership of our nation today.  That's probably why we see such a difference in home schooled children compared to those who come from our public education system.  The success rate of home schooled children compared to public school educated children is significant.  And I would bet that home schooled children, on average, are much more adept at critical thinking and have a greater understanding of the greatness and uniqueness of America.  

As much good as we can say about home schooling, the fact is that our public school system from preschool through college should be showing similar results to home schooling.  After all, the vast majority of our young people are schooled in public schools so by not addressing it we are allowing the majority of our students fall into the hands of ill-thinking teachers and professors.

It's time for change.  And it is not just in Washington politics where we need it.  We need it on every level from local to state to national offices.  And it has to start in places like our school systems.

They're our kids, contrary to what progressives want you to believe.  We affect their future by making sure they're getting the right education and that starts with the right educators.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Terror - Political Correctness Blames It On The Right

Here's the Nonsense:  The media are once again pointing out that whoever was behind the bombings in Boston must have been a right wing extremist. 

Here's the Horse Sense:  The media and left are too busy being politically correct to care about the truth.  And yet truth is the only real weapon we have against anyone who terrorizes us, regardless of whether they are on the right, left, or have no political positions at all.

With the devastating news about the bombings at the Boston Marathon we should all be concerned about safety and security.  But sadly there are many among us who are not.  Rather, they'd prefer to make the same old poorly-founded allegations to try to support their political viewpoint.

Barely had the smoke cleared the air in Boston and the mainstream media were determined to make sure the public understand who their likely suspect was.  It didn't take long for the mainstream media to suggest that the bombings might have been done by a right-winger.  From Chris Matthews at MSNBC saying that domestic terrorists tend to be on the far right, to New York Times columnist Nick Kristof backhandedly attacking the GOP by saying that the bombings are a reminder that the GOP had blocked the confirmation of a new ATF director, the left was determined to make it clear who the bad guys are.

This worn out old process of attacking the right at every opportunity to make them the villain should be crystal clear to the public by now.  Sadly, it isn't.  Sadly, the public still believe the lies and distortions the media and Democrats continue to spew from their mouths.

Even the President and the Department of Homeland Security are no better.  The President spoke to the nation about the horror that happened in Boston but would not refer to it as terror.  Similarly, the DHS has not put out a terror alert yet, which is contrary to what would be normal in a situation like this.  But I'm sure they don't want to take a chance that someone might figure out that it might not be someone on the right. 

While they didn't make the same accusations as the media, their lack of addressing it as terror and putting out an alert shows that once again they are more politically correct than security minded.

It all brings back memories of such sick and horrific events as when Gabby Giffords was shot and the media immediately blamed it on right wing extremists.  Later, when it was learned that the man was not a right winger, but rather leaned left they said no more about it.  Or when the horror shooting in Aurora, Colorado left so many dead and injured at a movie theater they once again laid suspicions at the feet of the right.  Even the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy was blamed on the right when, in fact, it's clear it was a very sick young man and politics wasn't the issue. 

But truth is not something these people are accustomed to using.  When Major Nidal Hassan killed so many at Ft. Hood they refused to talk about the fact that he was a Muslim extremist.  Rather, they labeled it as workplace violence.

With this kind of political correctness our security is in jeopardy in this country.  No amount of political correctness will protect us, it will only make the dangers greater.

We need leadership who are willing to do the right thing regardless of the cost.  If it is politically incorrect, so what.  It's important to tell the truth and do what's best for the country.  Whether a terrorist is right wing or left wing or a member of some religion that we are afraid to offend, we need to stand on truth because only truth will stand the test of time.  Only truth can truly protect us.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Security or Liberty?

Here's the Nonsense:  The U. S. government works to protect its citizens and we should trust what they do is in our best interest.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Throughout history we have seen governments trample the rights of their citizens.  What has happened elsewhere can happen here.  The new NSA Data Center in Utah is a good example that should concern every American.

By now many Americans have heard of the new NSA Data Center being built in Bluffdale, Utah.  But even as more people become aware of it, questions still surround this project and what it will mean to the liberty of Americans.

Surrounded in extreme secrecy, the NSA's huge new data center is supposed to be the place where the U. S. government can store data from around the world to help determine terrorist threats.  It is said that it will have the ability to store 100 years worth of communications data for the entire world.  And the obvious and real question is whether that data includes data on American citizens.

In recent years, mostly since 9/11, we have seen the government push the envelope, if not cross the line, when it comes to Constitutional protections of citizens' rights.  And, of course, there is no way to know for sure what this data center is all about.  But it gives rise to concerns that people have about privacy rights.  Imagine the government watching everything you do and what that information could mean in the future.

The response of the NSA when asked what the purpose of the site will be is that it will strengthen and protect the nation's cyber-security.  If that's true it is a good thing in this digital age where safety is much harder to come by.

However, there are real concerns being raised by individuals who are in unique positions to know whether there might be more to the story than is being told.

