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Monday, April 8, 2013

Rubio Once Again Gives Reason For Concern About His Ability To Lead

Here's the Nonsense:  Senator Marco Rubio is making sure the immigration plan the Gang of 8 is working on will be a good one that is just a starting point of discussion that will lead to a balanced and reasonable revision in our laws.

Here's the Horse Sense:  Senator Rubio is naive to think that what the Gang of 8 will come up with is just a starting point.  This lack of understanding of how the old guard in Washington works should be a red flag to voters about his street smarts and ability to lead.

This week Senator Marco Rubio said that the Gang of 8, of which he is a part, that is supposed to be a bipartisan group of Senators who are trying to come to agreement on an immigration reform plan, will present a plan that is only a starting point for discussion of immigration issues.  He said he believes that that is what it should be.  

Well Sen. Rubio, I've got news for you.  It's time for you to grow up and wake up.  If you think for one second that the other senators in your group agree with that assessment, then you are a fool beyond belief.  Your immaturity and lack of understanding of how these people in Washington work is astounding.  

Not only the Democrats in the group, but Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are dead set on creating an immigration amnesty plan, even though they may deny it and call it something else.  And there will be no real efforts to assure us of border security before the amnesty is granted.  These people have no interest in doing what's right for America.  These plans go all the way back to 1986 to pass a plan that would give amnesty to illegals (Apologies to the AP for using the term "illegals" but the last time I checked if it was against the law to do something and you do it anyway, then you have done something illegal, not "undocumented."  In fact, calling illegals undocumented is like calling shoplifters "non-paying" customers.  It's ridiculous.).  

Once the Gang of 8 comes up with a plan,they will leave you, Sen. Rubio, in the dust and ramrod the plan through before you have time to wipe the sleep from your eyes.  Only a fool, or a very immature little boy, would believe otherwise.  Have you learned nothing about how these people work while you have been in Washington?

Sen. Rubio has shown other areas in his life where his immaturity stands out, but few seem to notice.  They are too impressed with a young man who gives a good speech.  While he may be a bright young man, he is not the man many are foolishly saying should be the Republican's candidate in 2016.  He still has many years to mature to be ready and also has to hold better to his supposed conservative convictions (which I still am not sure are truly conservative).

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo issued a warning and some advice to Senator Rubio this week that Rubio would be well advised to heed.  Tancredo said, "In the next few days you will have to make one of the most important decisions of your political career. You will have to decide whether or not to endorse the amnesty bill produced by the Senate 'Gang of Eight,' or walk away from it as a bad bargain and a betrayal of your principles." 

Tancredo is right.  He points out in his letter that this plan that will be introduced will contradict what Senator Rubio has been saying will be in it and, therefore, make him less palatable to conservatives in the next presidential election.  

As voters we would probably be far more wise to choose people for high offices that have much more life experience.  With the average lifespan now 78 years old, it makes a person that just a few decades ago was considered too old to run, much more viable as a candidate.  (In 1970 life expectancy in the U. S. was 71 years.) And by choosing some older people we get the advantage of their additional life experience that younger people do not have.  

While we can't believe that Americans will wake up to the idea that more life experience is a good idea for a candidate to be considered, we can certainly hold the candidates who run accountable to conservative principles.  Anything less will assure that the death sentence that has been proclaimed for America by the politicians in Washington (on both sides of the aisle) will continue and our future will be over.

Whether it's as a presidential candidate, or for those running for other federal, state, or local offices.  If Americans don't wake up immediately and vote into office true conservatives, they can kiss the future for their children and grandchildren goodbye.  As you think about that, picture yourself at the end of your life, knowing you only have a short time to live, and facing your grandchildren and trying to answer them when they ask you why our generation allowed the nation to fail.  Imagine trying to explain to them why our personal comfort was more important than their future, which will be one of much less opportunity than we have had.

UPDATE:  It seems that the Gang of 8 is already proving Rubio wrong in his thought that their plan would just be a starting point of discussion.  The group announced today that they would oppose any amendments to their plan.  Hmmm… seems like that contradicts the claims of Rubio that it would only be the starting point for discussion.  And people think this guy is ready to lead the country?  The Democrats will make mincemeat of him in a campaign.