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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Terror - Political Correctness Blames It On The Right

Here's the Nonsense:  The media are once again pointing out that whoever was behind the bombings in Boston must have been a right wing extremist. 

Here's the Horse Sense:  The media and left are too busy being politically correct to care about the truth.  And yet truth is the only real weapon we have against anyone who terrorizes us, regardless of whether they are on the right, left, or have no political positions at all.

With the devastating news about the bombings at the Boston Marathon we should all be concerned about safety and security.  But sadly there are many among us who are not.  Rather, they'd prefer to make the same old poorly-founded allegations to try to support their political viewpoint.

Barely had the smoke cleared the air in Boston and the mainstream media were determined to make sure the public understand who their likely suspect was.  It didn't take long for the mainstream media to suggest that the bombings might have been done by a right-winger.  From Chris Matthews at MSNBC saying that domestic terrorists tend to be on the far right, to New York Times columnist Nick Kristof backhandedly attacking the GOP by saying that the bombings are a reminder that the GOP had blocked the confirmation of a new ATF director, the left was determined to make it clear who the bad guys are.

This worn out old process of attacking the right at every opportunity to make them the villain should be crystal clear to the public by now.  Sadly, it isn't.  Sadly, the public still believe the lies and distortions the media and Democrats continue to spew from their mouths.

Even the President and the Department of Homeland Security are no better.  The President spoke to the nation about the horror that happened in Boston but would not refer to it as terror.  Similarly, the DHS has not put out a terror alert yet, which is contrary to what would be normal in a situation like this.  But I'm sure they don't want to take a chance that someone might figure out that it might not be someone on the right. 

While they didn't make the same accusations as the media, their lack of addressing it as terror and putting out an alert shows that once again they are more politically correct than security minded.

It all brings back memories of such sick and horrific events as when Gabby Giffords was shot and the media immediately blamed it on right wing extremists.  Later, when it was learned that the man was not a right winger, but rather leaned left they said no more about it.  Or when the horror shooting in Aurora, Colorado left so many dead and injured at a movie theater they once again laid suspicions at the feet of the right.  Even the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy was blamed on the right when, in fact, it's clear it was a very sick young man and politics wasn't the issue. 

But truth is not something these people are accustomed to using.  When Major Nidal Hassan killed so many at Ft. Hood they refused to talk about the fact that he was a Muslim extremist.  Rather, they labeled it as workplace violence.

With this kind of political correctness our security is in jeopardy in this country.  No amount of political correctness will protect us, it will only make the dangers greater.

We need leadership who are willing to do the right thing regardless of the cost.  If it is politically incorrect, so what.  It's important to tell the truth and do what's best for the country.  Whether a terrorist is right wing or left wing or a member of some religion that we are afraid to offend, we need to stand on truth because only truth will stand the test of time.  Only truth can truly protect us.