In a report on, a Utah-based media outlet, it said:  "But a Washington whistleblower says that's just a cover story for a serious threat to civil liberties. William Binney worked for the NSA for 32 years. He still lives by the highly secure headquarters near Baltimore."  The article continues: "'It didn't take but probably a week or so after 9/11 that they decided to start spying on the U.S. domestically, on all U.S. citizens they could get,' Binney said.  He now suspects the facility in Bluffdale will be used to store incredible amounts of communication data so the NSA can sift through it, whether it's from foreign terrorists or law-abiding U.S. citizens. Emails, cellphone calls, Google searches; Binney calculated how much data such a huge facility could hold."

While some believe that questioning the government is nonsense and almost sacrilege, there is basis for concern.  As also reports: "The veil of secrecy was pierced in 2005 when the New York Times revealed that NSA had been conducting wire-tapping, without warrants, on a widespread scale. That revelation touched off a fierce debate in Washington, D.C., over the rights of citizens — what the law is and what the law should be."

In a recent article by Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge it says many are concerned about the facility, even former NSA employees:  "'[It] raises the most serious questions about the vast amount of data that could be kept in one place for many, many different sources,'  Thomas Drake told Fox News."  And it goes on:  "'It's in secret so you don't really know,' Drake explained. 'It's benign, right. If I haven't -- and if I haven't done anything wrong it doesn't matter. The only way you can have perfect security is have a perfect surveillance state. That's George Orwell. That's 1984. That's what that would look like.'"

Herridge also talked to Bill Binney who told her:  "It's really a-- turnkey situation, where it could be turned quickly and become a totalitarian state pretty quickly," he said. "The capacities to do that is being set up. Now it's a question of if we get the wrong person in office, or if certain people set up their network internally in government, they could make that happen quickly."

The concerns of Americans should be great.  In this age of higher technology than any of us could have imagined just a few short decades ago there is great danger in allowing the government to go too far.  Many in Utah are in praise of the facility because it means good paying federal jobs for local residents.  But everything in our financially devastated economy is not about jobs and the economy.  We must decide what is most important to us and no matter what some foolish people may think, money does not buy us out of every problem.

Our best guide in times like these is to remember the wisdom of our founders who, while never imaginging any technology like we have today, certainly understood freedom and how easily it can be lost.  Ben Franklin's words should be an important guideline for us:  "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." (Franklin's Contributions to the Conference on February 17, 1775)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

President "Fair Share" Obama Doesn't Live Up To His Own Standard

Here's the Nonsense:  President Obama fought hard in the election to make sure that high income individuals like himself pay their fair share of taxes so that America's financial problems will be over.

Here's the Horse Sense:  President Obama is just as much a hypocrite when it comes to taxes as most of the Democrats are.  He demands higher taxes but pays lower taxes.  This is a reflection on America's ability to choose the right kind of leaders.

It has just come out that President Obama paid 18.4% taxes on his income for his current tax return.  He condemned Mitt Romney for only paying 14.1% as unfair during the election.  In fact, during the election he proclaimed that the rich should pay 30% as their fair share.

I guess the standards are different when it comes to his own income.  But then again, when haven't Democrats had a double standard on virtually everything?

The word "hypocrite" comes to mind.  Saying one thing and doing another.  That's typical of Democrats and especially this administration.

But as bad as that may be the real question is why Americans aren't raising the roof over this kind of thing.  It's the people's government and they do not hold their politicians accountable.

America cannot withstand this continued mindset that allows us to have politicians in office who are not only hypocrites, but ones we do not hold accountable for their actions. 

How we decide who will lead us will determine our future.  Right now our future is very dark and there is no light at the end of the tunnel except an oncoming train unless we get serious about choosing the right leaders to get us out of this mess.  Sooner than we think it will be time to vote in the 2014 midterm elections.  At that time we will have another chance to really start a turnaround for our nation.  Are you doing your homework?  Are you ready to get actively involved as those races start to heat up in the next few months?

There is very little time left to determine the future for our children and grandchildren.  We must take action now to start selecting the right people to run for elected office.  They must be true leaders who will do what is right regardless of the cost to themselves or the future will be very dark.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Rubio Once Again Gives Reason For Concern About His Ability To Lead

Here's the Nonsense:  Senator Marco Rubio is making sure the immigration plan the Gang of 8 is working on will be a good one that is just a starting point of discussion that will lead to a balanced and reasonable revision in our laws.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Senator Rubio is naive to think that what the Gang of 8 will come up with is just a starting point.  This lack of understanding of how the old guard in Washington works should be a red flag to voters about his street smarts and ability to lead.

This week Senator Marco Rubio said that the Gang of 8, of which he is a part, that is supposed to be a bipartisan group of Senators who are trying to come to agreement on an immigration reform plan, will present a plan that is only a starting point for discussion of immigration issues.  He said he believes that that is what it should be.  

Well Sen. Rubio, I've got news for you.  It's time for you to grow up and wake up.  If you think for one second that the other senators in your group agree with that assessment, then you are a fool beyond belief.  Your immaturity and lack of understanding of how these people in Washington work is astounding.  

