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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." - George Orwell

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Terrorism - Here's Another Way We Need To Protect Ourselves

Here's the Nonsense:  Sure, the Boston Terror attack this past week was bad, but it's a fluke.  These young people lived here for many years and should have seen how good America is and loved us.  This is a lone situation.

Here's the Horse Sense:  It's terrorism and the fact that they lived and went to school among us should tell us something is very wrong with our educational system in America.  We have allowed a "fertile field" to be created of our young peoples' minds through our educational system and it has to change.

It is blatantly clear that the Boston Marathon bombing was an act of terrorism.  Of course that term "terrorism" isn't well received by the left because it's politically incorrect, but as I stated in a previous post, political correctness endangers us and only truth can protect us.  So, whether anybody likes it or not, IT'S TERRORISM!  And I make no apologies to those who are upset with my political incorrectness.

Lead by President "Politically Correct" Obama, the left wants us to be careful not to use words like "terrorism," especially when it involves such groups as Muslims.  Heaven forbid that we might offend someone!  No, they think that it's far better to reduce our safety and make sure no one is offended.  

The fact is that truth is critical to our safety.  Avoiding these situations in the future may involve more than just security on the part of law enforcement.  It may involve changing an area of our society that could be a danger we aren't seeing.  We learn about these two young brothers who committed this act in Boston and find that they have been in this country for years going to our schools and living among us.  While many think that should cause them to embrace American values, I propose that our educational system may help cultivate their anti-American sentiments.

We have a president who wouldn't call this terrorism when it happened.  The best he could do seemed to be the second time he spoke about it when he said the authorities would investigate to see if terrorism is involved.  What kind of goofy thought pattern is that?  Even if it wasn't tied to any specific terrorist group or ideology, when someone does something like these bombers did at the Boston Marathon that's an act of terror.  If you disagree with me just ask the people who were there and see if they felt like it was an act of terror.  Only a fool would think otherwise.  

But our president can't take the chance that someone might think an act of terror happened on his watch.  No, he's more concerned about political correctness and not offending anyone or any group. He tries to dance around the issue by saying we shouldn't rush to judgement while his mainstream media supporters scream it had to be the far right extremists who did it because that's where these things come from.  Of course they forget that they have a hard time coming up with examples of where the far right have performed terrorist acts and they ignore all the times the perpetrators of these insane actions have left wing ideologies.

With all of this we have to ask how else can we protect ourselves?  It's high time we become politically incorrect and ask the hard questions that will cause us to be safe.  One of the toughest questions needs to be about a group of people who are NOT training these people to commit acts of terror, but they ARE creating a much more fertile field for extremists to plant and cultivate the seeds of their sick terrorist ideologies.  These are the educators and educational institutions in our nation.  Personally I think they are naively aiding the terrorists with their childish, uninformed anti-American sentiments they pass along when they are teaching.  I don't think they realize that they are creating a situation where these impressionable young students become receptive to such terrible acts.  Rather, in their own ignorance they are helping to prepare the fields of these young people's minds for the "weeds" of terrorist ideas to drop in and grow because they are getting our children to think of America as a bad place and not what it really is.  

Sure, most teachers in America are well-intentioned, but it only takes a small percentage to have a huge impact on our kids.  That small percentage are not terrorists themselves (although there are a few former terrorists such as Bill Ayers, his wife Bernardine Dohrn, and others).  I am talking about the convoluted mindset of many of those we allow to teach our young people.  There are a number of people in the educational field whose viewpoints are not just incorrect and uneducated (ironic that an educator's viewpoint would be uneducated, isn't it?), but they are outright anti-American.  They are so confused and ill-informed of the truth that they have developed viewpoints that are passed on to our children that create an anti-American mindset that is ripe to be influenced by evil people with bad intent.