Not only the Democrats in the group, but Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are dead set on creating an immigration amnesty plan, even though they may deny it and call it something else.  And there will be no real efforts to assure us of border security before the amnesty is granted.  These people have no interest in doing what's right for America.  These plans go all the way back to 1986 to pass a plan that would give amnesty to illegals (Apologies to the AP for using the term "illegals" but the last time I checked if it was against the law to do something and you do it anyway, then you have done something illegal, not "undocumented."  In fact, calling illegals undocumented is like calling shoplifters "non-paying" customers.  It's ridiculous.).  

Once the Gang of 8 comes up with a plan,they will leave you, Sen. Rubio, in the dust and ramrod the plan through before you have time to wipe the sleep from your eyes.  Only a fool, or a very immature little boy, would believe otherwise.  Have you learned nothing about how these people work while you have been in Washington?

Sen. Rubio has shown other areas in his life where his immaturity stands out, but few seem to notice.  They are too impressed with a young man who gives a good speech.  While he may be a bright young man, he is not the man many are foolishly saying should be the Republican's candidate in 2016.  He still has many years to mature to be ready and also has to hold better to his supposed conservative convictions (which I still am not sure are truly conservative).

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo issued a warning and some advice to Senator Rubio this week that Rubio would be well advised to heed.  Tancredo said, "In the next few days you will have to make one of the most important decisions of your political career. You will have to decide whether or not to endorse the amnesty bill produced by the Senate 'Gang of Eight,' or walk away from it as a bad bargain and a betrayal of your principles." 

Tancredo is right.  He points out in his letter that this plan that will be introduced will contradict what Senator Rubio has been saying will be in it and, therefore, make him less palatable to conservatives in the next presidential election.  

As voters we would probably be far more wise to choose people for high offices that have much more life experience.  With the average lifespan now 78 years old, it makes a person that just a few decades ago was considered too old to run, much more viable as a candidate.  (In 1970 life expectancy in the U. S. was 71 years.) And by choosing some older people we get the advantage of their additional life experience that younger people do not have.  

While we can't believe that Americans will wake up to the idea that more life experience is a good idea for a candidate to be considered, we can certainly hold the candidates who run accountable to conservative principles.  Anything less will assure that the death sentence that has been proclaimed for America by the politicians in Washington (on both sides of the aisle) will continue and our future will be over.

Whether it's as a presidential candidate, or for those running for other federal, state, or local offices.  If Americans don't wake up immediately and vote into office true conservatives, they can kiss the future for their children and grandchildren goodbye.  As you think about that, picture yourself at the end of your life, knowing you only have a short time to live, and facing your grandchildren and trying to answer them when they ask you why our generation allowed the nation to fail.  Imagine trying to explain to them why our personal comfort was more important than their future, which will be one of much less opportunity than we have had.

UPDATE:  It seems that the Gang of 8 is already proving Rubio wrong in his thought that their plan would just be a starting point of discussion.  The group announced today that they would oppose any amendments to their plan.  Hmmm… seems like that contradicts the claims of Rubio that it would only be the starting point for discussion.  And people think this guy is ready to lead the country?  The Democrats will make mincemeat of him in a campaign.

Monday, April 1, 2013

President "Irresponsible" Obama Proclaims April Month To Teach Young How To Budget

Here's the Nonsense:  It's excellent that our president sees the importance of fiscal responsibility being taught to our children.  

Here's the Horse Sense:  Talk about hypocritical!  The president proclaims April as a month to teach our young how to budget, yet he has shown nothing but irresponsibility in his handling the the nation's finances.

According to, President Obama has proclaimed April as the month to teach our young people how to budget their money.  This coming from the man whose administration has sent the nation further into debt than America's first 41 presidents combined.  This is either absolute ignorance or hypocrisy, and I don't believe he's ignorant.

This president takes great pride in his ability to handle our financial situation, but I'm reminded of an old Argentinian saying that says:  "Tell me what you are conceited about, and I'll tell you what you lack."  This is a man who it has been said over and over again by those near him that he thinks he's the smartest man in any room he enters.  His arrogance about his ability to handle our finances shows that he either lacks knowledge of how to fix the problems or he lacks the concern for America to do what is best for us.  As a trained progressive of Saul Alinsky's teachings it is apparent that his goal is to destroy our economy by overburdening it.  The desire is then to replace it with what seems to be a Fabian Socialist system that will reduce, if not eliminate, prosperity, private property ownership, personal freedoms, and free decisions by Americans, except for a limited elite few.

If Ben Franklin were alive today he would probably repeat his famous statement:  "E'er you remark another's sin, bid your own conscience look within."  But in this case he would have an audience in the president who doesn't recognize as sin his actions heading us to the financial destruction of our nation.  Rather, his background would tell us that he is more likely to be planning it.

It is a sad day that we have in leadership of our nation men who either plan to destroy what has made us the great nation we are or men who don't recognize the threat and do nothing about it.  It's time for Americans to replace these men and put into office ones who will do what's right to return America to it's greatness.  Failure to do so will mark the end of this once great society.