There is certainly nothing wrong with teaching about America's mistakes and failures.  Truth means we face everything, not just the good things.  But critical thinking is different than being critical with no correct factual basis for the criticism.  For example, was America a nation where slavery was legal?  Yes, it was and we should face it and all that goes along with it.  But we should also teach about the abolitionist movement and the hard work that was done to rid the nation of slavery.  That includes the efforts of the founders to set up the nation so that they could break away from England and then, later, as an independent nation work towards ridding our nation of that terrible practice.  The truth about what happened in America with slavery is far from a simple discussion, but the left would have us believe that a group of evil white men founded this country with the idea that slavery was acceptable.  There is no consideration that their plan was to unite the colonies so they could win the war, which they believed meant that the issue of slavery would have to be dealt with later.  Were they right in waiting to address it?  That's a legitimate question for discussion, but the answer is one that has to include a discussion of what they did and why they did it.  This is a perfect example of teaching the truth about America without teaching that is simply critical of America because we're trying to judge a situation centuries ago by today's standards.  But this is not what's happening in many of our schools, colleges and universities throughout our nation.

Our nation is in dire trouble in many areas.  One of those areas is the area of education, which has been sold out to anti-American values that teach our children false notions about who America really is.  There is little teaching of America's uniqueness in the world.  Instead you have people teaching that America is a nation founded by evil people (specifically evil white men) that have acted as imperialists to steal their own and our nation's wealth from others.  There is no honesty in their teaching and their is no understanding of all the good that America has done throughout the world.

This is one of the key areas where America is failing.  And because we've allowed these people to teach our children and influence them, we now have generations coming up that are not only ill-prepared to defend America and the freedoms we enjoy, but they are ready to forsake it and change it to a system that is taking away their freedoms and opportunities for the future.

When we see two young brothers in Boston commit such a horrid terrorist act as they did at the marathon, we certainly can see that the time they spent living and going to school here in America did nothing to cause them to see the greatness of our nation and embrace it.  Instead, they were willing to embrace anti-American values and turn against us to try to destroy us.  If our educational system were really doing its job effectively it should be winning foreign students over to American values so that they abandon the convoluted notions they may come here with already.  We should not be whitewashing our history or creating a "sales pitch" for America.  But when the truth is told in its entirety, it is very easy to show how America, with all its faults, is still the best hope for mankind.  If our educational system isn't doing that and turning out young people whose hearts believe in America and want nothing other than to make our nation even greater, then we have failed.

No nation in the history of mankind has done so much for its own citizens and the world.  No nation's citizens give as much from their own pockets to help others when disaster and tragedy strike, even when that disaster or tragedy strikes in other nations.  No people give like Americans give.  There is no comparison anywhere on earth.  America is unique.  

But our uniqueness, our greatness is dying because we're allowing our young people to be influenced by such poisoned thinking from educators and an educational system that is destroying them.  

People brag about getting a degree from some certain school, especially Ivy League schools.  But those schools have fallen far from the place where most of them were founded.  Their values are no longer what they once were.  Now, their "enlightened" thought is nothing but anti-American thought.  There is no critical thinking, except thinking that's critical of America.  

Look at the people who have been elected to lead our nation and notice how many of them have progressive, anti-American values.  It's a huge number and they bow at the alter of political correctness.  That means they prefer that to truth.  And the only thing anyone can ever truly count on is truth.  Nothing else will stand over time.  

It's time to take our nation back by electing new leadership at all levels and on both sides of the political aisle starting in 2014.  But we must also prepare our nation's future leaders and that has to start with a complete overhaul of our educational system.  Too many schools are filled with not just poor teachers, but teachers with bad ideologies.  Our future is being formed by these people and institutions as they influence our children.  I dare say most of these people couldn't pass a test that measures common sense.  

And these people are just like most of the people in leadership of our nation today.  That's probably why we see such a difference in home schooled children compared to those who come from our public education system.  The success rate of home schooled children compared to public school educated children is significant.  And I would bet that home schooled children, on average, are much more adept at critical thinking and have a greater understanding of the greatness and uniqueness of America.  

As much good as we can say about home schooling, the fact is that our public school system from preschool through college should be showing similar results to home schooling.  After all, the vast majority of our young people are schooled in public schools so by not addressing it we are allowing the majority of our students fall into the hands of ill-thinking teachers and professors.

It's time for change.  And it is not just in Washington politics where we need it.  We need it on every level from local to state to national offices.  And it has to start in places like our school systems.

They're our kids, contrary to what progressives want you to believe.  We affect their future by making sure they're getting the right education and that starts with the right educators.